2019 has been, so far, great for Rara Themes. We turned 4 years old, released 3 new premium themes and added 4 people to our super talented team.

With 9,000+ paying customers, 30 premium themes, 46 free themes, and 17 team members, Rara Themes is looking extremely healthy.

That said, we want to continue creating great themes and provide even better support. We have a huge hunger for delivering happiness to our customers.

For us to do that, we are going to make some important and well-justified changes.

1 Year of Support & Updates

In the past, we had lifetime theme updates and 1 year support for every theme purchase.

Going forward, for each theme purchased, you will be able to download the theme, get theme updates and support for a year.

You will be required to renew your theme license after a year in order to receive theme updates and support.

The license renewal cost is the same price that you initially paid for the purchase. If you used a discount during your initial purchase, the discount will also be applied to your renewal.

Theme Club

In the past, we had only one theme club with lifetime theme updates, 1 year of support and access to all the current themes and any themes released within 1 year of purchase.

Going forward, we are introducing 3 Theme Club Plans:

Personal Use – Yearly Access ($99/year)Freelancer – Yearly Access ($149/year)Agency – Lifetime Access ($299)
1 year access to all WordPress themes1 year access to all WordPress themesLifetime access to all WordPress themes
1 year access to support and theme updates1 year access to new theme releasesLifetime access to new theme releases
Install on one domain/website (1 site license)1 year access to support and theme updatesLifetime access to support and theme updates
 Install on unlimited domains/websites (unlimited site licenses)Install on unlimited domains/websites (unlimited site licenses)

What about my previous purchases?

The new changes are applied from today. Any purchase made before today will not be affected and will get the theme license, support, and updates as before.

Why the change?

Over the past 4+ years, we have matured as a company. We started out as 2 passionate entrepreneurs, 1 web designer and 2 web developers, and have since grown to a business serving more than 9,000 paying customers. We also help a team of 17 super talented individuals to pay bills.

We have learned a lot of in this time and we are happy the way we have grown up.

One important thing that we have learned in the past year is that our business model is unsustainable, especially due to lifetime updates.

With lifetime theme update, it increases the expenditure over time and compound risks. In the early days, we didn’t notice it. But, now we have seen our operating margin and customer lifetime value decrease (although our revenue is growing well), it is impacting our business.

So we are moving away from lifetime updates for a single theme purchase and pricing our themes based on the value they provide and aligning our benefits with yours.

By improving our business model, we believe that we can do even better going forward. We can create more and better themes and hire more individuals to provide quick and accurate support.

Please feel free to use the comment below to talk to us about this, share your opinion or concern or ask us to explain things in detail.  Kindly be constructive though.

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