Did you know 89% of consumers search the internet for recipes? Likewise, 79% of them trust food blogs for food information and recipes. 

In the past decade, the internet saw a surge in the number of food bloggers. Food bloggers have gained millions of followers and are now even hosting cooking shows of their own. Out of all the blogging types, food bloggers make the most money.

So, if you, too, are planning to start a food blog, you have made the right call. Now the question is, how to start a food blog? Choosing the best free WordPress theme for food blogs would be our first recommendation. 

Here, we have listed 20+ best free WordPress themes for food blogs ready to build you a site at your command. You will also find answers to a few common questions as you go along. But first, we will hit it with a few essential features that make a food blog theme the best. 

Let’s get underway!

Essential Features in a Food Blog WordPress Theme 

There are unlimited blogging themes on the market. However, considering these features will help you settle with a decent one for your project.


How is performance an essential feature? 

There is a study that highlights one-second delay in page loading results in an 11% bounce in page views. So, it turns out faster performance is very important. 

Select a theme with minimal design with performance optimization. 


The Internet has more than 600 million blogs, with a significant number being food blogs. Choosing a theme with built-in SEO helps your site land higher than your competitors. Better the ranking, the more traffic. 

Keyword Research For Food Bloggers

Attractive Design 

For food blogs, your site needs to be attractive and enticing. A theme with multiple layouts, templates, and designs can help you make your blog visually appealing. Furthermore, readers are more likely to engage in attractive sites rather than plain ones.  

Customization Options 

Even if the theme you choose has multiple built-in layouts and designs, you may need to adjust some elements. Sometimes, the color and font don’t match your recipe, or the layout is quite off. In such a case, the theme should let you adjust those elements. Plus, it is better that you have more customization options such as layouts, sliders, animations, etc. 

Responsive Design

Data show that food bloggers get 80% of the traffic from mobile devices. This means, your website too, should be mobile-friendly. A theme with a responsive build will help adjust your site automatically for a perfect rendering across all devices. 

Multimedia Content 

Articles with images and video get 94% more views as compared to those without multimedia content. We recommend picking a theme that lets you add multimedia without any interruption.

Plugins Support 

You can add features and functionalities to your site by adding plugins. So, make sure your theme comes compatible with all the popular plugins to be able to use them.

WooCommerce Plugin Compatibility

A WooCommerce-compatible food blog site can help monetize your site. You can make your popular recipes a paid option or add a paid cooking course on your site.

Social Media Integration

For running a successful blog, social media integration plays a key role. If your theme allows social sharing, you can link your social media profiles to your blog. Also, your viewers can share your content. Thus, it helps in increasing your online presence and gaining more viewers. 

Reliable Support 

Not everything goes smoothly every time. Sometimes, you may face technical issues with the theme. In such a case, you may need help from the developer team. As a result, you should always look for a WordPress theme with fast and reliable customer support. 

List of Best Free Food WordPress Themes

Now, let’s dive into the details of 20+ best free food blogs WordPress themes of 2024:

Blossom Recipe

Blossom Recipe Free Theme

Blossom Recipe is a free theme with premium-like features. The theme packs everything that you want on your site.

Blossom Recipe has a dedicated section for the homepage, header, and also banner slider. These sections are perfect for adding your delicious food images, latest posts, and recipes. You can also add your custom logo to make your site more appealing. 

The theme is very generous in the sense that it offers multiple customization options. There are six customizable recipe widgets, five different page templates, 900+ Google Fonts, Live Editor, video banner, 26 custom widgets, and many more. 

Blossom Recipe is fully responsive and is compatible with all the popular browsers. It is also translation-ready with support for RTLS scripts so that no language is a barrier. Furthermore, with optimized performance and built-in SEO, the Blossom Recipe theme is an all-in-one product.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 4000+ 

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Blossom Recipe:
  • Key Features of Blossom Recipe:
  • Dedicated sections for homepage, header, and banner slider 
  • Custom logo
  • 900+ Google fonts 
  • Multiple colors 
  • Built-in Live Editor 
  • Five unique page templates 
  • 26 custom widgets 
  • Video banner 
  • Newsletter subscription 
Theme DetailsDemo

Cookery Lite

Cookery Lite WordPress Theme

Cookery Lite is a must-try WordPress theme for all the food bloggers and food enthusiasts. The theme excels in lead generation and has elaborative features to meet the needs of any food blogger. 

This mobile-friendly theme packs the famous WP Delicious plugin that lets you add your recipes with step-by-step instructions. The beautiful Recipe Card can be useful to add cooking difficulty and cooking time. 

Your viewers can adjust the serving size and ingredients measurement. Along with it, you can also add nutritional value to each of your recipes. All these add to a better experience on your site. 

Talking about customization, the live customizer makes everything a piece of cake. You can adjust the colors, choose from 900+ Google fonts, and add six customizable recipe widgets. Other powerful features are Advanced Recipe Search, five Recipe Templates, two customizable banners, and the print recipe option. 

The theme is SEO-friendly and also includes newsletter and Instagram sections. Furthermore, its banner with static images and video is perfect for adding your CTA buttons. You can expect more leads with the Cookery Lite theme.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 700+ 

Ratings: To be reviewed

Key Features of Cookery Lite:
  • Integrates Delicious Recipe plugin
  • Advanced recipe search 
  • Six customizable recipe widgets 
  • Five recipe templates
  • Customizable banner with option to add static image or video 
  • Dedicated Instagram and newsletter sections 
Theme DetailsDemo

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant And Cafe Free WordPress Theme

Restaurant and Cafe is undoubtedly a perfect theme to create an elegant food blogging website. The multipurpose design with the latest features makes this theme popular among restaurant owners, food bloggers, and other businesses related to food. 

The Restaurant and Cafe theme comes with a built-in one-click installer. There are nine unique home page sections, a banner section, and a feature section. You can flaunt your delicious recipes in these sections. Furthermore, there are four custom widgets to add functionalities. 

The About section is useful to introduce new visitors to what your site is about and what they can expect. You can also utilize the services and testimonials to promote your brand. 

Moreover, the Restaurant and Cafe theme also facilitates one-page websites. It is seamlessly compatible with various powerful plugins like WooCommerce, WMPL, and Polylang. As the theme is mobile-friendly, your recipes and blogs will look beautiful on all devices. 

Finally, the social media integration feature of this theme lets your visitors share your content on different social networking sites.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 1000+ 

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Key Features of Restaurant and Cafe:
  • Responsive design and mobile-friendly
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Custom CSS
  • Translation ready
  • Reservation form
  • Speed optimized
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Social media integration
  • WooCommerce plugin compatible
  • RTL compatible
Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Pin

Blossom Pin WordPress Theme

Blossom Pin is an SEO-optimized blogging theme with a fully responsive design. The theme has a comprehensive set of features to suit sites for fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, and many other niches.

This elegant theme has unlimited colors and typography options to suit your brand. You can adjust the settings using the built-in live customizer. Blossom Pin also has a predefined header, slider, homepage, and blog post layouts. 

The theme focuses on lead generation with the strategically placed newsletter and Instagram sections. You can also use the video banner to gain attention and add CTA buttons. Besides, you also have separate sections on the page to add your information, photos, and social media profiles on the sidebar. Also, the AdSense optimized advertisement spots are valuable to increase your earnings. 

Blossom Pin is a performance-optimized theme with easy legibility and the translation-ready feature.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 4,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Blossom Pin
  • Unlimited color and typography options
  • 600+ Google fonts 
  • Instagram section
  • AdSense optimized ad spots
  • Video banner 
  • WooCommerce compatible 
Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Magazine

Blossom Magazine Theme

With multipurpose designs and rich features, Blossom Magazine suits all website niches. It has several unique templates to help you kickstart your food blog hassle-free.

This free blogging theme is powered by Elementor and Gutenberg. You can make use of these tools to create custom templates that reflect your food brand. Moreover, it offers high customization options with real-time previews to bring the best out of your site.

For any blog, building a solid social presence is a must. For this, Blossom Magazine has built-in social media integration. You can link social profiles to your website and reach a broader audience. Moreover, this free theme includes a distinct Instagram section to flaunt your food-related posts.

 Blossom Magazine includes a dedicated Portfolio page. Here, you can showcase your food recipes and works to make your blog more credible. Likewise, this free WordPress theme packs 22 custom widgets to add more functionality to your food blog.

To extend your audience worldwide, Blossom Magazine comes with RTL Scripts and translation ready. With these features, you can localize your food blog into any language without hassle.

Key Takeaways
  • Elementor and Gutenberg Support
  • WooCommerce Shop Compatible
  • Built-In Newsletter Subscription
  • Well-Optimized for Speed and Performance
  • Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview
  • 1000+ Google Fonts and Typography Control
  • Social Media Integration
  • RTL Scripts and Translation Ready
  • Built-In 22 Powerful Widgets
  • Portfolio Page Template
Theme DetailsDemo

Yummy Recipe

Yummy Recipe Free WordPress Theme

Yummy Recipe is a splendid food blogging theme to entice your viewers from the first look. The theme has abundant features to help you build a site that users cannot resist. 

The theme is SEO friendly and integrates Schema for higher SERPs’ rankings. It is responsive with options to add custom CSS and custom background. There are options to select primary and background colors to match your brand. Plus, a collection of 900+ Google fonts is very generous for a free theme.

There are five different homepage sections and multiple layouts for headers, blogs, featured sections, and banners. Your recipes and content will go neatly in these areas. The banner slider is particularly useful to gain attention. You can top it up a notch with images and videos of your food or cooking techniques. 

The Beautiful Recipe Card feature of this theme is useful for displaying step-by-step instructions to cook your favorite item. Other notable features are Advanced Recipe Search, Five Recipe Page Templates, six Customizable Recipe Widgets, and Recipe Print Template.

The theme also focuses on lead generation with its Instagram section, newsletters section, WooCommerce compatibility, and Google AdSense optimized widget.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 5000+ 

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Yummy Recipe
  • Five homepage sections 
  • Beautiful recipe card
  • Advanced recipe search 
  • Five recipe page templates
  • Customizable recipe widgets 
  • Recipe print template
  • Customizable banners
  • Three featured boxes
Theme DetailsDemo

Yummy Bites

Yummy Bites Theme

Yummy Bites can be the right choice if you are a recipe and food blogger looking for a theme to show your expertise.

For those who love to share their cooking secrets, this theme offers the Recipe Index & Recipe Card feature. You can display your dishes beautifully and add trust with user reviews and video clips. It’s a great way to boost interaction and confidence in your recipes.

You also have the option to turn on Advanced Filters for Recipe Search. It lets your readers narrow down recipes based on factors like ingredients, type of cuisine, cooking duration, and skill level. You can improve the browsing experience and encourage more interaction on your site.

When it comes to personalizing, the live customizer simplifies the process. You can tweak the colors and select from over 1400+ Google fonts.

Yummy Bites is an SEO-optimized theme that improves your website’s rank in search engines. With its clean and responsive design, Yummy Bites ensures your content looks delectable on all devices.

Overall, Yummy Bites is a perfectly responsive theme that loads fast, has crucial features, and is fully customizable to enhance your food and recipe blog website.

Other Details:

Active Installations: 200+

Ratings: yet to be reviewed

Key Takeaways
  • Seamless integration with WooCommerce 
  • Highly customizable with color schemes and multiple layouts
  • SEO-optimized for better search engine visibility.
  • Advances filters for recipe search
  • Print recipe option
  • Newsletter section for enhanced communication
  • Regular updates 
  • Friendly support
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Social media integration
Theme DetailsDemo


Ziri Theme

If you’re a food blogger hungry for a website as fast as a chef’s knife, the Ziri WordPress Theme is your perfect theme. Ziri is also ideal for corporate agencies, marketing firms, startups, life coaches, spas, or law firms. 

Zir is seasoned for food enthusiasts with core web vitals optimization. You can create a website that loads at lightning speed to showcase your culinary tales and recipes. Also, the theme is SEO-optimized. Hence, you can spice up your website’s position in search engine rankings.

With Ziri’s Full Site Editing (FSE) feature, you can cook up and garnish your entire website to your taste. The Gutenberg block editor allows you to create and set your theme’s layout, allowing you to season every section with your unique flavor, from the Header to the Footer.

And, with the offering of 20+ block patterns and five unique page templates, you can plate a blog that’s as flavorful as your recipes.

Similarly, if you want to set up an online store within your website, the WooCommerce compatibility of this theme allows you to do that.

To sum it up, for those craving a mix of style, speed, and simplicity in the world of food blogging, Ziri’s FSE theme is the main course you’ve been waiting for.

Key Features of Yummy Recipe
  • Core web vitals-optimized
  • SEO-optimized
  • Speed-optimized
  • 5 unique page templates
  • 6 full page templates patterns
  • 20 predefined block patterns
  • 2 footer layout patterns
  • 2 sidebar layout patterns
  • Social media integration
Theme DetailsDemo


Kale WordPress Theme

Kale is an ultra-light theme with clean does and SEO-friendly design. The theme gives you the freedom to create a beautiful website from scratch. Owing to its versatile and clean design, Kale perfectly fits food blogs and restaurant websites.

The theme has a minimal build to optimize performance. Its neat grid layout lets you add images of your delicious food items and recipes. You can organize your content with keywords so that your viewers can quickly find what they want on your site. 

Kale theme is 100% responsive and is compatible with all the popular browsers. Besides, you can tweak the colors, fonts, logos, sidebars, featured posts, and backgrounds however you want. Integrating social sharing on your site allows your viewers to share your content over various social platforms.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 20,000+ 

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Kale
  • Responsive 
  • Multi-browser friendly 
  • Multiple colors and sidebars 
  • Image and text logos 
  • Background image 
  • Optional full-width pages and posts
  • Integration with multiple plugins
  • WooCommerce friendly 
  • Widget ready
Theme DetailsDemo


Numinous Free WordPress Theme

Numinous is a clean and easy-to-use WordPress theme for food blogs. It is ready to build you a gorgeous website in no time. The theme is designed to grab visitors’ attention with a blend of beautiful layouts and advanced functionalities. 

You can add your content to various homepage sections such as featured, top, and category. You can also place high-pixel images for a better appearance. Likewise, there are various colors for each category.

Numinous lets you toggle between full-width or sidebar layouts. The Related Posts feature comes in handy to retain and engage your readers. 

The theme is child theme ready and practices better SEO. Other features of this theme includes social media integration, multiple CTAs, easy translation, advertisement placements, and widget-ready.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 1000+ 

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Key Features of Numinous
  • Responsive 
  • Multiple typography and color options 
  • Optimized SEO and speed 
  • Advertisement features
  • Social media integration 
  • Widget ready 
  • Translation ready 
Theme DetailsDemo

Catch Foodmania

Catch Foodmania Free Food WordPress Theme

Catch Foodmania is an excellent food blog theme that will take your site to new heights. The theme perfectly complements blogs, restaurants, and cafe websites. 

This super-light theme improves the performance of your site. Its built-in design and sliders give pleasing aesthetics to your blogs. You can add images of your favorite food with recipes. The theme also lets you showcase your delicious cuisines on the header media, featured slider, food menus, and more. 

There are multiple options to toggle your looks using various layouts, fonts, colors, favicon, custom logo, custom background, and custom CSS. A unique feature is the Featured Page Slider, where you can add your food images. You can also control the time for each slide to appear before another one shows up.

The Hero Content is also useful to highlight important sections of your page. Adding CTAs here could be beneficial for lead conversions.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 1000+ 

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Catch Foodmania
  • Featured slider 
  • Hero content 
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom background, fonts, logo, colors, favicon, and layouts
  • Dropdown menu 
  • Gravatar ready 
Theme DetailsDemo


Auberge WordPress Theme

If you like to keep your blog neat and simple, Auberge is the best theme for you. Auberge is a lightweight theme with a minimalist design so that it does not bloat your site. The theme enlists all the necessary features to help you set up a delightful blogging site.

Auberge supports the Jetpack plugin to let you add your food menus, custom post type, and contact form builder. The larger header area grabs viewers’ attention the moment they enter your site. You can add infinite scroll to your content for appealing looks. 

Talking about personalization, the theme lets you adjust the color, style, text, grid, and much more with the drag-and-drop interface. Additionally, the Auberge theme comes optimized for search engines and also has social sharing options.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 5,000+ 

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Key Features of Auberge
  • Drag-and-Drop Beaver Page Builder 
  • Supports Jetpack plugin
  • Food menus and custom post types 
  • Dominant header section with an option for slideshows
  • Infinite scroll
  • Contact Form builder
Theme DetailsDemo


Bento WordPress Theme

Bento is one of the powerful and most advanced free WordPress themes on the market. Its premium-class design with advanced features allows you to create any type of blog with minimal effort. Despite being modern, the theme is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

The drag-and-drop content builder sets limitless possibilities to personalize your site. You can experiment with unlimited colors, several typographies, 500+ vector icons, and 500+ Google Fonts to shape your site.

There are adjustable page templates with three grid templates to add your content. You can choose either the boxed or a full-width layout for your page without compromising the quality. Adding sidebars can highlight your important sections in the most elegant way possible. You can opt for a one-page responsive layout with a section-based menu as well. 

As Bento is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, you can even set certain parts of your site as paid options. For example, your famous recipes and subscription to cooking courses.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 8,000+ 

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Key Features of Bento
  • Drag-and-drop page builder 
  • AJAX loading
  • WooCommerce optimized 
  • Unlimited color combinations
  • One-page layout
  • 500+ Google fonts 
  • 500+ vector icons
Theme DetailsDemo


FoodHunt WordPress Theme

FoodHunt is a modern foodie WordPress theme crafted especially for food enthusiasts and restaurant websites. 

FoodHunt focuses on optimum speed, performance, and SEO to attract more food lovers to your website. This responsive theme offers several options for personalizing colors, texts, and categories. There are also multiple custom widgets in case you want more functionalities.

You can quickly begin with two starter demos using the one-click installer. The theme supports all popular page builders such as Elementor, Brizy, and SiteOrigin, so that editing is easier for all level users. 

A unique feature of FoodHunt is the RestaurantPress plugin integration. This plugin lets you add your menu sets to the website. Other features are social sharing, stunning header with imagery, search tab, and support for RTL scripts.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 1,000+ 

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of FoodHunt
  • SEO optimized
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Page Builder integration
  • Integrates RestaurantPress plugin
  • Translation and RTL ready
  • One-Click Demo Import
Theme DetailsDemo


Hueman WordPress Theme

Hueman is an efficient theme with exceptional performance. It is well-suited for the needs of bloggers and even small businesses.

The theme has a professional design, is easy to use, and delivers better performance. Plus, the unlimited widget areas and customization make Hueman a powerful freemium theme. 

Hueman has an intuitive and straightforward design that gets along with any level user. The live customizer facilitates easy customization with a live preview. You can add two noticeable sidebars and place your recipes and other important content.

You will love the theme’s featured story at the very top. You can also add stagnant story images to engage your viewers. The social share buttons, along with share counts, are an important tool for increasing traffic.

Finally, the advertisements spots on the header and footer can add to your revenue.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 50,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of <strong>Hueman</strong>
  • Unlimited widget sidebars 
  • Header and footer ad widget
  • Unlimited primary and secondary color accents
  • Social share buttons
  • Integrated shared counts 
  • Featured story or slider
Theme DetailsDemo

Food Restro

Food Restro WordPress Restaurant Theme

Food Restro is another free food blog theme boxed with robust coding, professional layouts, and super responsive design. The theme is elegant in every imaginable way.

The theme has a beautiful demo for food blogs. You can settle with a gorgeous website without any hassle. You can later adjust the layouts, colors, and texts to match your brand. 

Customization is very fun and easy with the Food Restro theme. You can set a full-width homepage slider. This is a perfect place to add content you want to highlight or attach a CTA for conversions. Furthermore, the custom CSS and three custom widgets add to better functionalities.

The navigation aids provide a convenient browsing experience while keeping it easy for the eyes. What’s more in this theme is the dedicated blog template to add your recipes or food items.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 800+ 

Ratings: To be reviewed

Key Features of Food Restro
  • Demo site with one-click importer 
  • Multiple color options 
  • Three custom widgets 
  • Multiple sections – Services, About Us, Testimonial, Gallery, CTA, and Blogs
  • Homepage slider 
  • Custom categories
Theme DetailsDemo


Foodoholic theme

Foodoholic theme is for those food enthusiasts who want to share their unique and delicious recipes with the world. The minimal design with clean coding makes this theme suitable for restaurants and cafes as well. 

The theme packs demo content to launch your website straight away. It loads your site with default settings, design, and content. You can add your touch of creativity with the powerful customizer. Besides, you can adjust the fonts, colors, layouts, logo, favicon, and also background with only a few clicks. 

The Featured Page Slider of the theme is extremely useful for placing your important content in the spotlight. For example, you could highlight your recipe, food item, or CTAs. Here, you can also add images or videos.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 700+ 

Ratings: To be reviewed

Key Features of Foodoholic
  • Featured slider 
  • Dropdown menu 
  • Featured thumbnail 
  • Gravatar ready 
  • Custom fonts, colors, layouts, favicons, and menu 
  • Header video 
Theme DetailsDemo

Foodica Lite 

Foodica Lite WordPress Theme

Foodica Lite is a powerful blogging theme loaded with sliders, demos, and modern layouts to build a food blog. The theme is responsive on all screen sizes and is SEO friendly as well. The default Gutenberg Editor lets you create beautiful recipes without much effort. The recipe index template is very helpful to set up your homepage in no time.

The demo content and settings are sufficient to make your site stand out. However, you can adjust the website to fit your needs. You can categorize your content based on various keywords and criteria such as appetizers, desserts, and so on. 

There are separate sections for featured posts, recent posts, about us, and contact. The newsletter and Instagram sections are important sections on the homepage for lead generation. 

Overall, Foodica Lite is a decent food blogging WordPress theme that knows what a food blog needs.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 7,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Foodica Lite 
  • Responsive 
  • Custom widgets 
  • Featured sliders 
  • Gutenberg Editor 
  • Newsletter and Instagram sections 
Theme DetailsDemo

Food Recipes

Food Recipes WordPress Theme

Built with robust design and fast performance in mind, the Food Recipes theme is for food bloggers wanting to share their insights and recipes. The theme is built on Twitter Bootstrap and is fully responsive. 

The awesome blog listing and blog details page let you add your content and recipe with ease. Plus, you can categorize your content based on keywords, latest posts, and featured posts. The theme customizer has a simple interface suitable for all level users.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 1,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Food Recipes:
  • Responsive 
  • Blog listing and blog details page 
  • Built-in customizer 
  • Faster performance
Theme DetailsDemo


Yummy Free Restaurant Theme

Enticing your viewers with the Yummy WordPress theme is easier and more fun. This responsive theme is made specifically for foodery businesses and blogs. Its sidebar is a perfect place to add your favorite food, recipe, and other details. 

The built-in customizer is very easy to work with for any user. You can change the colors, texts, and every other element to match your brand. Moreover, the Yummy theme packs two different page layouts and two custom plugin pages. 

The theme is translation-ready, WooCommerce compatible, and also integrates the JetPack plugin. Apart from smooth performance, the theme also improves the security of your website.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 600+

Ratings: 5 stars

Key Features of Yummy
  • Translation ready 
  • Built-in theme customizer
  • Options to customize colors, texts, and layouts 
  • WooCommerce compatible 
  • JetPack plugin integration 
  • Two different page layouts with slider
Theme DetailsDemo

Foodie Blog

Foodie Blog WordPress Theme

If you expect more traffic and retention on your food blog, Foodie Blog can help you out. The theme has an elegant design with clean coding to attract readers to your blog. You can even create a one-page look and add your content in various sections. 

The live-customizer makes customization super easy for any user. There are multiple header, footer, sidebar, and footer, and custom widgets to make your life easy. You can handpick color for your brand and use it without obstruction. 

There are several sections, such as testimonials, images, menus, and more. You can use them to provide details about your site and what you do. 

Additionally, Foodie Blog is retina-ready, responsive, and assures smooth performance across all major devices and web browsers.

Other Details:

Active Installation: 900+

Ratings: 1 star

Key Features of Foodie Blog
  • Retina ready 
  • Custom color 
  • Live Customizer
  • Custom widget
  • Restaurant menu options
Theme DetailsDemo

Which is the Best WordPress Themes for Food Blogs 

We have hand-selected these 21 best food blog WordPress themes based on various criteria such as performance, available features, customization options, and users’ ratings. Considering a perfect blend of all these points, Cookery Lite is the best choice. It has abundant features to personalize your blogs, such as multiple colors, 900+ Google fonts, five unique page templates, 26 powerful widgets, and more. 

Kale is another option for your food blog. It is a multipurpose theme with several sidebars, sections, and colors. Plus, this theme flaunts over 20k active downloads and five-star WordPress ratings.

We also cannot forget the Restaurant and Cafe theme. It has a responsive, multipurpose, widget-ready and content-focused design. Also, its performance is a major plus point. 

Keyword Research For Food Bloggers

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I get free WordPress themes? 

At Rara Themes, you can get both free and premium WordPress themes for all purposes such as business, restaurant, blogging, travel, and others. You can also look at WordPress.org for more free themes. 

How do I choose a theme for a food blog?

There are various features that make a theme perfect for starting a food blog. The main features to look for when choosing a food blog theme are performance, SEO, designs, customization options, and plugin support. 

How to create a food blog using WordPress?

WordPress makes it very easy to create any type of website. Being specific to creating a food blog using WordPress, there are mainly six steps: 
1. Choose a domain name
2. Register the domain name
3. Install WordPress
4. Install a food blog WordPress theme
5. Install WordPress plugins
6. Start writing your blog posts


So, these were the trending and effective 21 best food blogging WordPress themes. They are efficient at what they do. Rest assured, you won’t have room to complain about no matter which theme you choose.

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