Hiring managers are continually scouting for online resumes to filter the right players for their companies. Online resumes are an essential tool to establish yourself as a professional – ready to provide top-notch services.  

However, the managers say that they are noticing more and more similar designs and flaws in the resumes. 

So, how can you make sure you have the best online resume? 

With thousands of these on the vast internet, how can you ensure that yours will catch the attention of said managers, let alone make it to their feeds in the first place? 

If only there were a way to make your resume compete in search engines, yet be full of personality; be informative and bold.

Well, let us take this opportunity to introduce you to our hand-picked list of 30 best WordPress resume themes that specialize exactly in making this achievable for you.

These themes help you establish your online presence in the super-competitive playing field by providing features and design aesthetics. All that complement your work and your personality, making sure to highlight your vision and mission.

What to Look for in a Resume WordPress Theme?

First things first, let’s talk about what you should look for in your purchase. 

For your WordPress website to pull clients or readers and make lasting impressions, it must contain certain essential features. These features will add professionalism, increase your rankings, and improve customer interactions, among other advantages. 

1. SEO Optimized 

To get heavier traffic to your website, you will want your website to be SEO optimized. This will help boost your ranking in search engines, providing exposure to your resume. 

Features for SEO optimization include speed optimization, Schema integration, and rank tracking, among others. 

2. Responsive Design

An important point to note is that consumers surf the internet via various gadgets. According to Think With Google, about 60% of searches related to destination information come from smartphones.

This means that it is essential for your website to have a responsive design. This means that your website should be able to adjust layouts, grids, and other features according to screen size and orientation. Google also boosts websites with this kind of mobile-friendly adaptation. So, you should look for flexible grids, images, use of CSS media queries, etc. 

3. Contact Form

Make contacting you as easy as possible right when clients are interested. Contact forms ensure just that. 

Availability for personal attention is an attractive feature for potential clients. Contact forms give your clients the impression that you are approachable and ready to hear from them. It also helps potential buyers ask you questions about your products and gives them the image of your assistance availability. 

4. CTA Buttons 

CTA or Call-to-Action buttons are guides for your viewers to purchase your product or sign up for your service. These are tools to help create a high-converting website. Examples of CTA buttons are ‘Add to Cart,’ ‘Shop Now,’ ‘Contact Us’ buttons, sign up buttons, and such.  

For your resume to invite action, you will want your theme to offer CTA buttons with an eye-catching design, high visibility, and actionable text. This is so that they grab your reader’s attention and compel them to buy from you.

5. Resume Customizability

As a general rule of thumb, what you place on the top left is your best project. So, you want to make sure that you have a design that focuses on this and helps you create a lasting first impression on your hiring manager. 

Breaking up your work into categories will also make it easier for your viewers to search for the specific skills and services they need.

With all these tips in mind, you want your theme to support customizability according to your needs. These may include changing the page and header layouts and adding widgets. 

6. Social Media Integration

If you want your potential clients to find out more about you and your work, you will want to integrate your social media into your website. Whether you’re a freelancer or not, social media is a handy resource to promote yourself. Incorporating them into your website will also help you expand your follower base on these platforms. A theme that already has in-built social media integration will make this very convenient for you. 

7. Flexible and Easy to use

Apart from your clients’ comfort, you will also want a theme that is easy to use for yourself. Your theme should allow you to make updates and customizations easily without complex codes and provide you with flexible backend and front-end features.

Now that we know what to look for, let’s get right into the list of 30 Best WordPress Resume Themes. 

List of 30 Best WordPress Resume Themes

Perfect Portfolio Pro

Perfect Portfolio Pro WordPress Theme

Perfect Portfolio Pro is a clean, minimal theme designed specifically for freelancers. Right off the bat, this theme lets you display a bold statement by setting the tone for the rest of your portfolio. It gives the recruiter an idea of what to expect. You might even call it the hook for your portfolio, which is very important to establish.

The instagramesque grid layout lets you organize your projects and services in an efficient and tidy aesthetic. Similarly, the built-in live customizer lets you add and remove sections according to your resume needs. This allows you to build a comprehensive, smooth, and informative resume for yourself.

Design customizability includes 67 background patterns, 600+ Google fonts, and unlimited sidebar options. You can use these to add your personality to the website. The theme also comes with counters to show more about your areas of expertise to your potential client.

The theme is SEO friendly, ensuring to give your resume that boost on search engines. It is also speed optimized, so the reduced loading times will keep your visitors hooked.

The theme offers attractive CTA buttons to grab your client’s attention. The client review section will let your customers hear about the satisfaction of your products from other customers. This will build better credibility and trust in your brand.

Additional features include social media integration to link your socials into your resume. It is also translation ready to provide an efficient and easy multilingual capacity to your resume. Moreover, RTL compatibility incorporates different scripts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Elegant Portfolio

Elegant Portfolio WordPress Theme (1)

As the name suggests, Elegant Portfolio is a simplistic but charming theme. It is best for freelancers and corporates alike. This theme organizes your resume effortlessly without you having to go through the hassle of coding.

The theme comes with sections, like About, Portfolio, and Service. This theme weaves a professional online presence with a bold banner to accentuate your mission statement and a clean grid layout to showcase your work and services.

Not to mention is the contact form that makes you readily available to your clients. The easily accessible call to action buttons also make conversion simple for them. Also, social media integration helps visitors know you better and even expand your base of followers.

The theme is SEO optimized so your resume does better in search engines. It is also schema integrated to make sure the most vital information reaches these engines. Additionally, it is speed optimized for a smooth viewing experience.

If these weren’t enough, the theme also comes with a built-in live customizer. This means that you can customize your website with a live preview instead of having to wait to see the changes.

Elegant Portfolio is also translation ready, so you can pull clients from countless nationalities and ethnicities.

All in all, this theme has all the qualities you have on your checklist.

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Vandana WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a feminine, breezy theme, Vandana is the one for you. This feature-packed theme caters to coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs. However, its versatility also makes it a great contender for businesses, freelancers, and digital agencies.

This theme provides a bold banner with CTA buttons to engage your viewers and have them thinking about signing up for your services from the get-go. With multiple customization options on banners, widgets, and infographics, this theme sets a contrast between the design’s softness against the command of your resume.

It is equipped with SEO optimization to get your resume on the front page of search engines. Its schema integration helps deliver the most useful information to these engines. Vandana also comes with built-in Google analytics settings to help filter your audience and cater to them. Speed optimization and lazy-loading images are other features to create a smooth experience for viewers on your website.

It is also a Polylang plugin compatible to make your resume multilingual, and of course, Woocommerce compatible for your online store needs.

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Ridhi Pro

Ridhi Pro WordPress Theme

Ridhi Pro is a theme best suited for coaches, mentors, consultants, speakers, and entrepreneurs. It is a clean, minimalistic theme with a corporate feel and strategically placed sections for your resume.

The theme comes with sections to display your services, team members, projects, and testimonials. These sections make your business pop. It even has a booking section with a calendar for your viewers to book appointments with you. The client testimonials help steer your viewer’s trust in your services. The Call-to-Action buttons are highlighted and easily visible. You also have a separate page for an organized portfolio.

The theme provides contact forms and a banner with CTA, an added tool to help your visitors connect with you instantly and conveniently.

The theme is customizable with multiple fonts, colors, and banner options. Banner options include slider, static/video, and newsletter, among others.

Ridhi Pro is speed optimized so that your clients don’t have to wait for lengthy loading times. It is also SEO optimized for your website to fight the competition and make it to the front pages of search engines. Schema integration helps your website provide the most relevant information to these search engines.

The responsive design lets your visitors access your resume across their devices, so mobile users are not turned away. The theme is also multi-language compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins.

Of course, it makes everything easier with no coding on your part to build your website.

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Rishi Theme

Rishi WordPress Theme

Are you looking for an eye-catching theme to flaunt your works, projects, and portfolio? If so, Rishi Theme is the perfect match for you. With simple and minimal design, this theme sets the right tone for creative folks and freelancers.

It includes several visually appealing starter sites, which you can import to your site in a single click using the one-click demo importer. If the premade starter sites do not bring the right feel, you can custom-build your own template from scratch using the Elementor Page Builder.

Furthermore, you can tweak the colors and typography to make your website stand out from the rest. You can even add essential navigation elements such as menus, search bar, social media buttons, and so on using the inbuilt header and footer builder.

Rishi Theme includes a stunning gallery section, allowing you to exhibit photos, videos, and designs. Besides that, this core vital optimized theme is super fast with 100% speed performance and fast page loading time.

Rishi Theme understands the significance of search engine optimization. Hence, this theme is coded with the best SEO practices and Schema Markups to help your website rank on top of SERPs.

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ShiftCV Resume WordPress Theme

ShiftCV is a professional theme designed specifically for online resumes and CVs. It offers 7 demos for graphic designers, law professionals, photographers, real estate agents, financial advisers, and nutritionists. The theme also comes in dark mode. It is a simple design theme best for professionals who do not want a flashy resume. The color scheme keeps this theme cheerful.

The sections included in this theme are profile, resume, portfolio, testimonials, and contacts. You can include your image and statement, including basic credentials like email, contact, and the like, in your profile. The resume section comes equipped with counters for a comprehensive presentation. The simple grid layout makes for an organized portfolio that is easy on the eyes. You can also add google maps and a QR code for more information about yourself.

The theme also supports your personal blog. Your writings are displayed in an organized, time-based order.

With the Elementor Page Builder, you can build your website by dragging and dropping elements. The theme is also customizable with color, font, and icon options. You can conveniently adjust these to fit your brand.

ShiftCV is also GDPR compliant to ensure the safety of your data and privacy. Additionally, the theme adapts across devices, so your design and customizations remain comprehensive to all your viewers.

All in all, ShiftCV is a functional yet straightforward theme that will fulfill your resume needs.

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Cvee Resume WordPress Theme

Cvee is a theme that is truest to the word “minimal.” It is a theme designed specifically for CVs and comes in 9 different demos with their own frontpage templates. It has a clean and professional aesthetic that goes straight to the point.

Your entire CV in a one-page scroll, Cvee lets you put down your work experiences, education, and skills into a clean timeline. The widgets for these sections are customizable according to your needs. You also have a testimonial widget to show off your client reviews and build credibility. Cvee also lets you upload blogs.

Although simple to the core, Cvee is a customizable theme with multiple backgrounds, colors, fonts, and icon options. The drag and drop frontpage widget option lets you easily customize your widgets as well.

The theme is SEO friendly. This means that your resume will be boosted in search engines to increase your chances of landing on front pages. It is also translation ready, facilitating your website with multilingual options. Also, it also supports WordPress plugins.

It supports one-click demo import so that you don’t have to start building your website from scratch. The theme also has a responsive design to make it compatible across devices.

Overall, if you’re looking for a functional yet simple CV/ Resume theme, Cvee is your perfect partner.

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Rara Business Pro

Rara Business Pro WordPress Theme

This is a theme that says efficient from the get-go. Rara Business Pro helps build a resume that leaves a lasting impression on your visitor. With a one page option and engaging design, this theme lets your resume glide.

The theme provides sections for all your essential information like products, services, team and client testimonials. It is paired with counters to provide an interactive flow of all the information your clients will need.

The theme provides a portfolio template where you can showcase your works. It also integrates social media so you can pull more followers through your website.

Not to mention this theme is SEO optimized to get your page on the fore-front of search engines. The schema integration works as a complementary component by helping these search engines provide more informative results about your resume. The theme is also speed optimized to make the loading hassle-free for your clients.

The theme also offers a range of customizability options. These include video banners, layouts, 600+ google fonts, and varieties of pagination styles. This makes it convenient for you to engrain your personality into your resume.

It is also noteworthy that the theme is WPML and Polylang compatible. This means that you can make your resume multilingual. It is also cross-browser compatible so your resume is functional for customers across many browsers.

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Kerge Resume WordPress Theme

Kerge is explicitly a resume theme. It comes with dark and light variants of various unique demos. You can choose from animated, multipage, and one-page demos- whichever suits you best. The theme is best suited for developers, programmers, and freelancers.

The theme comes with a left side sticky sidebar that lets your content be the highlight of the page. Sections available are About, Resume, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact. You can add or remove sections as you please with the drag and drop page builder.

The resume section facilitates you with counters that display your experiences and achievements. The timeline format of the resume makes the organization of these experiences clean and easy to read.

With smooth transition styles between pages, Kerge makes sure your resume is fresh and professional.

The contact form helps you establish availability to guide your potential customers. Social media integration enables you to push your content to a wider audience through your website.

Additionally, this theme is cross-browser compatible, meaning your resume is accessible across browsers. It is also fully responsive, making it adjustable across devices without affecting the quality of your resume.

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Resumee Pro WordPress Theme

Another great simplistic and minimal theme for resumes is the Resumee theme. This theme is print-ready and great for personal resumes if you’re looking for a to-the-point theme. The simple and clean design gives it a professional and organized feel.

Resumee comes in 9 different demos that range in backgrounds and widgets, with the simplistic design remaining the same. The highlight of this theme is your resume with no distractions from flashy design. You can include general sections using this theme are introduction, skills, education, experiences, and projects. These are all neatly laid out within a one-page scroll. Additionally, you can include sections like favorite quotes, volunteering, favorite books, and others.

Do not be fooled by the simple design. This theme offers many features. It is a customizable theme with multiple header options, custom backgrounds, and color choices. It also provides social media integration to expand your follower base. You can also add a page for your blog. Additionally, the theme is WordPress plugin compatible, allowing you to add functions to your website according to your needs. It is also SEO optimized to help your website compete in search engines.

All these features and the theme provides regular one-click updates. It is also Bootstrap integrated to make your website responsive across devices.

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Arter Resume WordPress Theme

If you’re a digital creator looking for a clean, minimalistic theme, Arter is the one for you. It is a feature-packed resume theme that comes in two modes: dark and light.

Arter gives you two options for your resume: one page, and multi-page. Both of these come with respective ideal features. Default pages include home, portfolio, history, blog, and contact. Within the home page, you can include your services, price plans, and customer recommendations. Followed by a portfolio page with the layout of your choosing to organize all your work. The history page lists your educational and work experiences neatly and efficiently. Both the one page and multi-page themes have a sticky sidebar equipped with infographics for highlight skills.

The visual drag and drop elementor page builder in this theme gives you a user-friendly page building experience. In other words, you can build your page without having to code.

The theme is also customizable with options for Google fonts, FontAwesome fonts and icons, and unlimited colors of your choosing.

The minimalistic design comes paired with smooth transitions and animations that keep your viewer stimulated.

Overall, if you’re looking for a feature-packed, neat, and efficient theme with a sleek feel, then Arter is the way to go.

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Uncode Portfolio Wordpress theme

Uncode is another excellent theme that is ideal to showcase photography and artwork. It is a pixel-perfect theme that displays your creative work in high-resolution. It is definitely a favorite among creatives with over 75000 sales on ThemeForest. The theme also has a 98% page speed score, which guarantees that your website will be in very good shape.

The variety that Uncode offers is vast. You can choose from over 70 different concepts, including ones specifically for portfolio building. According to your preferences, these include portfolio metro, portfolio developer, portfolio agency, and many more. Each of these come with their own designs and templates.

Even so, the theme is still highly customizable with multiple module variants. Content Block is a unique Uncode feature that facilitates you to create custom sections of content. It then allows you to apply them within different parts of the website, like pages, headers, and footers. The theme lets you choose from 13 unique Call-to-Action buttons, each crafted to grab attention.

Additionally, Uncode is also WooCommerce compatible if you want to establish an online store on your website.

This way, Uncode is a feature-packed theme that lets you build a strong online presence without the hassle of coding.

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Ikonik Resume WordPress Theme

Ikonik is another excellent theme best suited for creative professionals. The option to add a soundtrack to your website is definitely a standout feature of this theme. The stylish design is iconic, as the name suggests. The transitions are smooth and appealing. The theme essentially creates a visual and auditory experience on your website.

The theme offers three innovative demos that can go as vibrant or as minimal as you want with customization. Each of these comes with a bold, full-page banner to display your image. The predefined pages include About, Resume, Portfolio, Blog, and Contact. The resume page has a timeline and counter equipped structure to list down your experiences and achievements efficiently. The portfolio page comes with a default masonry layout for optimal display of your works.

It has a responsive design, meaning the device does not affect the accessibility of your website. It is also cross-browser compatible so that your website works across browsers.

Additionally, the google page speed score for this theme is a full 100. This means that your website is built for speed and provides a smooth in-page viewer experience.

To put it bluntly, Ikonik is a theme with many personalities, leaving no space for your viewers to get bored. We recommend Ikonik for artists, photographers, illustrators, and all our friends who like to challenge themselves creatively.

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Glitche Resume WordPress Theme

Glitche is a theme that is minimal, sophisticated; for creatives who believe less is more. The font, glitch effect, and design may remind you of early video games of the 1980s. It is clear to see that the name derives from this glitch effect in the banner font and CTA buttons.

The theme offers more than one demo, including a one-page version, dark version, creative version, and image background version. Even within these, the flexible layout builder lets you arrange your website the way you’d like. It is also customizable in terms of colors and fonts if you want more vibrancy.

With multiple templates for the designated pages, you can build your website in backgrounds and layouts of your choosing. The home page lets you introduce yourself and your statement. You can do so with an image, a video, gradient, or slideshow. The resume page comes equipped with counters and writes you down on paper in a timeline. You can also introduce your team here. On the portfolio page, you can show off your works. You can also add blogs to your website to pull more viewers.

As mentioned above, the CTA buttons are eye-catching. The contact forms help potential clients reach out to you through your website itself.

Glitche is a unique theme with a nostalgic yet efficient design and resourceful features for sure.

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One Page Pro

One Page Pro WordPress Theme

One Page Pro is a one-page theme that is clean and smooth. It has a specifically designed CV demo. The other two include a corporate demo and a creative demo.

With clean transitions, the one-page option lets your viewers glide through your website. The intro section has a bold banner option to display your statement. The portfolio section for your work and resume section for timeline organization of your experiences weave your CV into your website.

The advanced admin panel helps you change your site layout, header style, customize skin, export custom templates, and many more. The theme comes with unlimited sidebar options, 770 Google fonts, multiple portfolio layouts, and 19 header styles. In other words, you get control over the organization and look of your website within this theme.

The design is also fully responsive, meaning your website adapts to any screen size. The theme is SEO optimized to give your website a boost on search engines. It is also WooCommerce compatible in case you want to start an online store. It is a well-documented theme with a demo importer that lets you get the demo in a single click.

Theme DetailsDemo


Agave Resume WordPress Theme

Agava is a design that says fresh. With many portfolio variants whose backgrounds are inspired by plants and salmon flesh, this theme has a nature-like aesthetic. The theme offers various layouts like masonry, gallery, and grid layouts in its multiple predetermined templates.

The theme is highly customizable with multiple sidebars, header, footer, and layout options and designs, including floating portfolio, slots slider, swipe slider, and many more. It comes with sections like About, Portfolio, Testimonials, and Shop. The smooth scroll also gives these designs a pop of parallax effect. Giving customers a lot of room to play with; this theme is perfect for creative agencies and freelancers.

Agava has a responsive design for functionality, meaning that the device does not affect your resume’s quality. It is SEO optimized for your resume’s performance in search engines.

The theme is also WooCommerce compatible for your eCommerce needs. It is also compatible with the WPML plugin to make your website a multilingual platform. The theme also offers social media integration.

In short, if you’re looking for a theme that gets your creative juices flowing and builds your resume without having to code, Agava is the theme for you.

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RS Card

RS Card Wordpress Theme

RS Card is a safe bet for building an engaging, one-page scroll resume that includes everything you want to mention-and then some. With clean and minimal material design, the theme elegantly binds together your credentials. The theme comes in 5 different demos tailored for entrepreneurs, doctors, actors, singers, and students.

All these demos have a stylish design and begin with a section to introduce your basic credentials like age, contact, and the like. This section includes perks like an attractive Hire Me CTA button when you hover over your image. Other sections include skills, portfolio, services, pricing tables, work and experience timeline, and statistics.

The timeline format for these sections, paired with counters, help you make an engaging presentation of your qualities. You can even include a twitter section to show-off your social media persona. The availability calendar lets you show when you can be booked.

The theme is also customizable with unlimited colors, fonts, and stunning icons. You can add image sliders to add visual content on your resume to help your potential clients visualize you, your brand, or your products.

Also, the theme is WooCommerce compatible, meaning you can open an online store on your website itself. You can add pricing tables with attractive CTAs for your products.

Theme DetailsDemo


Ukko Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ukko is another great one-page theme that binds together your resume in a minimalistic aesthetic. The default red and white color scheme give the theme freshness and make it eye-catching. Paired with clean icons and smooth transitions, Ukko creates a pleasing viewing experience.

Within the one-page scroll, you can add sections for your introduction, skills, services, portfolio, and blog. The bold font and image banner on the home page and about page make your statement and identity pop. The skills sections let you organize your achievements in a timeline and highlight them with the help of counters. Your portfolio is displayed in a clean, grid layout. The contact form at the end of the scroll really brings together your resume by providing your potential clients with undivided attention.

Additionally, the theme’s elementor page builder allows you to customize your page with just a drag and drop action. You also have multiple options for texts, images, fonts, and colors according to your brand.

The theme is WPML and Polylang plugins compatible. This allows your website to be translated into other languages. The theme also has a responsive design, meaning it adjusts to your viewer’s device screen.

In short, Ukko is a functional and exciting theme for personal resumes.

Theme DetailsDemo


Patrick Resume WordPress Theme

Patrick is a clean and sophisticated theme that comes in a dark design. It offers three demos, each in icon menus and click menus. These demos offer image, video, and particle homepage types.

This theme is well-suited for anybody, from designers and video producers to architects and singers.

A unique design offered by Patrick is that it splits the page into three segments vertically. The transitions follow accordingly, with three segments of the page loading at once. In the rightmost segment, you can add media, for instance, an image to help your viewers visualize you and your brand. The smooth transitions and minimalistic icons create a futuristic vibe.

The icon menu displays the determined pages in icons, whereas the click menu displays them in words. The predetermined pages include home, about, resume, portfolio, blog, and contact. The home page is a full-width banner of your introduction. It allows you to establish your identity. The About page lets you display your services, pricing tables, and clients in a minimalistic, organized design and icons. Counters make the resume section engaging.

The theme is still highly customizable with unlimited fonts, colors, and icon options to fit your brand. The theme is WPBakery Page Builder compatible, which lets you easily customize your page with just a drag and drop action.

Other than that, the theme allows you to plug your socials, helping you increase followers on these platforms. The theme is also SEO friendly for your resume to reach the front pages of search engines.

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BookCard WP

BookCard WordPress Theme

For all the comic book and pop culture fanatics, BookCard WP is a theme that will make your comic book dreams come true. The theme has a book-like presentation. Your resume can be flipped like a book or folded like a newsletter.

The front page is the introduction of your character, with your image and highlighted credentials- much like the cover page of a comic book or magazine. An “open” button lets you into the world of your resume. The default pages include a resume, portfolio, and contact.

The unique design of this theme in no way hampers the functionality of your website. You can scroll to these pages to fit all your projects and achievements efficiently and neatly. The resume page is organized in a timeline of your experiences and comes with counters and client testimonials.

The portfolio page is also neatly organized with smooth transitions. The contact page lets your clients contact you directly via your website and makes you seem readily available to them. This page also allows you to integrate your social media handles.

The theme is still customizable with multiple cover styles, base styles, paper background, and body background. Besides, the theme offers 600+ Google fonts and 50+ CSS3 effects for portfolio page in-out animations.

You do not have to worry about the design’s compatibility across devices as it is a responsive design. The theme is also SEO ready to boost your website on search engines.

All in all, BookCard WP is a high performing and creative theme that lets both your resume and your personality shine.

Theme DetailsDemo


Divi Resume WordPress Theme

Divi is a multipurpose theme. With over 800+ pre-made designs, it has many options for resume and cv templates. These can range across professions like business, art, technology, and more. Divi also has you covered whether you’re an individual professional or an agency.

The theme comes with a multitude of icon, background, layout, and color options. You can easily customize your website with the advanced visual builder technology. This offers you all these multiple options and lets you add widgets you need for your resume and designs that best suit your brand. You can also choose from effects like animations, shadows and transitions, and infographic tools like counters. The theme also provides attractive CTA buttons.

Additionally, the theme is WooCommerce friendly for your eCommerce needs. It also allows you to put up pricing tables to display your payment schemes. It is also translation ready, so language is not a barrier for your resume. It has a responsive design so your website is accessible across devices.

Divi is well-liked also for its attention to you as their customer. They are readily available to assist you with any queries you may have.

Theme DetailsDemo

Business One Page Pro

Business One Page Pro WordPress Theme

Business One Page Pro, as the name suggests, is another excellent one-page WordPress Theme. It is a clean, corporate aesthetic theme best suited for business people, freelancers, and corporations. The rich navy blue and grey color scheme give it a very professional feel.

This theme helps you showcase your business or your services via sections like About, Service, Portfolio, Team, Clients, and more. The advanced slider banner equipped with prominent CTA buttons help you establish your brand right off the bat. Icons in the sections that follow are minimalistic and attractive. The portfolio section is laid out in a masonry grid for optimal organization. The CTA buttons are visible and attractive.

For more in-depth descriptions of these sections, you can add separate pages to engage infographics and layouts. The theme also supports your blogs.

Additionally, the theme is highly customizable with unlimited colors, 600+ Google fonts, advanced typography options, and more. You can also choose from floating and top menu types. Not to mention, it has a responsive design so these customizations will adapt across viewer devices.

Overall, this is a feature-packed theme to help establish an online presence for your business.

Theme DetailsDemo

Lawyer Landing Page Pro

Lawyer landing page pro WordPress Theme

Lawyer Landing Page Pro is a client converting theme specifically for lawyers, law firms, and consultants. It provides the perfect tools for lawyers to build a professional resume and establish an online presence. It comes in both default and one-page modes with a sleek and professional design.

The banner itself in this theme comes with a contact section. Along with this, the contact number is already displayed at the top of your website, making you very accessible to your potential clients. Other sections in this theme include the about section, practice areas, why you are the best, service section, teams section, blog, FAQs, and projects section. These sections come with attractive CTA buttons, and a stats counter that makes for an engaging website.

This way, you can show off all your accomplishments and services in one smooth scroll in the one-page option. The default mode also provides these same sections as predefined pages.

The theme is also highly customizable to fit your brand. These include unlimited colors, multiple fonts, backgrounds, and header layouts. You can add your logo to establish your brand as well.

Of course, the theme is SEO optimized to boost your website’s performance on search engines. It is also a responsive design to ensure your website is compatible across devices.

Theme DetailsDemo


Amedeo Resume WordPress Theme

Amedeo is a clean, minimalistic theme recommended for painters, photographers, graphic designers, and fashion designers. The clean, minimalistic design and icons make this theme very sophisticated. The Call-to-Action buttons pop against the minimalistic light background.

Apart from aesthetics, the homepage portfolio options are a personal portfolio, portfolio metro, and portfolio gallery. The theme also has a separate portfolio section. It offers a wide variety of predefined templates for this section. You can choose from a list of portfolio types, portfolio layouts, hover options, and image layouts.

Amedeo also offers a range of infographics to help showcase your experience, hours, and services. These tools make your resume visually appealing and efficient. Infographics include counters, pie charts, countdowns, progress bars, and more.

Apart from its expansive options for portfolio building, the theme also offers other essential features. It provides social media integration, which is important for building your follower base. It is WooCommerce compatible for your eCommerce needs. The theme is also WPML compatible to make your resume multilingual.

Overall, Amedeo is easy to set up and creative theme.

Theme DetailsDemo


Myour Resume WordPress Theme – Just another WordPress site

Myour is yet another great one page resume theme. However, you can also customize it into a multi-page website. By default it is a minimalistic and simple design with a green and white color scheme. It offers both light and dark versions with a simple yet attractive design and transitions. It is best suited for developers, programmers, designers, and other digital professions.

The theme comes with sections like Home, About, Resume, Portfolio, Contacts, and Blog. These sections are easily accessible via the floating sticky menu at the top of the page.

The home section lets you display your name and statement along with a left side widget for your image, video, or images with a slider. This media widget stays fixed to your screen while you scroll down to other sections. The home page also comes with a visible, minimal CTA button to contact you.

The resume section includes sections for education, experiences, and your various skills. These sections are equipped with sliders so your website is not cluttered with information. It also comes with counters to make your resume more engaging.

Also, you can add your products to your portfolio. The contact form allows your clients to reach you via your website itself. The theme also has a sticky side widget for social media integration.

The theme is also easy to customize. The visual drag and drop elementor page builder lets you build/customize your page with just a drag and drop without having to code. The theme also offers multiple colors, fonts, and icons according to your brand.

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Bateaux WordPress Theme

Bateaux is another creative multi-purpose theme with multiple templates. It offers some demos specifically designed for professional resumes. The Resume Portfolio template, in particular, fulfills your resume requirements.

The minimal design of Resume Portfolio, paired with simplistic and attractive icons, counters, and sliders, help you create a simple and elegant online resume. Sections you can include are About Timeline, Experience, and Education, Skills, and your Portfolio. You can add and remove these according to what fit you.

The theme is highly customizable, as well. With the advanced live customizer, you can choose from over 400 layouts and designs. You can also choose from multiple color and font variants, menu, and portfolio styles. You can easily select ones that best reflect your personality and your brand.

The contact forms help make you accessible to potential clients through your website itself. It gives them the impression that you are ready to give them undivided attention- always an attractive trait to clients.

SEO optimization means this theme will help you fight competition on search engines so your resume does well on them. The theme is also speed optimized for less loading time within the website. This ensures your viewers aren’t driven away by late loading.

You can also set up an online store using the WooCommerce plugin. Additionally, you can also add blog posts.

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic Resume WordPress Theme

Massive Dynamic, as the name suggests, is a massively dynamic theme with over 70 unique templates. These are suited for professionals, companies and agencies alike. Among these are some designed specifically for online resumes: Resume-modern, Resume-tab, Resume-graphic, and Resume-boxed.

These templates range from cute and artsy to clean and futuristic- a peek into how versatile the theme is. The choices in customization are endless. These range in backgrounds, layouts, pagination styles, headers, footers and sliders. With the WPBakery Page builder, you can conveniently drag and drop all these components onto your website to build it the way you would like.

The theme also provides countless colors, fonts, transitions, animations, icons, you name it. Even within the pre-designed templates, the theme lets you get creative with your branding. You can build a comprehensive and engaging resume along with infographic tools like counters, graphs, and charts. You can also include a calendar to show days where you are available.

The resume templates support all the essential sections like home, about, education, experiences, expertise, portfolio, and contact. You can add sections for accomplishments and more as you please.

Even with all these customizations, the theme is responsive and adapts to the screen of the viewer.

Overall, Massive Dynamic is a highly customizable, feature-packed theme that caters to a broad audience’s resume needs.

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Bionick WordPress Theme

Bionick is a sleek, modern resume theme. It comes in four different demos with respect to slider, slide show, video and image backgrounds for the home page. It is a one-page theme with a graphically high-impact design with a very tech-savvy aesthetic. It is best suited for web developers, illustrators, photographers, and architects.

The aesthetic of the design and effects are paired with tools to make this a highly functional theme for your resume. The smooth transitions and parallax effects make your website flow. The attractive animations on the banner and menu make for a futuristic visual experience.

Your resume is simultaneously displayed neatly in sections for About, Services, Skills, Experiences, Client Testimonials and Contact info. You can fit as many services and testimonials as you’d like to show off using sliders. This ensures your resume is not cluttered. The theme also equips you with counters for an engaging and visual representation of your credentials.

WPBakery page builder lets you build/customize your website with a simple drag and drop. You can choose from various custom widgets, portfolio options and backgrounds. Additionally, the theme also provides you options on unlimited colors, multiple fonts, and icons. Build your website to fit your brand with this theme best.

Bionick is SEO friendly to help your website’s performance on search engines. It is also Bootstrap integrated so your website adjusts to screen sizes across devices.

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Kallyas Resume WordPress Theme

Kallyas is another excellent versatile theme that makes for an engaging resume with stunning effects and features. From over 70+ demos, some are specifically designed for your resume and portfolio. These templates range from minimalistic to cosmopolitan-esque designs.

The theme offers stunning home pages with full-width banners for your introduction. Other sections in the resume demos include an about page for your experiences and skills. This page comes equipped with infographics. The work page allows you to display your portfolio in organized layouts. You can add contact forms to your contact page to let your potential clients know they have your full attention.

With 100+ builder elements, Kallyas is a highly customizable theme. The integrated Zion Builder helps you easily build your website. You can add to your website with a simple drag and drop. You can choose from many header and footer options, sliders, layouts, effects, and animations. The parallax effect, along with cool transitions and animations, give the theme life. You can also add this parallax effect to objects to create a graphic visual experience for your viewers instantaneously.

This theme is also speed optimized, so your viewers won’t have to wait long periods for all these features to load. Also, the responsive design lets your website be accessible across devices.

If you want many pre-built templates and options to customize them without having to code, this is the one for you.

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MeFolio Resume WordPress Theme

Mefolio is a modern, minimalistic theme with a unique home page design. The tile-like menu gives the home page a fresh new spin. The theme offers multiple demo options with varying home page background options. You can choose from images, videos, sliders, and even monochrome image.

The sections the resume templates of this theme offer are home, resume, portfolio, contact, and blog. After the stunning home page, the other sections have simple yet equally stunning designs. In the resume section, you can include your experiences, education, skills, and client testimonials. The addition of infographics really bind together your resume here. You can arrange your portfolio in the Pinterest-like masonry layout.

Your website’s left side will have a fixed ‘About You’ section throughout these other pages. This comes with social media integration and an attractive CTA so your clients can download your CV or reach out to your social media at any point on your website. You can also add contact forms and Google maps to make yourself more reachable.

The theme offers multiple homepages and portfolio layouts. The King Composer plugin lets you add these to your website with just a drag and drop. Coding to build your website will not be a problem for you with Mefolio.

Additionally, the design is responsive; that is, your website will adapt to different devices.

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Cvio Resume WordPress Theme

Cvio is a sleek theme specifically designed for your online resume and cv needs. It comes in both light and dark versions, and one-page and multipage versions. The simplistic yet modern design paired with cool transitions and parallax effects makes this a very attractive theme.

Cvio offers all the pages you need for your resume website. It includes a breath-taking home page with options for image, video, or slider backgrounds. The mouse icon is given a pointer-like appearance, so it’s easier for your viewers to follow their mouse.

The resume section comes equipped with sleek icons and infographics to make your credentials comprehensive. The inclusion of pricing tables, along with bold CTAs helps you sell your products and services on your website.

You can show off your works in clean layouts in the works section. If you have blogs you want to share, Cvio has you covered. For contact, you can add contact forms. The theme also integrates your social media so your clients can reach you there as well.

The theme works with Elementor, so you can easily build your website with simple drag and drop. You can choose from multiple layouts, backgrounds, colors, and fonts. Rest assured your customizations will adapt across screens with the theme’s responsive design.

Overall, the functionality paired with the trendy and modern aesthetic makes Cvio an excellent option for developers, illustrators, photographers, and other creative professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need special software to use themes?

No, once you have a domain and have WordPress installed on your web host, you simply have to install the WordPress theme of your choice.

2. How do I customize my themes?

The easiest way for you to customize your theme is to use the inbuilt WordPress customizer that you will find in the admin section. Simply go to Appearance> Themes> Customize. You can now start customizing your theme in real-time. 

You can also create a child theme and start customizing without affecting the theme’s original files. A child theme is basically a sub-theme that has the features and functionality of your original, or parent, theme. It lets you revert back to your original theme if you don’t like the changes you make. You can learn more about child themes in our article: WordPress Child and How to Create It

3. How do I install plugins?

For free WordPress plugins like Woocommerce and Elementor, you can simply search for it using the plugin search. In the admin area, go to Plugins>Add New. In the search bar, type in the name or functionality of the plugin you are looking for. When you find your pick, click the “Install Now” button followed by the “Activate” button. 

For paid WordPress plugins, download the plugin from the source, then go to Plugins>Add New>Upload Plugin.


To conclude, this is a carefully hand-picked list of the most interactive, appealing, and bold themes for your resume needs. You can customize these attractive themes to best fit your brand. Rest assured that these themes will require the least amount of coding so your online rendezvous is breezy. Take what you will from the various options and styles that these themes bring to you. On that note, we leave you with 30+ best resume WordPress themes to choose from and a happy resume-making!

For further exploration into professional WordPress themes, we have an article on the  Best Job Board WordPress Themes. So, please do have a look at it too if needed.

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