25+ Best WordPress Themes for Videographers 2024

25+ Best WordPress Themes for Videographers 2024

You should have extra skills, tools, and creativity to stand out in today’s highly competitive modern world.  

When it comes to videography, you need to know various skills, techniques, and tools to gain recognition in the competitive market. As video content helps increase conversion rates, acquiring the best videography themes to meet your goals is extremely helpful.

With the buildup of more videos on the internet, visually pleasing websites with maximum video content are popping up more than ever. With that said, there are many WordPress themes designed to help you create a website focused on videography. 

If you are an aspiring videographer and find it difficult to decide how to get started with website creation, you have come to the right place.  

In this article, we present a detailed list of 25+ Best WordPress Themes for Videographers in 2024. These themes have the best layouts, appealing features, and easy-to-use interfaces to help you get going. 

Before jumping into the main content, check out these Best Photography WordPress Themes to learn more about visually pleasing themes. 

What To Look For In WordPress Themes For Videographers?

Before starting a website, it is essential to determine your purpose and look for the specific functions that a particular theme offers. The WordPress theme you choose should help you boost your website’s viewership and audience retention.

Here are a few key features that you should look for in WordPress themes for videography: 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of driving traffic from the free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on search engines. In simpler terms, it is the method of increasing the quantity and quality of the global traffic to your blog through organic search engine results.

As per the research by Brafton, 95% of search engine traffic goes to the pages displayed on the first page. If you can rank your blog on Google’s first page, it is likely to receive 95% of clicks. The increased click-through-rate (CTR) equates to more traffic, and increased traffic means more income. 

As a result, you should make sure to choose an SEO-optimized WordPress theme. SEO helps you rank your website higher on search engine results and offers you greater visibility. 


According to the research done by Statista, about half (50%) of the internet traffic originates from mobile devices. As a result, you should make sure that your website is compatible with mobile phones to keep yourself in the growing competition.

To do so, you should always use mobile-friendly WordPress themes that are responsive across all screen sizes. To be clear, the responsive design of your WordPress themes adjusts the resolution of your website to match different sizes of different devices. It also helps your users to experience the same interface across all platforms. 

Customization Features

When you look for WordPress themes, you should always put customizable features in the top priority. Why? With the customizable features, you can adjust the content on your website as you need and prefer. 

Any theme you choose for your business should allow the flexibility to customize your website with a logo, product image, well-organized content, and screenshots properly. If you have an easily recognizable visual style, your customers will remember you more easily and return to your website.  

Design and Simplicity

The research done to determine the impact of the web design came with the result that the website’s bounce rate is related to its design. Similarly, another research shows that 38% of visitors leave the website if they find the layout vague and unattractive

The visitors pointed out these common design-related issues:

  • Fewer navigation aids
  • Dull design and improper color combination
  • Slow page load speed
  • Complex layout
  • Crowded texts
  • Poor search index

To make sure that your website performs well, you need to select the best WordPress theme that has a visually appealing design and layout. Moreover, the theme must be simple and elegant to use so that your visitors would find it easy to interact on your website. 

Plugin Support

Plugins are the additional softwares containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They offer essential and unique features to make your website efficient, engaging, and eye-catching. 

Plugins also help to provide better functionality and improve the user convenience. It’s very easy to download thousands of plugins for free. However, you should make sure to choose a WordPress theme that supports and is compatible with most of the popular plugins.

Call-To-Action Buttons

A Call-to-Action button is simply an invitation for your visitors to take the initiative. CTA buttons are essential for any WordPress theme. You must create a better CTA to engage your visitors to your website and purchase the products or services you offer. 

It is even more helpful if you choose a WordPress theme that supports multiple CTA buttons. Here are some of the advantages of multiple CTA buttons:

  • Multiple CTAs assist in increasing your conversion ratio significantly.
  • Multiple CTAs make sure that your content fits your marketing plan, which helps drive visitors to your website.
  • Multiple CTAs channel your visitors to take necessary actions and help to increase their involvement with your business. 

Types of CTA Buttons:

Usually, there are 7 commonly used CTA buttons. They are:

1. Leads: This form of the CTA button helps to convert your visitors into buyers. Besides, it also allows users to subscribe to the newsletter and get involved with your business. 

2. Forms: This type of CTA redirects your users into filling forms that eventually convert them into leads. 

3. Service or Product Discovery: This type of CTA button channels your users to the list of products and services offered by your business. 

4. Sharing: The main objective of this type of CTA button is to urge your visitors to share your content and information about your business on their social media profiles. 

5. Continue Reading: This CTA button encourages your readers to continue reading the content posted on your website. 

6. Event Promoter: This CTA button prompts your audience to promote and participate in some special events. 

7. Sale Closer: The sale closer CTA button directs your visitors to settle their businesses without any concerns about hard sales.  

WooCommerce Compatible

It would be best to look for the WordPress theme that is WooCommerce compatible as it lets you sell your products or services online. This convenient feature lets you automatically increase your sales rates. 

Social Media Integration

Social media is undoubtedly one of the major marketing channels in the present context. A study conducted by Statista shows that 43% of internet users use social networks to research products online. As a result, social media is the best way to stay connected with your customers and make them regular contributors to your business.  

When you look for the WordPress theme for your website, you need to check whether it supports social media integration. Choose the theme that supports this feature so that you can place links to your social media in visible areas of your website. It will help your interested customers stay in touch with your business through your social media profile. 

Testimonials/Review Section

The opinions and suggestions of your visitors are crucial if you want to scale your blog business. Hence, you should look for the WordPress theme supporting testimonials/review sections to get immediate feedback from your users. 

A well-designed website is the one that communicates what the company is about and, at the same time, builds trust in the business among potential customers. Having a testimonials section on your website helps improve your customers’ trust in you.  


Using a WordPress theme can be tricky sometimes. You may have to come across annoying bugs or some major technical issues that can make it hard for you to solve. Therefore, you should always choose a WordPress theme equipped with a dedicated technical support team. 

The best thing about having a technical support team for your theme is that they will be there to help you 24/7. You can connect with the team through call, email, or built-in chatbots to ease theme installation, integration, compatibility, or any other issues.

Generally, most of the themes offer extended technical support for a year with enough documentation. After that, you must pay a certain amount for added support. 

List of Best WordPress Themes for Videographers

Rishi Theme

Rishi WordPress Theme

If you’re a professional videographer or a creative folk looking to showcase your works and projects in a stylish way, Rishi Theme is the best option in the market. With different starter sites, this theme helps you to get your website up and running in no time.

You can use the built-in one-click demo installer to import your demo file to your website in just a single click. Moreover, you can also create your own website templates using the powerful Elementor Page Builder.

Rishi Theme offers multiple blog layouts to display your website content exactly the way you prefer. It also includes single post templates, allowing you to add your custom posts in style. Although free, Rishi Theme also features a distinct gallery section where you can exhibit your videos, photos, and other creative projects in an eye-catching way.

The performance and speed of Rishi are unparalleled. With core vital optimization and ultra-lightweight design, this theme ensures blazing fast loading time and 100% speed performance.

Rishi Theme is rigorously coded with clean SEO approaches and Schema Markups to help your website achieve the top spot on all SERPs. If you come across any issues or bugs, you can contact Rishi’s expert support team any day of the week via support tickets or forums.

Theme DetailsDemo


Video WordPress Theme

Video is a popular WordPress theme suitable for websites that have a blog with heavy usage of videos. This speed-optimized and SEO-friendly theme includes some of the dynamic features like a like/dislike feature, the ability to create playlists, watch later feature, and much more. 

This fast-loading theme features an intelligent social popup that appears when a viewer finishes watching a video. With different color options and 4 unique layouts, you can easily customize your website as per your preference. 

Video theme lets you easily embed videos from top websites like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo in your site within no time. You also have an option to add a whole list of videos as a playlist to an article. Social media integration makes it easier for you to connect with more of your visitors through social channels. 

The theme’s important features are its 3 unique post layouts, unique popup share button, 10 useful widgets, and RTL support. Furthermore, the theme is optimized for Google Adsense so you can see higher CPCs, CTRs, RPMs, and higher earnings in Adsense. 

Moreover, Video comes with 630+ Google fonts to choose from. It also features a smoother loading experience due to the AJAX loading feature.

Theme DetailsDemo


PineCone WordPress Theme

PineCone is a new portfolio-style, minimalistic, and elegant multipurpose WordPress theme specially designed for videographers. This fast, powerful, and mobile-friendly theme features a fully responsive layout. It is easy to customize thanks to the Options Tree plugin. 

The theme lets you easily embed your YouTube or Vimeo videos with video portfolio support. It has custom widgets with social services icons, Google maps, Flickr, as well as Instagram and Twitter plugins ready. 

Furthermore, PineCone provides a simple page builder that lets you generate any content you want. It supports all Google fonts meaning you can use any element you want to customize your website.  

PineCone is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin.  It is cross-browser compatible, meaning all of its features work well in the latest version of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You will receive regular updates so that your website will be safe from any kind of vulnerabilities.

Theme DetailsDemo


best wordpress theme

Divi is a popular, multipurpose WordPress theme and an ultimate page builder plugin. This theme offers hundreds of ready-made websites for different business niches. With unlimited possibilities for personalization, it can be your best choice for videography businesses.

With mobile-friendly and full-responsive design, Divi works smoothly across all mobile devices and browsers. Besides, it is cross-browser compatible, meaning all of its features work well on the latest versions of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. 

The True Visual Editing feature of this theme lets you personalize each page and view the changes in real-time. It comes with over 800 premade layouts, 40+ website elements, and 36 highly customizable page building elements. You also have the option to choose from hundreds of Google fonts and unlimited color templates to change the look and feel of your website.  

Divi incorporates different sections to add your content, such as blogs, CTA, Galleries, Testimonials, and Forms. It is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that lets you sell your products or services easily from your website. 

Divi further has advanced design tools, and it also lands more visitors to your site with its optimized SEO techniques. Likewise, the Monarch social sharing helps to promote your website on all online platforms.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Coach Pro

Blossom Coach Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Coach Pro WordPress theme with its video banner feature could be your next choice for a videography website. This SEO-friendly, speed-optimized, and mobile-friendly theme is ideal for professional websites for coaches, mentors, consultants, and therapists. 

You don’t have to worry if the default theme color doesn’t match your brand color. You can easily choose from unlimited theme color and change the website’s look to match your preference. Moreover, you can select your favorite font from 600+ Google fonts supported by this responsive theme. 

Blossom Coach Pro also allows you to add a static image or video in the banner section with the CTA button to redirect your readers to the desired page or post. Besides, the podcast section is handy for listing your podcast sessions and making it accessible to your visitors. 

This premium theme supports 5 header layouts, 2 single post layouts, and 3 blog layouts. It is WooCommerce plugin ready, meaning you can install the free WooCommerce plugin and start selling your products and services from your website.  

If you find any trouble using this theme, you can contact a friendly and quick support team and get quick assistance.

Theme DetailsDemo


VideoTube WordPress Theme

Whether you are embedding preexisting videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, which support oEmbed protocol, sites that support iframe/embed code, or showing your creation, VideoTube offers a modern platform to do just that. 

VideoTube is a fully-responsive WordPress theme with appealing visuals for video and audio streaming. It also has some awesome features that help with posting the content you want on your website. The theme features two different video layouts: normal and full width to give a better user experience. 

VideoTube theme supports the Video Thumbnails plugin that automatically inserts a video thumbnail for you. It features 7 color schemes, 10+ homepages templates, and 13 different widgets for easy customization. 

One of its best features is that your visitors can submit their videos and contribute to your website. It even lets them have their own channel page. With the social media integration feature, you can share popular videos on social media and drive more visitors to your website.  

If you are planning to create a crowd-sourced content website, VideoTube seems the right way to go.

Theme DetailsDemo


Vlogger WordPress Theme

The name of the theme itself emphasizes on vloggers, who are keen to flaunt their videography skills. However, Vlogger is much more than that. Not only is this WordPress theme perfect for the aspiring vloggers on the internet, but it is also one of the most professional-looking themes on the market. 

This mobile-friendly and responsive theme is ideal if you are a YouTuber or make video blogs. Besides, if you also make video tutorials or independent films, you can show off your content with this easy-to-use theme. 

Vlogger lets you import everything from YouTube with a few clicks. It supports every available video format. The interactive playlist card allows you to display video playlists with all the needed information, episodes, and description. 

With 12 advertisement slots available, you can place ads everywhere you want and monetize your website. The theme is easy to customize. You can change logos, menu templates, colors, typography, user interaction settings, footer widgets, and much more with simple clicks. 

Vlogger uses the drag-and-drop builder Visual Composer, which makes customizing the website easier. With features like social sharing, post likes, and a number of views and ratings, you can easily strengthen your social media presence with Vlogger.

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Mato WordPress Theme

Mato is a spectacular videography WordPress theme designed for movie studios, filmmakers, film agency, film festivals, and cinema. The theme presents 10 gorgeous good-to-go demos. All of these include elegant and bold designs with a black and white color scheme. 

Each of the demos available has different layouts and elements used on the homepage that makes your content interesting and engaging. With the use of semantic HTML5 and CSS3 technology, Mato helps you achieve higher ranks on search engines. 

Mato is a responsive and mobile-friendly theme, meaning it always renders an excellent and organized display of content across all devices. You can showcase your portfolio nicely. The theme lets you display it with style using the masonry style or grid gallery. 

Mato also supports the WPBakery Page Builder plugin that helps you choose which elements you place on certain spots as you can drag and drop elements with ease. Mato also integrates the WooCommerce plugin, so selling your products and services from your website becomes more convenient. 

The Mato WordPress theme also features a full screen blog layout, two variants of a blog, an advanced side menu, 15 home page variants, and easy color management.

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Rekam Video WordPress Theme

Rekam is one of the best WordPress themes for aspiring videographers looking to build online visibility. This WordPress theme suits best for videography, filmmaker, or video portfolio. 

Rekam reduces any setup issues with a trouble-free one-click installation feature. Similarly, the theme comes with a stunning and innovative drag-and-drop page builder for building website pages. 

Rekam includes 600+ Google fonts, 35+ widgets, 3 different portfolio types, 2 different headers, and tons of other amazing options to provide the best user experience. The design of the theme includes the SEO best practices, which make it search engine friendly. 

Rekam delivers high performance with its quality codes and minimalist design. With 3 different post formats, 2 single post types, and 2 header types, you can easily customize your website as per your need.   

Furthermore, Rekam’s experienced support team are there 24/7 to help you with any queries and concerns related to theme installation and execution.

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Soledad Video WordPress Theme

Soledad is a flexible and easy-to-use WordPress theme that can be used for different types of multipurpose sites. With a massive collection of demo sites and page templates, finding the perfect fit for your videography website is very easy. 

Soledad’s best feature is that it is compatible with Elementor, the most powerful live page builder on WordPress. The theme is SEO-friendly and optimized for speed. As a result, you should get high grades from the start when you use Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, or GTmetrix to test your website. 

The theme supports 6000 different site layouts to customize your website and give it a unique look easily. It has a cool dark layout to add a better user experience. Soledad supports 11 custom widgets, 750+ Google fonts, and 9 different header styles. 

Likewise, Soledad features multiple ad spaces for you to place ads inside your content and earn money through your video posts. Soledad is compatible with the EU GDPR policy and features 1000+ sliders and blog combinations. With its 100% responsive design, the theme looks great on all devices. 

Soledad is also WooCommerce compatible, which lets you sell your products and services online from your website. It supports RTL language and includes translation-ready features.

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Oshine Video WordPress Theme

Oshine is a multipurpose, image-centric WordPress theme that best suits videography, photography, artistic agency, and DIY craft website. It is trusted by over 28,500 customers and is one of the best-selling WordPress themes. 

The responsive theme comes packed with 51 demo sites and hundreds of pre-built sample pages. You can easily choose the best look for your website and launch it using a one-click demo installer.

The Drag and Drop page builder and the live editor feature of this theme make designing your website swift and convenient. With unlimited grid combinations and 60+ pre-built sections, you get the best options to demonstrate your online work. Similarly, there are 6 built-in blog layouts with masonry, medium, and large thumbnails for your extra convenience.

Oshine features the Slider Revolution and Master Slider plugins that let you insert multi-layer responsive sliders with splendid transitions. It is a translation-ready theme and fully supports the WPML plugin along with RTL scripts. 

With unlimited color and Google fonts option, customizing your website is a matter of a few clicks with this WordPress theme. Furthermore, this SEO-friendly theme supports the WooCommerce plugin so that you can sell your videos and other works easily from your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Rich Video

Rich Video Video WordPress Theme

If you are looking to build a movie or video site, the Rich Video theme is your best choice. This premium theme has been voted #1 choice for WordPress based video websites. Rich Video holds a modern design and is explicitly designed not to have a sidebar. 

This feature of no sidebar allows you to display more posts on one page, which immediately helps your viewers get the content they need. You have the option to change the videos that show up using the special widget areas like featured posts, new videos, and more. 

This SEO-friendly theme offers you the best customization options with an easy-to-use interface. It scales flawlessly from smartphones to big screens with the help of responsive design. 

Rich Video is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, which allows you to sell your products and services easily from your website. Its professional checkout and payment integration methods are among the best when it comes to e-commerce capabilities. 

The optional featured posts section of this theme lets you highlight your best content. Likewise, the widget areas are perfect for displaying revenue-generating advertisements. You can automatically generate video thumbnails from YouTube, Vimeo, and other similar websites and set as featured images using the right plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo


BeTheme Video WordPress Theme

If you love to showcase your videography skills, filming a variety of purposes, then BeTheme helps you to create the finest website. This multipurpose theme comes with 500+ pre-built websites with exceptional design, cool functionality, and innovative features. 

This theme is compatible with Elementor, which is the most powerful live page builder on WordPress. This SEO-friendly and speed-optimized theme should give you high grades from the get-go when you use Google PageSpeed, Pingdom, or GTmetrix to test your website. 

Additionally, the theme integrates the WPBakery Page Builder that helps with easy and quick page building. You don’t have to be adept at coding. Likewise, it supports the WooCommerce plugin that helps create and manage an online store with ease. 

This responsive theme includes 4 different grid layouts, 7 different header versions, an excellent drag & drop muffin builder, 3 different blog layouts, and 4 different portfolio layouts. Besides, with 950+ Google fonts, you can easily customize the website as per your preference.

Some of the best plugins embedded in this theme are bbPress for creating forums or bulletin, BuddyPress for social networking, and Events Calendar for managing events.

Theme DetailsDemo


Bridge WordPress Theme

Bridge is a creative multipurpose theme for videographers who create interesting documentaries, short films, live events, or wedding films. It comes with over 510 easily installable demos.

This theme is compatible with Elementor, which is the most powerful live page builder on WordPress. Besides, it integrates the WPBakery Page Builder that helps with easy and quick page building. 

Thanks to the YITH WooCommerce Quick View feature of this theme, your visitors can easily check out the offered products on your website with just a single mouse click. Similarly, the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist enables users to check product availability and add items to their wishlist. 

Bridge includes various layouts that you can use for customization. Whether you want to use the full width, boxed, left sidebar, dual or right, this theme offers every layout type. It comes with 20 customizable header styles where you can upload a logo, set colors, change fonts, sizes, etc. 

This SEO-friendly theme also features a mega menu, shortcode generator, and a parallax effect. Moreover, the social media integration feature allows you to share your popular content on social media and drive more traffic to your website.

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Reel WordPress Theme

Reel is another WordPress theme designed for videographers. It is a purpose-built theme that’s ideal for any video professionals. 

The theme comes with three fully-formed homepage layouts. Each of these layouts has a header section for displaying your video content in a slider format. 

The Reel theme’s homepage templates use different grid layouts so that you can choose between two, three, or four-column grid to display your video content.  When your visitors click on the video thumbnail, the player launches in a lightbox overlay, which offers them undistracted viewing options. 

Furthermore, the video lightbox player includes a built-in slider that enables your visitors to effortlessly move to the next video in the playlist without having to close the lightbox overlay first. Reel is a super responsive theme as its layout adapts to fit on any screen on any resolution. 

Reel comes with a full-fledged drag & drop page builder that allows you to create many pages using the content and media shortcodes. With the help of the advanced Theme Options Panel, you can easily change your website’s details to best suit your needs.  

Moreover, this theme supports the WooCommerce plugin so that you can easily sell your products straight from your website.

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Bazna WordPress Theme Cover

Bazna is a multipurpose WordPress theme made for a film studio, film actor, film director, blogger, and creative studio to build their own work. With 5 different homepage designs to choose from, this theme works well for videography websites. 

The features like large pre-built slideshows, integrated video players, and portfolio templates help you to add your videography footage to your new website easily. The available testimonial slider, the client logo panel, and the online contact form help you generate more leads from your videography website. 

Bazna comes with 5 homepage demos, 4 types of footer style, and easy theme customization options like layout, header & footer settings, menu, logo, pagination, etc. It is SEO-friendly and fully responsive, as it works fine on tablets and mobile devices as well. 

Bazna also features Elementor Page Builder, which is the most powerful live page builder on WordPress. Likewise, each purchase of the theme guarantees you lifetime access to future theme updates with no added cost. You also get 6 months of user support with the option of extending this period as per your wish. 

Finally, this premium theme supports RTL scripts and WPML that gives you the freedom to build your website in any language.

Theme DetailsDemo


Noha WordPress Theme

Noha is a unique and modern theme for creative professionals, agencies, and studios with multiple uses. Noha includes many different demos to help you create a range of websites with WordPress. 

The demos like a video-focused demo, an online portfolio option, and a freelancer website demo should be of interest to videographers. Likewise, you can easily repurpose the photography portfolio demo and use it to display video content. 

Noha theme also features an impressive audio control feature that allows your visitors to mute or listen to your video background display’s soundtrack. The main elements in the default homepage layout include the client logo section, a section for displaying your bio or mission statement, and the footer area where you can add internal and external links and your content details.

Noha is WPML certified and supports the WooCommerce plugin so that you can easily sell your products or services through your website. It includes a revolution slider, parallax background effect, and tons of Google fonts for you to customize your website as needed.

Theme DetailsDemo

Zstudio X

Ztudio X Video WordPress Theme

Zstudio X is another premium WordPress theme that promises an ultra-fast performance. This modern theme includes multiple updated features, which makes it a strong choice for videography websites. 

Zstudio X comes with several demo templates that you can install with one click. The theme also backs layouts specifically designed to support creative works. It comes with a GoodLayers page builder that enables you to set the site to almost any layout you can imagine. 

This quality WordPress theme features 14 blog layouts, 9 portfolio layouts, 19 header styles, and 6 gallery layouts. You can easily create any design and template from scratch using Zstudio X. 

Zstudio X is a fully-responsive theme, and it looks incredible on any screen size and any device. Besides, it is SEO-optimized so that you can get better results on search engines. The theme presents you with 770+ Google fonts and unlimited color options for easy customization as per your preference. 

The easy-to-use Admin Panel gives you access to control every part of the site. Besides, the Live Customizer lets you preview the changes in real-time when making changes on your website. You also have the option to add multiple sliders for your posts and widgets.

Zstudio X supports the WPML plugin and is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so that you can easily sell your products online from your website.

Theme DetailsDemo


VideoBox Video WordPress Theme

VideoBox is a perfect WordPress theme for showing off video and audio content. It comes highly-customizable with the support for popular websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Instagram Video, and many more. 

This WordPress theme includes a handy feature that automatically generates thumbnails for any videos that you add to your website, given that they are hosted on certain sites like YouTube and Vimeo. For other video sources, you need to create the featured images manually. 

VideoBox features a responsive layout so that your pages display perfectly across mobile and tablet devices. With the advanced Theme Options Panel, you can easily change every single detail of the theme to best suit your website. 

The theme comes with two demos: Video Demo and Podcast/Audio. These demos are very easy to import.  Embedding a video at the top of your posts is very simple as you can do this in three different ways including embed code, self-hosted video, and video URL. 

Some of the notable features of VideoBox are a popular video feed, a widgetized homepage, a video carousel widget, and a good amount of customization settings and controls. Likewise, it comes fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin that makes it easier to sell products through your website.

Theme DetailsDemo


Brooklyn WordPress Theme

Brooklyn is another easy-to-use WordPress theme that is 100% responsive. This handy videography theme comes with 45 pre-built custom demos that go through with any type of website.

Brooklyn features a one-click demo importer that helps to build your website on a go. It loads the default settings, layout, and content. Brooklyn also includes 100+ organized panels for each subpage. Similarly, the dark mode helps to keep it easy on the eyes when browsing the website.

This theme includes a draggable visual interface that gives you full control over your content. Using the Slider Revolution plugin, you can add unlimited sidebars with a unique transition effect within no time. 

Brooklyn also features multiple sections to place timeline elements, pricing tables, event countdown timers, and multiple CTA buttons.  The theme is ready to translate your site into any language you prefer as it is WPML compatible. Besides, with 6 built-in custom widgets along with the social media buttons, it boosts your online presence.

Other main features of the Brooklyn theme are 203 templates, 54 block modules, 13 different SVG sections, modern blog layouts, unlimited color, typography, and minimalist parallax effects. With that, you have a lot of things to do with this handy theme.

Theme DetailsDemo


OceanWP WordPress Theme

OceanWP is an ideal WordPress theme for beginners as well as professional videographers. It serves to deliver performance at a blazing-fast speed. The theme comes jam-packed with multiple features for better functionality and personalization.

This theme introduces multiple demo sites so that you can start any type of website you want in a flash. You can get your site up and ready within a few minutes using the one-click demo installer.

OceanWP is a fully responsive theme. Moreover, it is SEO-friendly. The Native Card Popup feature of this theme grabs your visitor’s attention right away when hovering over your videos. Such visualization helps to retain visitors for a long time. 

In the meantime, you can easily sell your video content as this theme supports the WooCommerce integration. The Instagram widget lets you sync your Instagram profile with your site. 

Likewise, besides the WPML plugin, the RTL scripts translate your site in any preferred language. The theme also supports a Drag & Drop page builder. 

You can easily personalize the OceanWP theme in any way you want. The package also comes with premium plugins, such as Visual Composer and Elementor, so that no style is a dream anymore.

Theme DetailsDemo

Studio 8

Studio 8 Video WordPress Theme

Studio 8 is an effective theme for creative professionals like architects, filmmakers, videographers, photographers, or agencies. You can install this WordPress theme effortlessly within a few minutes, even if you are a beginner.

This theme comes with the extremely fast loading speed and works on any popular browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The theme adapts perfectly to any mobile device, irrespective of the screen size. 

Likewise, the theme includes one Custom Post Type and three widget areas. You can choose among unlimited color schemes, icons, and fonts to match your brand. Studio 8 also lets you control how each page element looks with only a few clicks on the Advanced Options Panel. 

The seven built-in Gutenberg blocks of this theme aid you to organize your content professionally. Studio 8 also supports RTL scripts and the WPML multilingual plugin to create a multi-language website. 

The theme integrates the WooCommerce plugin for a fast and easy transaction. Moreover, the custom social share buttons allow your visitors to share your posts. As a result, you can enjoy a higher traffic rate on your website.

Theme DetailsDemo


Ultra WordPress Theme

Ultra is a powerful, flexible, and multipurpose WordPress theme. Using this theme, you can set up a stunning website instantly thanks to its predefined demos. 

The theme features 42 website designs. It’s up to you to choose the one that you like the best for your website. After that, import the layout, content, style, settings, and widget, all at a single click.  

Ultra theme includes 60+ predefined layouts for each page of your website. You can import and edit the layouts as you want to. The Drag-and-Drop page builder feature makes customization quick and easy. Accordingly, the theme supports parallax effect, animations, slider background, video background, and many more.

The theme supports 17 header styles, six archive layouts, five single post layouts, six header background options, 15 preset colors, and 600+ Google fonts to post your content. 

Moreover, Ultra has a fully responsive design and comes optimized for search engines. With the WPML plugin and RTL scripts support, translating your site in multiple languages becomes easier than ever. 

Ultra also supports WooCommerce plugin integration so that you can effectively sell your work online. Likewise, with the social sharing option, it’s easy for you to drive more traffic towards your website and ultimately grow your business.

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videoly video wordpress theme

Packed with 9+ perfectly designed and ready-made templates, Videoly is a WordPress theme suitable for bloggers, YouTubers, and vloggers. Regardless of which demo design you select, you can showcase many of your best videos on the homepage of your website. 

Once your visitor clicks on a video thumbnail, you can either have it play right there or instead, take the visitor through a specific page on your website that contains the video. Videoly also offers over 6 different hero sliders to choose from. These sliders are unique from each other and are customizable. 

Videoly is a 100% responsive theme and it makes sure your website looks good in any device and resolution. Besides, the theme is retina display ready meaning your eyes won’t hurt a bit.

This theme supports more than 500 Google fonts and various attractive header and navigation options. Besides, it supports a chic and tasteful blog layout with numerous types of blog post formats including video, image, slider, gallery, and quote.  

Videoly comes SEO and speed-optimized. Additionally, it features a Visual Composer, which is a visual page builder that allows you to create layouts, style them, and add your content easily. It also includes a template setting for social sharing to boost your website’s reach. Other than that, Videoly is WPML compatible.

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SuperFlick Video WordPress Theme

Superflick is an elegant and modern WordPress theme that can be suitable for creating all types of video websites. It best suits movie studios, video artists, filmmakers, vloggers, agencies, and everyone who wants to showcase their video work. 

This handy theme is designed with the best attention to detail, flexibility, and performance. It features 100+ pre-made templates and unlimited layout possibilities. The user-friendly interface of Superflick makes it easy for your users to find their way around your website and find more of your content. 

Superflick assembles 8+ menu layouts with many styling options. Additionally, the theme integrates the WPBakery Page Builder that helps with easy and quick page building. You don’t have to be adept at coding. Likewise, it supports the WooCommerce plugin that helps create and manage an online store with ease. 

This SEO-optimized theme is both WPML and translation ready. It is 100% responsive and retina ready so that your eyes won’t get hurt every time you surf your website. It also includes zoom effect, parallax, glitch effect, slideshow, and video background. The theme supports HTML, YouTube, and Vimeo. 

With social media integration and social sharing options, promoting your website content is easier than ever. Plus, Superflick homes advanced customizer and unlimited color options to let you give a perfect look and feel to your website.

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Vandana WordPress Theme

Vandana is the most versatile feminine theme that is a perfect match for all corporate businesses, digital agencies, personal blogs, and more. The pro version supports the banner with a video CTA feature and a video post option on the slider banner, making it a strong choice for a videography website. 

This mobile-friendly and user-friendly theme includes a built-in Instagram section, which lets you flaunt your Instagram video collections. Besides, you can easily adjust the website’s look and feel as desired with unlimited color options. 

Vandana also supports 900+ Google Fonts you can choose from to suit your preference, style, and brand. With this theme, you get two different layouts for Call-to-Action. Likewise, the theme is SEO-optimized and speed-optimized, which adds to the smooth user experience. 

You can share your video posts on social media channels thanks to the convenient social media integration feature. It is also WooCommerce compatible so that you can effortlessly sell your video content to your customers. 

Vandana is an all-in-one theme with 8 header layouts, 4 single post layouts, 3 slider layouts, and 3 blog post layouts options. Plus, the theme includes a testimonials/review section to help build your audience’s trust.

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Vilva Pro

Vilva Pro WordPress Theme

Vilva Pro is a multipurpose blog theme made to create beautiful and professional websites. This SEO-friendly, speed-optimized, and mobile-friendly theme lets you build an ideal fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, beauty, fitness, health blogs with both text and video content. 

The pre-made multiple unique layouts of this theme add to the great user experience. You can choose from 19 header layouts, 48 homepage layouts, 11 slider layouts, and 7 single post layouts to meet your expectations. 

With Vilva Pro, you don’t have to settle for the default theme color. You can easily reflect your brand with the right color combination. Plus, you have the option to choose from 900+ Google fonts to customize your website fully. 

This WooCommerce-compatible theme also offers Google Adsense optimized advertisement areas to help you monetize your blog easily. The theme also allows you to add a static image or video in the banner section with the CTA button to redirect your readers to the desired page or post. 

Vilva Pro also has room for social media integration features that allows you to share your content on social channels. The theme offers ample space for widgets so that you can add tons of features without compromising its design.

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5 Main Tips to Make a Videography Website

These 5 tips will help you create the best videographer website that looks personal in every way:

1. Use Minimalist and Content-Focused Design:

A WordPress theme with minimalist design helps to give your website a timeless and professional look. Besides, if you are looking to build a videography website, you should choose a content-focused design to drive attention with large images and videos. A dark color theme is typically best for making a website for videographers.

2. Insert Video Backgrounds and Video Embeds:

It’s a no-brainer that your videography website should support video embedding from all platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo. You need to show your films, documentaries, and other projects on the website. 

Likewise, video backgrounds help you to promote your work to your visitors more efficiently. You should look for a WordPress theme that includes easy video backgrounds and sliders. 

3. Create a Video Portfolio Section:

The portfolio section is a crucial section for a videography website. It is where you convince your visitors who you are and what you do. 

You should create a highly visual portfolio section with embedded videos on your website’s homepage. It is the best way to show off your talent and engage more audience to your website. 

4. Show Your Work and Services:

Besides creating a portfolio section to flaunt your works, you can easily use your website to sell your services. You can create a page on your website to list the details of the different services you offer alongside pricing plans. 

Look for a theme that supports the WooCommerce plugin, which helps you sell your products and services online directly from your website. 

5. Create an Events Page to Promote Your Projects:

Events are one of the coolest ways to attract more audiences. As a videographer, you can use your website to promote your upcoming works like movies or documentaries on the website. 

You can use different plugins to create an events page on your website to promote upcoming events and even sell tickets to events. 

Which Videography WordPress Theme Is the Right One for You?

All the 27 themes mentioned in this review are the best WordPress theme for videographers in 2024. However, we recommend Video. It is a popular WordPress theme suitable for websites that have a blog with heavy usage of videos. 

This speed-optimized and SEO-friendly theme includes some of the dynamic features like a like/dislike feature, the ability to create playlists, watch later feature, and much more.

Video theme lets you easily embed videos from top websites like YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo in your site within no time. You also have an option to add a whole list of videos as a playlist to an article. Social media integration makes it easier for you to connect with more of your visitors through social channels. 

Here are some of the best features of Video theme:

  • 100% responsive and customizable
  • 4 predefined homepage layouts
  • Supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, & DailyMotion
  • SEO and speed optimized
  • Watch it Later feature
  • Options to like/dislike videos
  • Social media integration
  • 3 unique post layouts
  • Unique popup share button
  • 10 useful widgets
  • RTL supported
  • WP Mega Menu and WP Review Pro compatible
  • Google Adsense optimized
  • Optimized for readability
  • Breadcrumbs feature
  • One click install and update
  • 530+ Google Fonts
  • AJAX loading feature

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a video WordPress theme?

A video WordPress theme is a theme that focuses on YouTube and Vimeo videos where you can show your video channel on your website. You can find many video themes that let you store and host your video files. Video WordPress theme is an excellent choice for videographers who want to create websites to show their talents.

How can I make a video website using WordPress?

The most convenient way to create a video website using WordPress is to download a free or premium videography theme and upload YouTube or Vimeo videos on your website. You can easily embed videos or use a direct link to embed videos on your website.

Should I use a premium or a free WordPress theme?

If you are new to blogging, we recommend getting started with WordPress using a free theme. However, a free theme comes with many restrictions and limitations. For instance, you don’t get many customization options, layouts, plugin support, and other essential features.

Once you get acquainted with WordPress themes, you should upgrade for the premium package. A premium WordPress theme offers you multiple benefits so that you can create a professional videography website. These benefits include:

• Easy-to-use interface
• User-friendly options 
• Unlimited customization options 
• Major plugin support
• Multiple demo sites
• Easy browsing experience
• Customer support

Is it safe to update a WordPress theme?

It is highly recommended that you upgrade your website’s theme to the latest version. Not only updating your WordPress theme ensures you have all the latest features, but you will also be up-to-date with any security patches. Installing regular updates is an effective technique to fix bugs on your theme.


There you go! These are some of the best WordPress themes for videographers in 2024. If you are looking to create a videography website to showcase your video skills, you should select a decent videography WordPress theme with necessary features and ease of use.

Each of the themes listed in this article has its own unique set of features. They present numerous customization options to make your website look professional and more engaging. Besides, every theme on this list is SEO and speed optimized, supports major plugins, and offers exceptional customer support. 

We hope this write-up helps you to choose the best theme for your videography website. Choose wisely and make the most out of it!

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