Bakes and Cakes Pro was created as a tribute to all the bakers who have made our life so delicious with their bakes and cakes. Bakes and Cakes Pro is elegant, professional, wonderful, and easy-to-use WordPress theme for bakery businesses. Bakes and Cakes Pro will make your website magically delicious. It is responsive so it will work perfectly on every kind of devices your customers use, and it is created with the latest technology using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery so your website will look modern and clean– perfect for a long-term business.

cross-browser compatibility of Bakes and cakes


  • I have to compliment the Rara Team for always provide prompt and outstanding support. I have not had an issue that they had not been able to solve, and the quick response is greatly appreciated. You’re the shining example of the superior standards that people look for in a company and customer service. Thank you so much for the great job and all you do.

  • I’m vietnamese, so my english maybe not good, but please try!
    Pro version is a beautiful website that i need now, also good service, fast reply, thank you so much, please keep it forever.

  • Multiple times i had some questions how to change something. All of the times they come really fast with an solution. 1 time, i cant get it right, they ask to make an admin account for them so they can check out the problem. The support was very fast and helps me good with every question i have! thankyou!

  • I selected the free Bakes and Cakes theme for my wife’s new e-commerce site which launched earlier this year. This theme is great for a WooCommerce site with a small product range – my wife’s site has less about 30 simple products and about 10 variable products.

    I purchased the Bakes and Cakes Pro version in February and it has just gone from strength to strength and is great. I would have liked a bit more customizability for mobile (over 70% of the site visitors are mobile, but almost all purchases are on desktop), but it is more than adequate for anyone that wants a minimum-fuss theme that just works straight out of the box.

    Rara Theme’s customer support responds so quickly and in the few times I have asked for something, they have responded within a day and often implemented it and pushed out an update within two or three days! Once they sent me a temporary CSS fix, but the theme was updated before I could even implement the fix – one day!

    Thank you Rara Theme

  • Very happy of the theme! Works perfectly for me.

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