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Education Elite is a child theme of Education Zone suited to create a contemporary website for schools, colleges, universities, and other education centers. The theme is super-easy to use; you don’t even need to pay a penny nor hire a developer to use this theme. Anyone can build a fully functional site using Education Elite irrespective of their coding knowledge. 

The Education Elite WordPress theme is seamlessly responsive and mobile-friendly to render your content vividly on any screen. We have prioritized modern SEO when designing this theme and also integrated You can easily book a higher rank on search engines with this theme. 

The theme comes with a built-in attractive landing page design that attracts visitors instantly and motivates them to browse your site further. There are various sections to keep them occupied, such as the information section, blog section, featured courses, extra information, testimonial, gallery, and more. You can effectively use these sections to provide detailed information about your education center. 

Coming to its design, the theme has a stunning build with multiple layouts for various website elements. The theme uses the perfect combination of colors and typography to set your website apart from others. You can instantly import the settings, content, and design using the one-click demo importer

However, if you want to bypass the default design, you can use the theme customizer to adjust your site as you please. Plus, you get a real-time preview of the changes, so personalization is accurate and lively. You also have the option to set the background color and image as you like to match your brand.

WooCommerce makes it possible to set up an online store without any hassle. Likewise, social media integration is much helpful to increase your social presence and gain more visitors. Looking further into the theme, you can easily translate your content to any language and facilitate localization based on region. Finally, the widget-ready design of this theme allows you to add as many widgets as needed and increase the functionality of your website. 

All in all, Education Elite is a free yet robust theme to build an educational niche website. Try it out. 

Education Elite is for you if:

  • You are looking for an easy-to-use WordPress theme.
  • You want to build a fully functional website for school, college, university, and other educational purposes and show why you are the best.
  • You want to save money from hiring a developer.
  • You want a free theme that gives a premium feel to your website.
  • You want a responsive and mobile-friendly website that renders smoothly on any device.
  • You want an SEO-ready and Schema-friendly theme to land higher on search engines. 
  • You want multiple personalization options to adjust your site according to your needs. 
  • You want a clean and well-managed website with engaging design and sections. 
  • You want a fast-performing website to decrease the bounce rate. 
  • You need fast, reliable, and expert support in case of any theme-related issue or query.

Features of Education Elite WordPress Theme

Education Elite is a beginner-friendly theme with all the features dedicated to creating stunning websites for education sectors. Let’s look at what the theme has to offer: 

Mobile-Friendly Design

Education Elite is built to look gracious on any screen size and device. The theme has a mobile-friendly responsive design that adjusts your site to fit on the screen without leaving any of the content behind. Further, the theme passes Google’s mobile-friendly test, assuring a good boost in the search engine ranking. 

Attractive Landing Page Design

The theme features an attractive landing page with everything nicely decorated to fill up the user’s screen. With such a nice design, your visitors are more likely to dive into your content. 

Free One Click Demo Import

Don’t stay stuck deciding how to design your website. You can instantly import the demo with a single click and set up a website in no time. This feature imports default design, settings, layouts, style, and content to your website and will save your hours of work. 

Unlimited Background Color Option

You can decorate your website using the right color combination for your background. You can select any color from the customizer and change the background to match your brand.

Performance Optimized

Build a faster loading website to decrease the bounce rate. Education Elite delivers optimum performance to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

SEO Ready

Developed with modern SEO in mind, the Education Elite theme helps you quickly climb up the rank in search engines. Now, you will hold a better advantage over your competitors. Markup

We have also made sure to integrate in the Education Elite theme. The theme consists of important rich snippets to help Google understand your content better. This results in better indexing and ultimately a better ranking on the Search Engine Result’s Pages for relevant keywords. 

Social Media Integration

Social media is an effective platform to reach more audiences and boost your business. Education Elite knows it well and integrates social media as a built-in feature. You can link your site to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and others. 

Banner Section

The built-in banner section is a noticeable section of your website. You can add your popular posts or recent posts to the banner to gain more attention. You can add a single image or randomize several images to make the banner section more appealing. Further, you can place a CTA button in this section to prompt users into taking action

Video Banner

Education Elite does not miss a chance to grab visitors’ attention with the video banner feature. You can add an introductory video about your business in this section. Doing so not only makes your site interesting but also informative to your visitors at the same time. 

Information Section

You can highlight your posts in the information section. This section lets you display relevant information and guide your visitors to your desired pages on your site. 

Welcome Section

A warm greeting never fails to make a good impression. So, why not add a few greeting words and engaging messages to the Welcome Section and make it seem like you care about visitors. Further, you can add a CTA button and links here to direct to the information page or other sections of your website and convert them to your customers. 

Featured Courses Section

Add your popular courses in the Featured Courses Section so that everyone notices them. You can highlight the courses with a few descriptions and add CTA links to direct them to dedicated pages and get higher engagement. 

Extra Info Section

Use this section to provide extra information about your institution, such as offered course programs, course pricing, scholarships, and others. This will help your visitors know your business better. 

Why Choose Us Section

Why are you the best in the business? What are the factors that set you apart from your competitors? Why should the visitors choose you instead of others? You can answer these questions in the Why Choose Us Section. Show your strengths and benefits of involving your institution. Doing so helps earn the trust of your visitors, which further helps in generating leads. 

Testimonials Section

Gaining trust becomes easier if you put out the words and comments of your satisfied clients in the Testimonials Section. This way, your new visitors can acknowledge that your business is genuine and that they can trust you. As a result, it gives a significant boost in lead generation

Blog Section

Adding blogs is a proven way of increasing visitors’ retention and engagement on your site. In Education Elite, you get a dedicated Blog Section where you can add your blogs and keep visitors updated with the latest stories. This section goes nicely on your homepage and will undoubtedly catch visitors’ attention. 

Gallery Section

Add beautiful images of your institution and the activities you conduct as a part of your courses. This will give your visitors a visual notion of what it’s like at your institution. Further, adding a gallery section makes your site seem attractive and also engages your visitors. 

Search Section

The Search Section greatly improves user experience on your site by letting visitors quickly search for their queries and find results on your website. 

Create Online Shop (WooCommerce Compatible)

Selling merchandise and products related to your institution, such as uniforms, books, stationery items, etc., becomes possible in the Education Elite. The theme is seamlessly compatible with the WooCommerce plugin and lets you set up an online shop in a few minutes. 

Contact Form 7 Plugin Compatible

Create and manage your contact form like a pro using the world popular Contact Form 7 plugin. Education Elite supports this plugin without any issue. 

Built-in Live Customizer

Adjust all the theme settings from one place and also get a live preview of the changes you make. This way, you know exactly how your site looks on the front end. 


Using Education Elite will give the built-in benefit of SEO optimization. Further, you get the breadcrumb option in the customizer to further boost your site’s SEO. This feature helps your visitors navigate your site more easily and promotes user engagement.  

Background Image Option

You can set your own background color using the Education Elite. However, if you want to set a custom background image, you can do that too. 

Cross-Browser Compatible

Education Elite is tested on all the major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and others. Rest assured, your website will run smoothly on any web browser and offer the best possible browsing experience to visitors

Widget Ready Design

The theme is fully widget-ready, with ample space to add your widgets and increase the site’s functionality. You can add and manage widgets as you need without compromising the site’s design. You can also sort the widget as you prefer.

Easy Legibility

We’ve made sure to prioritize the readability factor with a perfect combination of colors, contrast, font type, font size, and spacing. Your visitors will surely be impressed. 

Translation Ready

Language is no more a barrier after using the Education Elite theme. You can easily translate your theme into any language and promote localization

RTL Scripts Ready

The theme supports both Left-to-right and Right-to-left scripts. This lets you translate your site into any language, including Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and others.

Regular Updates

We frequently release updates to make sure our product is up-to-date with the latest technical standards, WordPress releases, and security patches. Your site will be safe from vulnerabilities. 

One-Click Update

You don’t need to mark your calendar to know about the releases. Our products come with a one-click update feature so that updating is stress-free and quick.

Footer Credit Options

Personalize your website by adding custom footer copyright text. You can also add links here.

Custom Site Logo

Promote your brand by adding a custom site logo to your header. You can adjust its size as you need using the slider. 

Custom CSS

Don’t like the default style? If so, you can add custom CSS straight from the theme customizer and modify the theme as you like.

Clean Code

Our expert developers have curated this theme using clean and well-managed codes. This assures safety and an easy customization experience

Friendly and Quick Support

Still confused about the theme or got some ideas? Share it with our friendly support team using a support ticket, and they will quickly get back to you in no time. 

Education Elite WordPress Theme is Completely Free

One would expect a hidden cost, if not a clear-cut price tag from such a flexible theme, but let us tell you that the Education Elite theme is completely free! You can download it and start using it for a lifetime on any number of websites without any catch or limitation on the feature engraved in this theme.

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