Are you a business or a service agency looking to boost your conversions with a website?

Growth Labs is a search engine optimized theme that can perfectly showcase your agency and increase your conversion rate.

Growth Labs has a strong foundation of extensive research to create a theme that converts. Its unique design draws attention to your power points. Showcase your expertise with proven results using case studies and testimonials from happy clients.

This theme gives you extensive customization options with a built-in Live Customizer allowing you to preview changes in real-time. There are 900+ Google Fonts and unlimited color options so you can build a website that reflects your brand.

This theme is detail-oriented and can attract attention to key sections to boost your conversions.

A unique banner design with the Call-to-Action button draws visitors in with an invitation to visit the desired page.

You get Search Engine Optimization and Schema features that help improve your search engine ranking and search results visibility. This theme is fully responsive, allowing you to create the same impact on mobile phone users.

You can display your top clients with their logos in the prominent Featured Clients section to build your credibility.

There are attractively designed inner pages with powerful sections to ensure that you are at your best in every page.

Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs sales page
Growth labs blog section
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth Labs features
Growth labs sales page

Growth Labs is for you if:

  • You want an attractive WordPress business theme without writing a single line of code.
  • You are an SEO agency or web agency looking to expand your business.
  • You want to showcase your business services and portfolios attractively.
  • You want a conversion-optimized theme to boost your business.
  • You want to get a mobile-friendly theme suited for all screen sizes.
  • You want an SEO-friendly and speed-optimized WordPress business theme.
  • You want world-class support from an enthusiastic team of developers and designers.

Features of Growth Labs:

Easily Change Theme Color

Use the unlimited color options to create a look that perfectly matches your branding needs. The right color palette can make a major difference in the tone that you communicate through your website.

Choose from 900+ Google Fonts

Fonts also make a huge difference in the look and feel of your website. They have a distinct character that should harmonize perfectly with your brand.

Growth Labs offers you a collection of 900+ Google Fonts so that you can make the right impact upon your website visitors.

Typography Control

You get full control over the typography settings. Change the font size and organize your text by headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6). You can set up a primary and secondary font family to create a beautiful presentation of your text.

Easy to use Theme Settings Panels with Live Preview

A built-in Live Customizer allows you to make changes to your website easily and preview the changes as they are happening. You can get a live preview of new customizations and see changes through the viewer’s eyes.

One-Click Demo Content Import

This theme comes with the Demo Content Import function. You can download the dummy data of this theme with one click and start using it immediately. So, you can get started with setting up your website with this theme directly.

Fully Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Design

More than 50% of internet searches are conducted on smartphones, and you want your website to look good on all devices. Growth Labs is designed to be fully responsive so that your website adjusts automatically to all screen sizes.

Banner with Call to Action

An attractive banner helps to engage visitors to your website content. Growth Labs comes with a beautiful header banner with a Call-to-Action button that invites visitors to take the desired action.

Clients Section

Showcase your impressive client list in this section with their logos. Revealing reputed and well-known names from your client list is a great way to earn the trust of potential clients.

Case Study Section

Provide the key details of some projects undertaken by your company as case studies. Use graphs and detail the method used and results achieved for the client by your company. You can put the prospect in the customer’s shoes with this powerful example.

Services Sections

You can display the services you provide with catchy icons and descriptions in this section. Let users know if you are a good fit for their needs.

Features Section

Give a deeper sense of your services and expertise to the visitor. The Features Section is useful for setting down details that set your business apart from others on the market.

Blog Section

You can use the blog section as a great marketing tool. An active and engaging blog section can develop a following and bring a greater number of visitors to your website.

CTA Section

Growth Lab comes with multiple Call-to-Action (CTA) sections across the homepage to engage the viewers. The CTA prompts entice the visitors to take a desired action like going to the contact page. They can click on the CTA prompt at the bottom after exploring your website to start correspondence.

Easily Sortable Home Page Sections

You get full freedom to rearrange the effective homepage sections in the desired order. You can create a personalized flow of information for the visitor or highlight key sections by moving them to the top.

About Page Template

An extensive About Page template enables you to create a vivid image of your company. Create a sense of engagement with a simple and elegant History Section. Use the timeline format to describe your company’s journey.

In Growth Labs, the About Page brings together different interconnected sections to weave together a vivid story. The page features a full-width Testimonials section with a slider.

Use the Meet Our Team section to introduce your core team. Large images of each team member, along with their name and designation, are arranged gracefully.

This page also links to the Vacancy section, with a large photo section and a list of current openings.

There are two CTA boxes that you can use to draw visitors to your key pages like Services and Contact.

Service Page Template

The custom Service Page template brings together various information sections that detail your agency services and expertise. This page features an attractive leads generation form with a “Why Choose Us” list and a countdown timer to entice users.

Elaborate upon each service you provide with a large Services section. A Features Section allows you to explore your services in depth with catchy icons and descriptions.

A bottom-placed CTA section allows users to take the desired action after scrolling through the relevant information.

Testimonial Page Template

Display your testimonials with attractive typography in the Testimonial Page. You can insert the company logo of each client alongside their testimonials to catch the reader’s eye.

Vacancy Page Template

The Vacancy Page template comes with an attractive banner. It connects the Clients section to showcase the top clientele of your company.

List out your company philosophy in the Values section and explain the benefits your employees get in the Benefits & Perks section.

FAQs Page Template

Eliminate repetitive questions by clients and prospects by answering them on the FAQ page. The crisp typography improves readability, and you can sort your FAQ in multiple sections.

Well Optimized for Speed & Performance

Growth Labs is designed for faster loading with inbuilt performance parameters. Tools such as caching plugins ensure that your website performs optimally. The fast performance also helps your website rank better on search engines.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

This theme puts the best SEO practices at your disposal. Growth Labs have been built with our SEO experts' help to help you rank higher on search engines.

Lazy Loading Images for SEO

Lazy loading allows site images to load only when the user scrolls to that area. It eases the load on the server and results in faster loading speeds.

In-built Google Analytics Settings

Eliminate the need for an extra analytics plugin with the in-built Google Analytics settings. You can easily track your online traffic for key insights using this in-built tool.

Custom Site Logo with Size Control

You can upload your custom site logo to this theme and establish your branding. Set up the logo in a custom size to create the desired effect.

Locally Host Google Fonts

With Growth Labs, you can store the Google Fonts that you use on your website server. By circumventing Google’s server, your site loading speed gets a definite boost.

Footer Copyrights Editor

You can add a personalized copyright message in the footer. Use shortcodes to update the current year in your copyright message automatically.

Social Media Integration

Social media is one of the major ways that visitors can stay connected with you. This theme lets you add your social media profiles to your website so that interested visitors can follow you on social media.

Sticky Social Shares

Sticky social sharing buttons allow users to share an interesting blog post immediately. Sticky share buttons are unaffected by scrolling and offer a better user experience.

Lightbox for Images

Image thumbnails on your website move to a full-screen, pop-up display when clicked by users. The background is dim so that visitors can peruse interesting photos with ease.

Sticky/Floating Menu

You get a floating header menu that always stays in sight, no matter how much the user scrolls through your page. It is a great feature for user experience as visitors can switch to another page immediately.

Unlimited Background Options

You get virtually unlimited background options with unlimited colors, custom images, and a choice of 63 unique patterns to create a unique background effect.

Back to Top Button

The back to top button takes the visitor to the top of the page with a single click. It is a nifty feature that improves the overall user experience.

Easy Customizer Reset

You want to reset your customizations and start from scratch? You can easily do that from the theme options.

Easy Legibility

Growth Labs is built with careful attention to dimensions and the perfect typography for design with high legibility.

Schema Friendly

Schema integration is a powerful feature that plays a great role in Google rankings. It allows search engines to understand your website content better and enables faster indexing of your website.

RTL Scripts Ready

This theme perfectly accommodates to Right-to-Left scripts like Arabic and Urdu. Maintain the eye-catching design of this theme no matter what language you use!

Translation Ready

Growth Labs supports easy translation so you can easily localize your website with this theme. Set up your website in the relevant local language.

Polylang Compatible (Multi-language)

This theme is compatible with the Polylang plugin and allows you to set up a multilingual website. Enable your website to reach greater audiences.

WPML Compatible (Multi-Language)

This theme is also compatible with the WPML plugin. Choose your favorite plugin to process your translation and multi-language functionalities.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

You receive regular updates to ensure that your website is safe from vulnerabilities. The theme continually gets updated with new features.

Custom CSS

You can write your custom CSS codes to build custom elements for your website. It is possible to override the theme’s standard template and create your customizations.

Clean Codes

This theme has been developed with great effort and care to ensure a solid codebase. This theme has a clean, well-organized, and commented code that you can easily find your way around.

Extensive Documentation

You receive detailed and step-by-step documentation to set up your website without hassles.

Top-Notch Quick and Friendly Support

Our support team is ready to help you out with any questions and confusion. You can reach out at any time.

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