Selecting the ideal plugin for your website can be challenging, given the numerous options available on WordPress. Our team installs and configures essential plugins that transform your site into a powerful platform, safeguarding it from hackers and other online threats.

The Must-Have Plugins Setup includes the following:

  • Backup Plugin: This plugin automatically generates backups of your site’s content, enabling you to restore it when necessary. It is crucial to have backups as data loss can occur unexpectedly.
  • Security Plugin: This plugin helps protect your website from hackers and viruses by stopping their attempts to access or harm it.
  • Spam Protection: The spam protection plugin automatically blocks and filters spam comments, saving you time from manually managing them.
  • Image Optimization for Faster Loading: This plugin compresses images, allowing them to load more quickly and enhancing page speed by utilizing fewer resources during content loading.
  • Custom Scripts Plugin: This plugin facilitates the addition of script code to your website without altering theme files, enabling easy integration of Google Analytics, newsletter code, and more.
  • Link Checker: This plugin automatically examines broken links on your website, ensuring you retain valuable traffic. It also sends notifications so you can promptly address the issue.
  • Login Path Changer: A security plugin that alters the default WordPress login page URL to enhance your website’s security against hackers.
  • Redirection Plugin: This plugin automatically manages redirections when you modify the slug of your posts and pages, preventing traffic loss.

Installing these plugins on your WordPress site will improve its performance and security.

Delivery time: 1-2 business days

Please note: 

  • The service is valid for one website only. 
  • We will need access to your site’s WordPress Admin panel.

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