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If you are a non-profit organization or a donor agency looking to build a professional website to represent your brand, Revive Charity is the best option on the market. It is a content-focused theme that packs modern functionalities along with a user-friendly design. 

The theme is super-responsive across all the devices and screen sizes. It assures a smooth rendering of your website without leaving any content behind. Likewise, it is cross-browser compatible which supports all the major browsers without any issue. 

For any charity organization’s website, the stat count and the donation segment are crucial. Luckily, Revive Charity theme has both of these sections in addition to Intro, Slider, Community, Blog, and CTA sections. This makes engaging your visitors and generating leads a whole lot easier. 

Coming to customization, Revive Charity has an easy-to-use theme settings panel. It compiles all the theme-related settings under one roof and also gives a live preview of the adjustments you make. The theme pays special attention to the looks and typography to grab attention and promote conversions.

Further, the theme delivers optimum performance and fast performance. This ensures a better user experience on your site. Also, the built-in SEO optimization and integration help your site leap.  

Other notable features of Revive Charity are Social Media Integration, Translation Ready, RTL scripts, and expert WordPress support.                  

Revive Charity is for you if:

  • You run a charity organization and want to build a professional-looking website without any hassle. 
  • You don’t know how to code but want to build the website yourself. 
  • You want a fully responsive theme that runs smoothly on any size screen. 
  • You want your website to perform at its best and load super fast
  • You want to rank higher on search engines by using the SEO-ready theme. 
  • You want more lead generation on your site by using dedicated sections for your content. 
  • You want to extend your site’s reach using the theme’s built-in social media integration feature.
  • You want to be able to easily translate your site into any language.
  • You want prompt and expert support whenever you come across any theme-related query or issue. 

Features of Revive Charity

The Revive Charity WordPress theme is pumped with multiple features to help any level user set up a decent website and generate more leads. Following are the features of this multi-purpose theme:

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

Build a stunning site that looks great on any device and screen size. Moreover, the theme passes Google’s Mobile-friendly test effortlessly and gives you a boost on your site’s SEO. 

Easy-to-use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

Customizing your theme is much more convenient with all the settings readily available at your disposal. You can find the settings well-organized in the theme settings panel. Plus, you also get a live preview of the changes you make. It is a user-friendly feature to help make your customization precise. 

Optimized for Fast Performance

If you adore fast-loading websites, Revive Charity will undoubtedly impress you. The theme is built with a focus on delivering optimum performance and faster loading speed. This reduces bounce rate and ultimately, improves the browsing experience significantly.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)  

Gain the competitive edge over other similar websites by landing higher on search engines. Revive Charity practices modern SEO as a built-in feature to help your site gain relevant traffic and crawl up the rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) effortlessly.

Beautiful and Attractive Homepage

The theme offers a beautiful and attractive homepage template to help you begin your online journey in a matter of minutes. The default homepage graces your site with an attractive layout with a content-ready design that grabs users’ attention and results in higher conversion.          

Slider Section

A seamless way of making your site lively and gaining undivided user attention is using the Slider Section. This feature lets you add a slider to the homepage, choose slider animation, slider speed, animation speed, Read More text, and slider category. 

Intro Section

Elegantly introduce your organization and its work using the dedicated Intro Section of the theme. 

Community Section

You can showcase the sectors you work on along with an image background option to grab attention. You can add descriptions of the individual sector and also add CTA links that will take readers to your desired page. 

Stat Counter Section

Displaying the statistics of your work is an effective way of gaining trust and your commitment as an organization. You can display the number of people you have reached, the number of people you have served, and others.

Donation Section

A dedicated Donation Section helps catch user attention and provides them an easy way to contribute to your cause. This is surely an easy way to generate leads

Blog Section

Engage your visitors with blogs that describe more about your organization. For example, telling them case stories, describing a running/upcoming project, depicting a current scenario of the field you work on, etc., can be helpful to engage the audience. 

Sponsor Section

Display your sponsors’ logos in the distinct Sponsor Section to build credibility and trust among your visitors. This in turn helps to make your site professional as well. 

Call to Action Section

You can set a noticeable CTA section along with a short description to grab attention. Also, adding a CTA link will motivate people to get engaged with your organization in any way possible. 

Social Media Settings

Extend your reach by integrating various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Cross-Browser Compatible 

We have tested the Revive Charity theme on all the popular browsers. Rest assured, your website will look flawless on any major browser, including Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. 

Easy Legibility

Our developers have focused extensively on increasing user engagement. As a result, the theme uses a perfect fusion of font family, font color, font size, contrast, and other readability factors to make your content noticeable and easy on the eyes.

Schema Friendly

The theme comes with the built-in Schema integration. This feature helps search engines easily understand and index your website’s content. Now, ranking your webpages higher for relevant keywords is much easier. 

Translation Ready

Want to translate your content without any trouble or spending too much time? Revive Charity is a built-in translation ready to help you do that.

RTL Scripts Ready

If you need to localize your website into RTL languages, such as Arabic, Urdu, or Hebrew, the theme is able to do that too. It is designed to be RTL scripts ready so that you can easily translate your site to RTL languages in a few minutes.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

The theme receives regular updates to enhance the existing features. These updates also make sure that your site aligns with the latest WordPress version and security measures. Your site remains future-proof with Revive Charity.

Clean Codes

We only use clean, commented, and well-managed codes to develop our theme to assure better security and customizing experience

Extensive Documentation

If you are a WordPress novice who is new to WordPress theme, our extensive documentation will guide you step-by-step in how to install and use the theme. Moreover, it is beginner-friendly so that users of any level can follow the steps without any trouble. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

In case you come across any issue, query, or idea relating to the theme, you can instantly use our support ticket and reach out to our support team. They will attend to you as soon as possible.

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