Our team has made easy-to-follow documentation and video tutorials for each of our Rara Themes.

While our guides and tutorials are typically enough to help you establish your site, there might be instances where you require prompt assistance.

That’s where our VIP Support service proves valuable. With this service, you’ll receive the following benefits for 12 months:

  • Priority support ticket responses, ensuring a fast response and a quick solution to your issues.
  • Assistance with minor CSS customizations.
  • Debugging service for theme or plugin conflicts and guidance on resolving the issues.
  • Recommendations for enhancing your site, if applicable.

The VIP Support service does not cover:

  • Customization of our products or adding new features. For these services, we offer customization options that you can hire us for.
  • Extensive CSS code customizations.

This service is applicable to a single website. Our team provides support during business hours (9 AM – 6 PM UTC +5:45) and occasionally on weekends.

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