Are you looking to start a blog, business website, or an e-commerce site? Well, depending on your target audience or niche, a gorgeous feminine website can hit the spot.

Fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, parenting, and much more — all of these niches can benefit from a captivating feminine WordPress theme. 

Well, we are here to tell you that you can get the best features even with free feminine WordPress themes. The right design can establish the perfect first impression that you need to gain a new regular visitor. 

What to Look for in a Feminine WordPress Theme?

Before you start looking for feminine WordPress themes, you should know what features to look out for. 

Depending on your niche and purpose, there are different sets of key features that will benefit you. Certain features can be equally important for all websites. Here are some of the key features to look out for:

1. Responsive Design 

It is crucial to have a website that adapts to different devices and screen sizes. Especially for feminine WordPress themes, you want to make sure that your website’s charm and aesthetic is reflected well on all devices. You also risk losing around 50% of your traffic to a bad user experience if your website doesn’t load well on phones.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A Conductor study has discovered that up to 64% of a website’s traffic can originate from organic web searches. So, having your website find good positions in search engine results can make a big difference in the traffic you get. You want an SEO-optimized WordPress theme that can help your search engine performance benefit from organic search traffic.

3. Customization Features

You will want to personalize your chosen theme to set yourself apart from the rest. When it comes to brand-sensitive sectors like professional blogging or e-commerce sites, you want a color scheme and design that is consistent with your visual branding. 

Unfortunately, most free themes do not provide you with customization features. Look for free WordPress themes that come with customization features, such as a collection of fonts, color options, and layout options.

4. Advertisement Friendly

If you hope to monetize your website, then you should choose a theme that supports advertisement tools. Having a Google Adsense-compatible theme is a must if you want to generate ad revenue. Some themes even come with extended advertisement settings to optimize your ad generation by placing ads in the optimum locations. 

5. WooCommerce Compatible

WooCommerce is the no.1 e-commerce plugin on the WordPress platform, with 28.24% of the market share in 2020. Not only is WooCommerce easy to use, but it also has countless extensions that you can use to add features to your online store. If you want to set up an online store on your website, then make sure to choose a WooCommerce-compatible theme. 

6. Social Media Integration

Social media is a dominant source of marketing for any business. To establish your digital presence, it is compulsory to have profiles on the major networking sites, like Facebook and Instagram. 

By developing a good following on your social media profiles, you ensure that your readers and patrons are updated on your latest activities and any content you post. Social media integration allows you to integrate your social media profiles to your website by placing links to your social profiles or even enabling social media feeds.  

List of Free Feminine WordPress Themes

Now that you know the essential features to look out for, here are 20+ Free Feminine WordPress Themes in 2021.

Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Feminine is one of the most unique and elegant WordPress themes that you can get for free. This feminine theme is excellent for blogs on beauty, fashion, moms, lifestyle, and even travel. 

Blossom Feminine is a free WordPress theme with rare customization features. It allows you to change theme colors easily and even comes with a 600+ Google Fonts collection for easy personalization. 

There are three post layouts so that you can display your content most attractively. An attractive full-page header banner and a featured area are useful for engaging visitors and to draw them to key pages. 

You can create your online store with this theme using the WooCommerce plugin. The Advertisement widget allows you to place ads on your website easily and generate ad revenue. 

The theme is also mobile-friendly, which gives visitors on all device types an optimum experience. 

You can display your Instagram posts with a gorgeous full-width Instagram feed. It can be useful for drawing visitors to your page.

Theme DetailsDemo

Vandana Lite

Vandana Lite WordPress Theme

Vandana Lite is a go-to theme for female entrepreneurs, lifestyle consultants, therapists, and coaches. This theme has a gorgeous feminine design with a premium feel.  

Vandana Lite is a business theme focused on lead generation and increasing conversion. There are strategically placed Call-to-Action buttons to help you raise your bottom line. A large lead generation form is one of the theme’s key features. 

This theme provides you with an 11-section homepage that sells your business and services most comprehensively. You can elaborate on your services, display testimonials, top clients, and build your mailing list with an eye-catching newsletter form.

You also get detailed customization options to meet your branding needs. Personalize Vandana Lite to your needs with a custom image or color background, 900+ Google Fonts, and detailed typography options.

The theme also uses an SEO-friendly design to help your website perform better on search engines. Schema integration helps search engines understand your content better as well.

Vandana Lite is also a translation-ready theme, so you can easily set it up in your local language, including those with RTL scripts like Arabic.

Theme DetailsDemo

Chic Lite

Chic Lite WordPress Theme

Chic Lite is a super elegant WordPress theme for blogs. This free theme gives you great customization features, and you can use it for a variety of blog sites like lifestyle blogs, fashion blogs, self-improvement blogs, parenting blogs, and more. 

Chic Lite is an SEO-optimized theme that can give you a leg-up on your search engine rankings. This theme is also relatively easy to monetize with its custom Advertisement widget. It allows you to place ads anywhere you like on your website and generate ad revenue. 

You can also set up an online store on your website with this theme using the WooCommerce plugin. 

The theme has some great customization options, including unlimited color options and a collection of 900+ Google Fonts. You can easily change the look and feel of your website with these settings. 

You can also build your online following with this theme using the gorgeous newsletter section. You get a beautiful full-width Instagram feed that can help attract visitors to your Instagram page and increase your social media followers. 

This is a translation-ready theme that you can easily set up in your local language, including those with RTL scripts like Arabic and Hebrew.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Fashion

Blossom Fashion WorsdPress Theme

Blossom Fashion is a blog theme for fashion bloggers looking to get serious. This theme has a chic look that sets you apart from the competition. You can easily use this theme for other kinds of blogs, from travel blogs to lifestyle blogs. Blossom fashion is equipped with essential features to help you monetize your blog in an optimum way. 

This free theme allows you to change the theme color to meet your branding needs easily. There are also 600+ Google Fonts to choose from. 

A full-page banner allows you to make the right first impression and showcase your featured posts. Use a video background for your banner to make your website more engaging.

Blossom Fashion is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin so that you can start your clothing store on your website. Advertisement revenue is also quite important for bloggers. This theme allows you to place ads using a custom advertisement widget.

This is a translation-ready theme that also supports right-to-left scripts like Arabic. You can also rest assured about excellent technical support from the authors of this free theme.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop free WordPress Theme

Blossom Shop is a super elegant WordPress theme for online stores that uses the WooCommerce plugin. This theme is especially useful for online clothing stores. However, this theme allows you plenty of branding opportunities to establish your brand in the digital space.

This theme has a clean design with a chic aesthetic that adapts to your visitors’ screen sizes. This way, all your visitors experience your website in the way it was intended. The theme’s SEO-friendly design helps give you an edge in your search engine rankings. 

Blossom Shop comes with a sleek homepage design with multiple sections to display your products. The sections are arranged in different layouts, from carousel sliders to masonry grids to give a dynamic feel. You also get the price ribbon feature that can be disabled according to your needs. 

You can use catchy texts on the homepage to introduce your brand to new visitors and point out your unique features in an icon-based section. Appeal to your prospects by showcasing your selling points such as free delivery and discount offers. 

The theme also allows you to use the mega menu feature to build excellent stylized menu items that complement your website’s visuals. 

You can use social media integration along with the newsletter forms to develop your online following. You can even display your Instagram posts in a full-width Instagram feed.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Coach

Blossom Coach Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Coach is an elegant, feminine WordPress theme and is the first choice for coaches, mentors, speakers, and therapists. It comes with a handy About section to introduce yourself and your professional coaching services to your visitors. 

This free theme offers you enough design options with one header layout, three blog layouts, and nine homepage sections. Similarly, it gives an easy-to-use typography option that allows you to change your website’s primary and secondary fonts.

Blossom Coach comes optimized for SEO and speed, which means it can help you rank higher on search engine results. This elegant theme also features a responsive and mobile-friendly design, ensuring that your website runs smoothly across all platforms and devices. 

One of the best features of this free theme is the compatibility with the popular WooCommerce plugin. You can use this characteristic to build a fully functional online shop. You can now sell your online coaching courses, books, and even your merchandise and earn a comprehensive income.

You can also benefit from the service section of Blossom Coach as it allows you to display all the services provided by your business. Likewise, the testimonial section plays a crucial role in showing your customer’s satisfaction and building trust in your business. 

Blossom Coach is fully compatible with the BlossomThemes Email Newsletter plugin. You can easily add a subscription form using the plugin. The theme’s newsletter section combines well with the newsletter plugin to help you grow your email subscribers.

Additionally, this free feminine theme supports social media integration, video banner, and partially editable footer. It supports localization so that you can translate the theme language into your local language. Similarly, the theme comes compatible with RTL scripts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Sarada Lite

Sarada Lite Free WordPress Theme

Sarada Lite is one of the most dynamic and eye-catching blog themes on this list. It has a trendy design that is more suited for travel, lifestyle, and fashion blogs. There are numerous branding opportunities for a professional blogger.

This theme comes with a unique header banner that emphasizes the thumbnail images. You can highlight your featured posts here to draw more traffic. There is a large featured area where you can place your key links, such as your Instagram page or your About page.

There are extended customization features in this theme that are quite rare with free themes. A collection of 900+ Google Fonts and color options allow you to personalize your website easily. 

Changes can be displayed instantaneously through the Live Customizer. If you want more customization options, Sarada Lite is also compatible with the Gutenberg block editor, which gives you the freedom to play around with the layouts. 

You can set up your online store in this theme using the WooCommerce plugin. The Advertisement widget allows you to place ads to generate ad revenue. This theme is Google Adsense optimized, which means you get advertisement areas that are optimized to draw more clicks. 

If you are a freelancer, Sarada Lite is especially suited for you as it comes with a Portfolio page to display your professional portfolio.

Theme DetailsDemo

Kalon Chic

Kalon Chic Free WordPress Theme

Kalon Chic is another brilliant theme for WordPress blogs. This theme has a sleek design yet is equipped with all essential functionality, giving you a good head start. It is great for fashion blogs, food blogs, and more. 

This theme comes with a strong codebase that is SEO-friendly and Schema integrated, which is valuable for boosting your search engine visibility. It also has a responsive design, so your website easily adapts to different screen sizes. 

Kalon Chic allows you to change the theme color to meet your branding needs easily. You can also upload a custom background image to establish a unique feel to your website.

Social media integration is essential for developing your online following, and you get it with Kalon Chic. You can even place an Instagram feed to draw visitors to your Instagram page with attractive previews. You can use the Newsletter forms to build your own mailing list as well.

This theme also comes with the one-click demo install feature, allowing you to set up the theme with a single click. The theme is also updated regularly so that you can rest assured about future compatibility with WordPress and any other tools you may use.

Theme DetailsDemo

Elegant Pin

Elegant Pin WordPress Theme

Elegant Pin is a child theme of the Elegant Pink WordPress theme with a responsive layout in Pinterest-style design. This theme allows you to build a sleek and user-friendly blog theme with little effort. 

You can choose a custom background color to set a distinct feel to your website. The theme also has a nice header banner that features a Call-to-Action button to engage visitors and draw them to the key pages. 

Setting this theme up is super easy through the one-click demo import function. The great thing about this theme is its regular updates, which ensures compatibility with future versions of WordPress. You can also install updates easily with just a click.

This is a translation-ready theme, making it an excellent choice for a blog in your local language. You can integrate your social media profiles and display posts from your Instagram page with a full-width Instagram feed.

Elegant Pin is also widget-ready and allows you to add widgets to boost the theme’s functionality.

Theme DetailsDemo

Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurant And Cafe Free WordPress Theme

Restaurant and Cafe is one of the best free WordPress themes for restaurant websites. This theme gives you a distinct online presence to set you apart from your competitors. You get the important features that can turn your website into a legitimate tool to boost your business

This theme has eight homepage sections that highlight the key aspects of your restaurant or cafe business. These include an eye-catching About section that is great for branding content, an elegant Services section, and even a Menus section for ordering dishes. 

The theme also has a Reservation form that allows patrons to reserve a table at your restaurant with minimal hassle. 

The comprehensive documentation can help you to set up this theme easily. You will get step-by-step instructions on how to install this theme for your restaurant website. The theme is even compatible with the child theme function — this allows you to keep your website running with a secondary theme when you need to make changes to the main one.

Theme DetailsDemo

Cookery Lite

Cookery Lite WordPress Theme

Cookery Lite is an elegant WordPress theme mainly designed for food bloggers looking to start their website.

This theme is a mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized and Schema integrated theme. Further, it is optimized for speed and performance, ensuring your website loads quickly and has the edge over your competitors.

The adjustable theme colors, font types, font sizes, and heading layouts offer you more control over your website. This theme features different sections, such as popular posts featuring photos, a seamlessly organized recipe section with a print option, social media widgets, author bio, and more.

Cookery Lite theme works seamlessly with the Delicious recipe plugin. This plugin makes adding recipe cards, step by step recipe guide, and other functionalities effortless.  Further, you can also start an online store with its compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin.

On top of that, the extensive gallery, popular posts, and videos section increase user engagement. The easy navigation and lightbox enhance the user experience.

Likewise, the defined CTAs and strategically placed newsletter section increase the chances of turning your audience into clients.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Travel

Blossom Travel Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Travel is a theme catered for travel bloggers with a full suite of features to serve the travel niche best. This theme has a super engaging design and comes with nine homepage sections specifically designed to fulfill various needs of the veteran travel blogger.

Blossom Travel comes with easy customization features that include unlimited color options and 600+ Google Fonts. There are two header layouts to choose from as well as an immersive full-page header banner. You can place a featured image or video as the banner background. 

The theme focuses on key sections like the newsletter section to draw more attention and increase your subscriptions. You also get a logo-based section where you can showcase your media coverages and establish your credibility. 

You can also allow visitors to explore your posts by destination, which greatly improves the user experience. The Maps section is quite handy as well. You can use the interactive map to show the destinations you have traveled to and written about in a visually appealing way.

Theme DetailsDemo


Rishi WordPress Theme

If you’re a female blogger or entrepreneur seeking a free feminine WordPress theme to kickstart your website, you should opt for Rishi Theme. With numerous predefined website demos, you can get your feminine website up and running without any coding skills.

Besides that, Rishi also integrates the Elementor Page Builder to let you create your own website templates. This Gutenberg-powered theme brings much-needed flexibility when it comes to editing and customization.

This free theme comes with unlimited color options and 1000+ Google fonts to bring the best out of the visual aesthetics of your website. You can even build custom headers and footers to enhance navigation, thanks to the built-in header and footer builder.

To showcase your blog post in several styles, Rishi Theme comes with multiple blog layouts. Unlike other free themes, Rishi delivers top speed and reliable performance, thanks to the core vital optimization.

Although free, Rishi integrates the powerful WooCommerce plugin. You can build and manage a fully functional online shop to promote and sell several products from your website.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Floral

Blossom Floral Blogging WordPress Theme

Blossom Floral is a classy and feature-rich WordPress theme ideal for feminine websites and female entrepreneurs. This free theme is Elementor-powered and Gutenberg-ready. Thus, you can build several website layouts and customize your website as per your need using this theme.

To add more functionality to your feminine website, Blossom Floral includes 22 custom widgets in the package. It also features unlimited featured boxes where you can showcase your essential posts and pages elegantly.

In contrast to other free themes, Blossom Floral fully supports the WooCommerce shop plugin. Using this plugin, you can build your online store, manage orders, and sell products directly from your website.

Blossom Floral supports all the popular social networks, allowing you to share your posts across several social platforms and boost your social reach. Moreover, this free theme features an appealing Instagram section to help you showcase your latest Instagram posts on your website.

Although free, Blossom Floral is optimized for search engines, speed, and performance. It comes with built-in SEO settings to boost your website ranking to drive organic traffic to your website. Also, this theme prioritizes high-speed performance and fast page loading to deliver an optimal user experience.

Blossom Floral is backed by highly reliable and quick support. You can reach out to their dedicated support team using the support ticket if you stumble upon any issues.

Theme DetailsDemo

Blog Prime

Blog Prime WordPress Theme

Blog Prime is a trendy and dynamic blog theme that offers numerous options to explore. This theme allows you to display many posts and choices to the reader in an eye-pleasing way. 

The theme has a responsive design, and you can use page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor to customize it. The theme supports Google Adsense, so you can place ads to generate ad revenue. You can also set up an online store using the WooCommerce plugin. 

You can display new posts in a banner section to attract more traffic. The theme also comes with various widgets that make the sidebar more engaging with post suggestions, images, and social profile links. 

You also get an off-canvas sidebar for displaying additional posts on the screen, which is a rare feature on blog themes.

Since this theme supports the one-click demo import function, you can set up and start using this theme within minutes.

Theme DetailsDemo


Punte WordPress Theme

Punte is super versatile and customizable for a free theme. It has a seamless, elegant design with 12+ demos for various purposes, including restaurant websites, hotel websites, and even wedding websites. You can find that this theme easily fulfills your need for a feminine theme in various niches.

Punte is compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg page builder plugins, making it easy to customize. You get comprehensive theme settings to take control of essential functions easily. 

The theme also supports WooCommerce so that you can easily set up an online store on your website. You can add any necessary sections, such as an About section, a Services section, or even a menu if you want a restaurant website.

Theme DetailsDemo


Ashe Free WordPress Theme

Ashe has a minimal design that is quite elegant and charming. This is a blog theme with some essential elements, like a banner slider and a featured area. You can build an engaging blog using this theme as it comes with attractive typography and a clean design.

This theme has a responsive design, which makes it adapt to all screen sizes. Some useful widgets, such as the Author’s Bio, display your photo and a short introduction on all pages.

The social media integration feature includes an Instagram feed that you can display as a sidebar grid. 

Similar posts feature a valuable tool that can increase your readers’ time spent on your website. The feature suggests posts which readers may be interested in so that they may keep exploring your blog.

Ashe is also a translation-ready theme, so you can easily set it up in your local language.

Theme DetailsDemo

Cream Blog

CREAM BLOG WordPress Theme

Cream Blog is a fun and colorful blog theme that comes in three distinct layouts. You can choose a drastically different look for your blog website with this theme, depending on your needs.

This theme is excellent for parenting blogs, e-commerce sites, wedding websites, and much more. You can use the WooCommerce website to set up an online store with this theme easily.

Besides a standard single-row layout, Cream Blog also has a grid homepage layout. This layout allows you to display more posts on the screen in an easy-to-follow format. There are also two choices each for the header and the header banner. 

This theme also supports the MailChimp plugin, which is a popular tool for managing your newsletter campaigns. The theme comes with regular updates, so you can rest assured about future compatibility with WordPress.

Theme DetailsDemo


ELLIE WordPress Theme

Ellie is a super trendy WordPress theme built for online shops. Despite its minimal design cues, it has a strong visual presence. The theme works with WooCommerce to give you e-commerce capabilities. 

Ellie is compatible with the Elementor page builder if you want extended customization. However, the in-built settings come with options to choose your colors, fonts, and backgrounds. These options should be plenty to establish your visual brand with the theme.

There are also a few different sidebar positions to choose from, including an off-canvas sidebar. If you want to sell products from your brand, you will enjoy the Gallery page set in a beautiful masonry style. 

The theme also comes with a newsletter form for building your mailing list.

Theme DetailsDemo


Pashmina WordPress Fashion Blog Theme

Pashmina is a neat and elegant WordPress theme with a sticky header banner. The theme gives you a great performance with a standard collection of widgets needed by blogs.

This theme puts a special focus on readability with its eye-catching and straightforward typography. The simplicity works well with other features to help provide a seamless user experience with easy navigation.

You will find a carousel banner at the top that can highlight and draw traffic to featured posts. You can integrate your social media profiles with this theme, including your Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, and Behance profiles. 

The theme comes with some handy widgets such as the Categories widget and a Calendar widget that allows readers to sort through your posts by date.

Theme DetailsDemo

Beauty Studio

Beauty Studio WordPress Theme

Beauty Studio is a theme built for beauty and wellness businesses. You get all the key sections required to highlight your services. This theme allows you to inform your visitors and establish your credibility as well.

You can choose from an extensive collection of Google Fonts to set a distinct feel for this theme. You can similarly choose the right theme color and background to suit your needs. If you need even more freedom to customize, this theme is also compatible with the SiteOrigin page builder. 

WooCommerce support allows you to set up an online payment gateway for bookings and to sell any products. There is a prebuilt section to take bookings from clients, and you can also inform visitors of your business hours.

The theme comes with useful sections that help to highlight your services and performance. You get a Gallery, a Teams section, and even a Testimonials section to display happy customers’ comments.

Theme DetailsDemo

GuCherry Blog

Gucherry Blog WordPress Theme

GuCherry Blog is a smooth and elegant WordPress blog theme. This theme has minimal customization options, but its gorgeous design is quite enough to set you apart from the others.

The theme gives you two font options that you can use to create variety in your typography. The full-page banner looks quite chic with a large thumbnail image and a brilliant combination of typography styles for the perfect effect. 

GuCherry Blog supports multiple post formats allowing you to share multimedia content, including text, video, audio, and even galleries. The last one is particularly useful for travel blogs or food blogs.

This is also a translation-ready theme that you can easily set up in your local language.

Theme DetailsDemo

Olsen Light

Olsen Light WordPress Theme

Olsen Light is another minimal blog theme on this list. This theme is plugin-friendly and supports most third-party plugins for extended functionality. You also get nine custom widgets with this theme. So, despite its minimal look, you get a lot of features. 

Unlike many free themes, Olsen Light is translation-ready and multilingual. You can use plugins like Loco Translate and WPML to set up your website in multiple languages simultaneously.

You can use Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Divi page builders to customize this theme. 

The theme has support for social media integration and also includes an Instagram feed widget. It is also compatible with MailChimp, which gives you added support to run newsletter campaigns.

Theme DetailsDemo


StylishArya WordPress Theme

Styleisharya comes with elements that make it suitable for online stores and business websites. This theme has a full-page header banner that merges with the menu. Multiple carousel sections allow you to showcase your shop items adequately.

Styeisharya has good choices for customization, including a collection of Google Fonts and unlimited theme color options. Personalize this theme to meet your branding needs and use the WooCommerce plugin to get your online store up and running.

The theme also has shortcodes that you can use to insert essential items such as columns, buttons, and tabs at key places on your website. If you have a physical store, you can even place an interactive Google Maps to pinpoint your store location to customers.

The theme comes with extensive documentation that gives you step-by-step instructions on installing this theme on your own.

Theme DetailsDemo


Newsliner WordPress Theme

Newsliner is a child theme of Perfect Magazine with a magazine-type layout. This means that the theme is optimized to display many posts in multiple categories in an appealing way. Its feminine design makes it the right choice among magazine-style themes.

This theme has a responsive design so that its layout and style translates faithfully to different screen sizes. You get a classic magazine website banner that displays multiple posts as the hero content. 

There is a good variety in section layouts to engage the visitors as they scroll through the homepage. 

Newsliner supports Google Adsense, so you can place ads on your website to generate ad revenue. You can even set up an online store on your website using WooCommerce.

Theme DetailsDemo


knight WordPress Theme

Knight is a vibrant and energetic WordPress theme that works with the Gutenberg page builder plugin. The free theme supports a mega menu for creating stylized menu items and has an engaging design.

This theme comes with three demos that vary in the level of simplicity. The minimal blog demo creates a captivating feel with its center-placed content, no sidebar, and plenty of space. 

The two other demos allow you to offer more options to explore as it comes with a featured area and sidebar widgets. There are different widgets to provide an exciting surfing experience. You also get engaging style elements such as parallax sections. 

You can also choose your desired theme colors. The theme is compatible with Google Adsense, allowing you to place ads on your website to generate ad revenue. 

Knight is also translation-ready so that you can easily set it up in your local language.

Theme DetailsDemo

Which Free Feminine WordPress Theme is the Best for You?

Blossom Feminine is one of the most distinct blog themes on this list that can give you customization features along with a strong codebase.

If you are a business owner looking for a feminine WordPress theme, then try Vandana Lite. Besides its gorgeous design, this theme has a clever design to improve your lead generation and conversion rate. 

Blossom Shop has a super engaging design for e-commerce sites. It allows you to personalize your website easily and comes with numerous branding opportunities. 

If you are looking for something versatile and easy to work with, take a second look at Punte

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of websites are feminine WordPress themes best suited for?

Feminine WordPress themes provide a distinct aesthetic to your website which can help set your website apart from your competitors. The elegant look of feminine themes can also be a valuable branding tool.

You can use feminine WordPress themes for blogs on fashion, lifestyle, food, parenting, and even as personal blogs. Their unique look can be used for versatile niches. 

Depending on the features that come with the theme, you can also use free feminine WordPress themes for business websites. The feminine aesthetic is particularly valuable for health and wellness businesses, restaurants, coaching services, and can also be used by female entrepreneurs.

How do I monetize my feminine blog theme?

Monetization features are an important consideration when choosing your free feminine WordPress theme. One of the most important features you need when starting out as a blogger is the ability to place advertisements. Many of the free themes listed above come with advertisement widgets that allow you to control the placement of your ads. Some are even optimized with advertisement spots that are known to draw more clicks due to their strategic placement.  

Similarly, you want to look for feminine themes that are compatible with WooCommerce so that you may start your own online store on your blog. This way, you can sell products related to your niche, or even merchandise through your own website. You can check our article on the 20 Best Free Fashion WordPress Themes to find more blog themes.

What theme features are important for my business website?

The most important needs that a business website should fulfill are showcasing the services of the business, establishing trust, and to generate leads. You should look for features that help you achieve these aims.

A good design with the right sections can go a long way in establishing your brand. You want an attractive Services section and a Testimonials section. Look for branding opportunities in the form of good Introduction areas where you can place your branding content. 

Lead generation forms are very important for business themes. For example, Vandana Lite comes with a large newsletter subscription form in the gorgeous header banner. It is the first thing that visitors see when they enter the website. This increases the chances of newsletter subscriptions.

Similarly, having a simple contact form can make it easier for interested clients to get in touch with you.

How can I set up a multilingual website?

You need certain plugins in order to set up your website in multiple languages. The most popular multilanguage plugins are WPML, Polylang, and Loco Translate. Make sure that the theme you choose are compatible with these plugins if you want a multilingual website.

Many of the themes on this list are also translation-ready, which means that you can easily set it up in your local language with minimum hassle.

Is a responsive design important for my feminine theme?

Responsive theme design means that the theme adapts its layout to fit the screen size of every viewer. This is a super important feature, especially in recent days when more and more people access the internet through their mobile devices. Responsive or mobile-friendly design ensures that visitors on all devices get a good user experience and improves your visitor retention. 

When it comes to feminine WordPress themes, you also want to make sure that the unique aesthetic of your website is translated correctly to every user.

What features do I get with premium WordPress themes?

It is generally the case that you get much more features and functionality with premium themes than with free themes. The most important feature that you find with premium features is the ability to customize the theme extensively. 

Premium themes are also more likely to be compatible with common WordPress plugins that you may go on to use later, like Yoast SEO. 

Premium themes are also guaranteed priority support and theme updates from their authors, which may not always be the case when it comes to free themes. 

If you want to check our picks for the premium feminine themes, you can find them here: 30+ Best Feminine WordPress Themes of 2021

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