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Chic Lite WordPress Theme
Chic Lite WordPress Theme
Functions of Chic Lite WordPress Theme
Chic Lite WordPress Theme
Chic Lite WordPress Theme
Chic Lite WordPress Theme
Chic Lite WordPress Theme

Chic Lite is a free, versatile WordPress theme with an elegant design. This theme has a distinct look, and you can set it up in minutes without writing a single line of code. 

Chic Lite is an SEO-friendly theme that helps improve your search engine rankings. This theme comes with Schema integration so that search engines can understand your content better and present it in relevant ways. 

This theme has excellent performance features, including mobile-friendly and speed-optimized design, to offer an excellent user experience—websites built with Chic Lite load fast and correctly on all types of devices.

Chic Lite is excellent for optimizing your ad revenue. You can easily place ads with the Advertisement widget. There are comprehensive advertisement settings in the theme options panel where you can adjust your preferences. 

This theme comes with a gorgeous Newsletter section that can help you generate more leads. You can showcase your Instagram posts with a dedicated Instagram section too. It is a great way to attract visitors to your Instagram profile and increase your social media following.

This is a translation-ready theme that you can easily set up in your local language. There is also support for RTL scripts such as Arabic.

You can create different types of blogs with Chic Lite:

    • Lifestyle Blog - Chic Lite has a gorgeous, engaging design that is perfect for lifestyle blogs. 
    • Fashion Blog - This theme stands out with its elegant design. It has a photo-ready design and all the tools you need to build an excellent fashion blog. 
    • Travel Blog - Chic Lite comes with a dynamic design that is great for showcasing your star content. You can give travel tips, share travel stories, all accessible through the eye-catching Categories tab. 
    • Beauty Blog - You can also use this theme to give beauty tips and tutorials to your readers. The theme design goes well with beauty blogs, and you can quickly build your online following using the various tools included with the theme. 
    • Food Blog - You can use Chic Lite to build a delightful food blog. Share your favorite recipes, talk about your food adventures, and so on. 
    • Parenting Blog - This theme is perfect for sharing your parenting experiences and giving tips on parenthood. 
    • Health Blog -  Chic Lite has a highly readable design with numerous elements that improve navigation. You can use this theme to set up a comprehensive health blog sharing health tips, documenting your fitness journey, and so on. 
    • Self-Improvement Blog - This blog has a personal element for building motivational blogs. 
    • Journal Blog - You can also use this theme to document your day-to-day thoughts or share your life lessons with visitors. 

Chic Lite is for you if:

  • You want to start a fashion, lifestyle, parenting, food, or self-improvement blog without writing a single line of code. 
  • You want a gorgeous, eye-catching blog website on a budget.
  • You want an SEO-friendly, Schema-integrated WordPress theme for your feminine blog.
  • You want to customize your website to meet your branding needs easily. 
  • You want a fully responsive website that loads perfectly on all devices.
  • You want an elegant blog website without the hassle of hiring a developer. 
  • You want a speed-optimized website with fast loading speeds. 
  • Increasing your social media following with a gorgeous Instagram feed is a priority. 
  • You want to build your mailing list with strategically-placed newsletter forms.
  • Top-notch technical support is a priority. 

Features of Chic Lite WordPress Theme

These are the features of the Chic Lite WordPress theme.

Easily Change Theme Color

The colors you use on your website are a significant part of your digital brand. Chic Lite allows you to choose the right theme color that meets your needs easily. The theme options menu comes allows you to easily change the primary and the background color of your website.

Choose desired Fonts from 900+ Google fonts

Chic Lite comes with a massive collection of 900+ Google Fonts, allowing you to change the look and feel of your blog instantly. 

Typography Control

You want a distinct combination of typography styles in your website that is harmonious and memorable at the same time. Chic Lite has detailed typography controls to style your text with options like font family and size.

Gorgeous Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Design

Chic Lite adapts itself to the screen size of every device. This ensures that all your visitors get to experience your website as it was intended. This is quite important as half of all internet traffic originates from mobile devices.

Easy-to-use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

Chic Lite comes with a detailed Theme Settings Panel making it very easy to use. You can make all the necessary optimizations without needing to write a single line of code. Moreover, the built-in Live Customizer allows you to preview all changes as they take place. 

Optimized for Fast Performance 

You need a fast loading website to keep up with your visitors. According to a Google study, you can lose 53% of your visitors if your website takes more than three seconds to load. Fortunately, Chic Lite is optimized for speedy performance so that you can keep all the visitors you get. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) 

We use expert consultation from our SEO team to build our themes so that you get a leg up on your SEO performance. Chic Lite comes with various features designed to give you better SEO performance. 

Advertisement Widget to Easily Place Ads

The Advertisement widget allows you to place advertisements across your website without hassle. You can place ads with custom images and even integrate them into the sidebar to generate advertising revenue. 

WooCommerce Compatible

Chic Lite is compatible with the popular WooCommerce plugin, so you can easily create an online store on your blog.  

Custom Site Logo with Size Control

You can easily adjust your site logo to match the theme header using the built-in logo size control

Banner as Slider

Chic Lite comes with a gorgeous header banner with a slider. You can place custom slides to engage the new visitors or highlight your star posts in the banner. 

Unlimited Featured Boxes

The featured area is useful to attract more traffic to key pages on your website. You can create unlimited featured boxes to highlight as many pages or links as you want. 

Grow Subscribers with Newsletter Subscription

Chic Lite comes with strategically placed newsletter forms to increase your newsletter subscription rate. There is an eye-catching and easily accessible Newsletter section on the homepage. You can also place newsletter forms on other locations, such as the sidebar and footer. 

Appealing Instagram Section  

Showcasing your social media posts is a great way to attract visitors to your social profiles. You can extend your online following with an appealing Instagram section. 

Author Bio on Sidebar

The Author Bio widget allows you to introduce yourself to new readers with personalized elements. You can display your photograph, a short bio, and your social media links in the sidebar. It is a great way to boost your online brand. 

Enable/Disable Automatic Image Crop

It is vital to have control over how your featured images are displayed. You can choose to enable or disable automatic cropping on your featured images. 

Footer Copyrights Editor

Chic Lite allows you to easily add and modify copyright details from your Footer section without any additional tool. 

Social Media Integration

Social media integration is integral for websites these days. Chic Lite allows you to easily integrate your website to your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Moreover, it also supports Russian and Chinese social media sites like OK, VK, Zing, and others. 

Built-in SEO Settings

Chic Lite comes with built-in SEO settings that you can toggle to improve your SEO performance. You get control over features that can impact your SEO, such as the last updated date on posts and breadcrumbs.

Shop Page Settings

Chic Lite comes with pre-defined Shop page settings so that you can easily design your Shop page. You can add a different custom background for your Shop page and also add the Cart button that allows customers to visit their cart items at any time.  

Post Excerpt 

You want to show excerpts from your posts in the preview box to give visitors an idea about what each article is about. This can increase the reader’s curiosity. The theme allows you to choose the length of your post excerpts by displaying up to 100 words in the preview box. 

Related Posts of the Category

You can suggest similar posts to readers at the end of each post, based on category. This is a handy tool that can result in greater engagement of readers.

Comment Section Toggle

You can choose to display the comment section right at the end of the article. This ensures that readers don’t have to scroll to the end to find the comment section. 

Back-to-Top Button 

The back-to-top button takes visitors to the top of the page with a single click. You get an immediate boost in user experience on your website. This discreet button is present on the bottom-right of the screen at all times. 

Widgets Ready

Chic Lite comes with numerous widgeted areas that accommodate widgets according to your needs. You can add widgets to your website according to your needs. 

22 Custom Widgets

Chic Lite comes with 22 custom widgets for extended functionalities. They are highly customizable and help engage visitors with varied options to explore. 

  • Rara: Advertisement
  • Rara: Author Bio
  • Rara: Call To Action
  • Rara: Client Logo Widget
  • Rara: Contact Widget
  • Rara: Custom Categories
  • Email Newsletter Widget
  • Rara: Facebook Page
  • Rara: Featured Page Widget
  • Rara: Icon Text
  • Rara: Image Text
  • Rara: Pinterest
  • Rara: Popular Post
  • Rara: Pricing Table
  • Rara: Posts Category Slider
  • Rara: Recent Post
  • Rara: Snapchat
  • Rara: Social Media
  • Rara: Stat Counter Widget
  • Rara: Team Member
  • Rara: Testimonial
  • Rara: Twitter Feed

Portfolio Page Template

Chic Lite comes with a handy Portfolio page template for displaying your professional prowess to visitors. 

Cross-Browser Compatible 

Chic Lite is compatible with all the popular web browsers and has been tested on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. 

Easy Legibility

Carefully chosen combination of font types, size, and contrast creates the perfect balance and gives you a highly readable website. Chic Lite is easy on the eye and fun to explore. 

Schema Friendly

Schema is an important ranking factor according to recent Google announcements. Chic Lite keeps in line with the new changes and comes with Schema integration to give you an edge in SEO performance. Schema integration helps search engines understand your content better and displays your site in more relevant ways.

Translation Ready

Chic Lite can be easily localized. You can use this theme to set up a website in your local language without any trouble. 

RTL Scripts Ready

This theme is also optimized for RTL scripts such as Arabic. So, this theme is suitable for you no matter what language you use.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

We update all our themes regularly with the latest security packages. So, you can rest assured about the compatibility of your website with future versions of WordPress and any plugins you may use. 

Clean Codes

If you are a developer who likes to play around with the code, then you will like this theme. Chic Lite is built with the best coding practices in mind, which means clean, well-organized, and commented codes. 

Extensive Documentation

If you want to keep your hands off the technical stuff, Chic Lite has your back. We provide step-by-step documentation with Chic Lite that walks you through setting up this theme for your own website. You get an easy, hassle-free experience while setting up our theme. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

You can get in touch with us at any step in the case of confusion. Our world-class support team is ready to offer prompt, expert help, and answer any questions.



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