Minimalism 101: Clean and Sassy Look of Your Site with 15 Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalism 101: Clean and Sassy Look of Your Site with 15 Minimalist WordPress Themes

Some time ago, we had a period when people tried to overload everything possible and impossible as well. I call it a “too much” era because that time people overstepped in fashion, art, business, design, advertising, basically everything.

Fortunately, we became tired of acting completely out of line, and, finally, got back to elegant minimalism.

For now, people try to follow minimalist spirits both in office and home interior, dressing style, startups ideas and many other things. The thing is, that it really works!

Minimalism around you calms down your mind, beats stress, raises up your working activity and creativity, and makes other people get involved into your beings with no hassle.

In general, minimalism is a kind of style, which has been marked by simplicity, laconism, accuracy, and clarity of composition and all its elements. It allows you to use mere geometric shapes, neutral colors, and calm volumes so that you can enjoy enough space in an elegant manner.

Speaking about the main features of minimalism or minimalistic design, we can highlight a spatial freedom, a light color palette, clear shapes and lines, an absence of ornaments and decor, and sharp forms.

Moreover, if you want to be a minimalist while doing a website project, make sure you create an intuitive interface without different styles in it.

To say more, there are some common rules for those who follow minimalism in their work on the web. Like, the usage of up to three colors at the same time. This rule helps you to avoid overloading and to evoke a straightforward visitors’ intention to proceed with the future site.

However, it can be hard to add so popular minimalism to your site on your own. You might mess up with the look of your site doing even one wrong thing.

For this reason, I decided to cheer you up by presenting you the most reliable ways to build a minimalist website that doesn’t suck.

First of all, you can easily purchase a turnkey website from a web dev agency or studio. This way allows you to confide to professionals so you will save a bunch of nerves and will spend a plenty of money. However, you’ll get a perfect minimalist website with no efforts.

If this way is the best one for you, feel free to look at this Web Studios Catalog. Here you can find verified and certified developers with a huge working experience. Furthermore, you can sort all the developers by means of your location to discuss your site’s project face to face.

Another proper way to build a minimalist website of your dream is to use versatile ready-made website templates. However, you definitely should decide on a perfect engine you would like to use.

I would like to recommend you WordPress. It is pretty easy to use and allows you to launch professional-looking sites with no programming knowledge required. So, choose a favorable one from a huge minimalist WordPress themes collection, install it, and customize your minimalist website the way you like.

Check our Free and Premium WordPress Themes and our step by step guide on how to start a WordPress website to get started with WordPress

Besides us, there are many marketplaces where you can buy WordPress themes. Talking about great marketplaces for web templates and WordPress themes, I would like you to present you TemplateMonster.

This company has been serving clients with high-quality website templates for over 15 years. All their WordPress themes, like ours, come with a fully responsive design, a bright variety of features, and a friendly 24/7 support.

For this reason, I decided to choose the coolest 15 minimalist WordPress themes from this provider for this showcase. So, here we go!

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