Designed for creating landing pages, App Landing Page Pro is a beautiful WordPress theme you will love for sure. Use this theme to create a landing page for your App. Its homepage is thoughtfully designed so that your website will increase leads, and more people will download and use your App.

And if you are afraid if you require any coding skills, be glad that you don’t. The theme is quite easy to use, and you don’t need any coding skills to set up and use this theme to build your app landing page.

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Clean and Elegant

The design of a website makes a great impression on the visitors. If your website has a clean and elegant design, visitors are more likely to spend more time on your site. App Landing Page Pro makes sure its design is soothing the eyes of the visitors.

Responsive Design

App Landing Page Pro is a completely responsive WordPress theme. What it means is the theme automatically adjusts itself to different screen sizes of various devices including mobile phones and tablets. So, users can easily navigate your website from their favorite devices.

SEO Optimized with Markup

Our team at Rara Themes have put into all our SEO expertise to shape this theme in such a way that websites built with it get ranked better than other websites. The theme has ready code embedded that helps in boosting your site’s ranking.

Speed Optimized

Nobody loves a slow and laggy website. A slow website degrades the user experience, and the users will walk out straight away.

To avoid visitors dropping out from your website, App Landing Page Pro is speed-optimized. Your website runs smoothly and loads fast for the optimal user experience.

Performance Settings

To boost the speed and performance of your website, App Landing Page Pro comes with Lazy Load features. It has Lazy Load Features images, Lazy Load Content, Lazy Load Gravatar, Defer Javascript, and Remove ver parameters.

Built-in Live Customizer

App Landing Page Pro lets you customize your website with live preview. The built-in live customizer lets you make changes in real-time.


App Landing Page Pro offers you plenty of options when it comes to customizing your website. You can upload your logo, change your site title, change the tagline, select site icon, choose from 650+ fonts, change font sizes, and modify the site title color in the site identity.

Likewise, you can change the color, background, pagination, and layout structures as well. Create a new menu, add a secondary menu, and change footer settings. You can also customize your site with general settings in sidebar and headings, and make changes on performance and miscellaneous settings.

Extensive Documentation

App Landing Page Pro makes it easy for you to set up your website with this theme. The theme encloses an extensive theme documentation in the package. So, the documentation guides you step by step through the entire setup process.

Widget Ready

App Landing Page Pro is widget ready and provides abundant space for widgets. Manage 18 widgets and customize the website as you like.

18 Custom Widgets

App Landing Page Pro comes with 18 custom made widgets. You can display your recent posts, featured posts, social media profile pages, stat counter, FAQs, and so on with the help of these custom widgets.

The available widgets in App Landing Page Pro are:

  • Rara: A Featured Page Widget
  • Rara: Client Logo
  • Rara: Call to Action
  • Rara: Contact Widget
  • Rara: FAQs
  • Rara: Featured Widgets
  • Rara: Popular Post
  • Rara: Icon Text
  • Rara: Image Widget
  • Rara: Latest Tweets
  • Rara: Social Media
  • Rara: Recent Post
  • Rara: Skills
  • Rara: Post Category Slider
  • Rara: Stat Counter Widget
  • Rara: Team Member
  • Rara: Testimonial
  • Rara: A Best Pricing Widget

Friendly and Quick Support

Have any confusion? We are here to help. Feel free to contact our support team at Rara Themes through our support ticket. We are here to help you and answer your questions.

Dynamic Color and Background Options

Choose from unlimited colors to change the background, primary color, secondary, and fallback svg color of your website. So, use the color you like and reflect the brand of your website with the color.

Likewise, you can customize the background body of your website easily. You can either put an image or a pattern as the background.

Cross Browser Compatible

App Landing Page Pro is built to be compatible with all the major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and more.

Social media integration

App Landing Page Pro comes with social media integration. You can connect with your visitors via social media. You can display your social pages links attractively on the homepage and different pages of your website and take your visitors to those social pages.

WooCommerce Compatible

The theme is WooCommerce compatible. You can build your online shop with this theme.

Re-order 19 Homepage sections

The homepage is made up of 15 homepage sections that you can sort/re-order as you like. You can also decide to display or hide particular section on your website. Below, you will find the list of homepage sections App Landing Page Pro offers you.

  • Features Section
  • Download Section
  • Services Section
  • Video Section
  • Intro Section
  • App Features Section
  • Blog Section
  • Work Section
  • FAQ Section
  • Call to Action Section
  • Team Section
  • Testimonials Section
  • Skill Section
  • Screenshot Section
  • Stat Counter Section
  • Pricing Section
  • Contact Section
  • Subscription Section
  • Client Logo Section

Banner Section

In the banner section, you can display your product and download button so that visitors can download your product instantly. The clean and distraction-free design encourages visitors to take action immediately.

Choose from the static image, video, or a page as the banner. To use the video as a banner, upload a video in .mp4 format by minimizing its size or enter a YouTube URL.

In addition, you can add two logo buttons on the banner section.

Download Section

You can customize the several components of the Download Section. Give you download section a title, a short description, upload/change the image of your app, add your marketplaces with links, and also upload a background image on the download section.

App Features Section

Use the App Features Section to let your visitors know everything you want them to know. Display the exciting features of your App and tell your visitors why they should use your App.

Video Section

You can use the video section of the App Landing Page Pro to display your mobile app with the help of a video. The download button right below the video works magic when it comes to turning your visitors into your customers instantly.

The theme lets you use the video section on the different pages of your website.

Blog Section

You can show your blog posts on the blog section of the landing page and take your visitors to your blog pages. Show your most popular, recent, or most important blog posts on the blog section.

FAQs Section

The FAQs section helps your visitors with their most basic queries. You can put the collection of the queries that are asked often and answer them in the FAQs section.

Testimonial Section

Good reviews help your potential customers know how great your app is. Use the testimonial section to show the kind words of your customers with their lovely photos and social media profiles.

Newsletter Section

You can collect emails from your visitors through the newsletter section of App Landing Page Pro. Later, you can use those emails to promote your products and let them know about the new features you introduce in your products.

Screenshots Section

Let your potential customers know about the ins and outs of your App without making them use your App. In the screenshots section, you can upload multiple screenshots of different sections of your apps. This will give your clients an idea about how your App looks and what functionalities it offers.

Countdown Section

Want to start your app launch with a bang? App Landing Page Pro comes with a launch countdown section that lets your visitors know when your product will be launched.

You can also use this section to promote a specific period for a discount price rate, which develops a sense of urgency on your potential customers.

Pricing Section

The Pricing Section lets you display and compare your application’s pricing. You can display the price rates, significant features, and a button to buy or download the application. Your visitors will find it easy to differentiate the different pricing plans and choose the one that is right for them.

Contact Page

With this contact page, your visitors will find it easy to contact you. You can display a contact form that the visitors can use to contact you via email. You can also display your phone numbers, email, and social media links so that your visitors and customers have multiple options to choose to contact you.

Likewise, you can embed Google Map on the contact page.

Our Team Page

This page lets you add widgets to introduce your team members to your visitors and customers.

Testimonials Page

Testimonials page allows you to add “Rara: Testimonial” widget to show the kind words of your customers.

About Page

The About Page offers many sections and has a wide range of customization options. The page has the following seven sections. You can reorder them as you like and even hide the ones you don’t want to display.

  • Intro Section
  • Download Section
  • Video Section
  • Stat Section
  • CTA Section
  • Skill Section
  • Featured Section


App Landing Page Pro comes with a breadcrumb option that makes it easier for people to navigate your website. For content-rich websites, breadcrumb can be a pretty great feature. Your visitors will instantly know where they actually are by looking at the breadcrumb immediately.

Easy legibility

Your content plays a significant role in determining whether your visitors will love to use your App or not. So, app developers work so hard on to make great content. But, what if the visitors don’t find it pleasant?

In the App Landing Page Pro WordPress theme, we make sure the content is easy on the eye and pleasant to read. We put extra effort into perfecting the font, size, spaces, and contrast so that the content is soothing to the eye.

Back to Top Button

To make navigation easy, App Landing Page Pro has a Back to Top button on the bottom-left side of the screen.

Footer Credit Options

With every theme from Rara Themes including App Landing Page Pro, you can easily add or edit the footer credit.

Translation Ready

App Landing Page Pro WordPress theme supports localization; you can use this theme in your local language including RTL.

Polylang and WPML Compatible

The theme supports multi-language websites as it is compatible with both Polylang and WPML compatible. Translate your website into multiple languages and build a multi-language website with this theme.

Regular Updates

With updates on a regular basis, we leave no vulnerability in our theme when it comes to protecting your website.

Custom CSS

It’s always nice to add some uniqueness or new features on a website. App Landing Page Pro supports custom CSS that you can add right from the customizer.


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