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Are you planning to run an online store but don’t know where to begin? If so, Rara Commerce Pro WordPress will give you the needed headstart in your project. 

Rara eCommerce Pro is a multi-purpose, flexible, and contemporary package that offers tons of features and user-convenient design to help any level user create a fully-functioning online shop in only a few minutes. 

The pre-build ready-to-use demo of the theme helps you create a site in no time. You can import all the demo settings, layouts, content, and design with a single click. This way, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can then customize your site to your needs from the easy-to-use theme customizer.  

The theme is very generous when it comes to customization. There are several layouts for various site elements. You can select from unlimited colors, 1000+ Google Fonts, and typography options to give a personalized feel to your site. The theme gives a live preview of the changes, so you know exactly what you are changing on your site. 

Thanks to the responsive and mobile-friendly design, your site looks gorgeous on any device. Further, the cross-browser compatible build supports any browser without any issue. 

The theme also focuses on lead generation with features like Wishlist, Quick View, Product Comparison, CTA Section, and New Arrivals Section. You can showcase your products and services in stunning layouts and add links for conversion. The Blog Section is particularly helpful to increase user retention on your site. 

With the seamless WooCommerce Compatibility of the theme, Rara eCommerce Pro helps you set up and run a functional online store. Making online transactions is much easier now.                                                                                                                                                          

Rara eCommerce elevates the user experience on your website since the theme is optimized for performance and speed. Likewise, SEO optimization and Schema integration help your site leap far behind your competitors on search engines. 

Other notable features are translation-read y, RTL scripts support, widgets-ready, easy legibility, beginner-friendly documentation, and expert support. 

Types of Online Store You Can Create Using Rara eCommerce Pro.

With tons of features and flexible layouts, Rara eCommerce is an all-in-one package to create any type of website. Here are some niches that go best with this theme: 

  • Clothing Store – Showcase the latest clothing fashion and style in stunning layouts of Rara eCommerce. 
  • Electronics Store – Put the latest technology and electronics on display in a trendy fashion. 
  • Jewellery Store – You can put your precious stone and jewelry collection in your own style. 
  • Beauty and Makeup Store – Sell beauty and makeup products on your site along with your beauty tips. Audience will love it. 
  • Furniture Store – Display the furniture pieces and style in eye-catching templates. 
  • Grocery Store – Arrange your stores with fresh groceries in a striking format of the theme.
  • Organic Store – Display your organic food and other products in gorgeous website design. 

Rara eCommerce Pro is for you if:    

  • You want to run a fully-functional and professional online store with modern functionalities.
  • You want to create a website without taking any developer’s help or writing a single code.
  • You want more conversions on your site using the dedicated sections in the theme. 
  • You want gorgeous layouts to display your products and services. 
  • You want a full-fledged website up and ready in no time. 
  • You want a responsive site that looks great on any device and web browser. 
  • You want more user retention and user engagement on your site with minimal effort. 
  • You want a performance-optimized theme that loads your site much quicker. 
  • You want an SEO-ready theme with built-in Schema integration that will help your site climb up the search engine rank effortlessly. 
  • You want to add media files to your site and make it much interesting to browse. 
  • You want a smooth and restriction-free customization experience. 
  • You like using Elementor and Gutenberg to personalize your website. 
  • You want to set up a one-page website that fully focuses on conversion.
  • You want prompt support from experts when facing any issue or query regarding the theme.  

Features of Rara eCommerce Pro WordPress Theme

Rara eCommerce Pro is a comprehensive online shop package that bundles tons of customization options, the latest features, user-friendly functionalities, easy-to-use interface, and beginner-friendly design. Below is a list of perks that Rara eCommerce Pro offers: 

Pre-made Multiple Unique Layouts

With multiple layout options for various site elements, you are ever-ready to give a unique and fresh look to your site. 

Header Layouts 

Choose from 5 unique header layouts to set the best first impression among your visitors. You can add a phone number, currency switcher shortcode, and language switcher shortcode to make it interactive. 

3 Slider Layouts

Stylize your site with 3 unique slider layouts. You can choose either one that best goes with your brand. You can set your latest and important posts in the slider. Further, the theme lets you set the number of slides, add slider caption, set transition, and slider speed. 

4 Banner Category Layouts

Change the overall site’s look with the option of 4 Banner Category Layouts from the customizer. Each layout gives a unique visualization to your content. 

3 Blog Page Layouts

Showcase all your content in any of the 3 different Blog Page Layout options. 

4 Pagination Styles

Set your site with any of the 4 given pagination styles – Next/Previous, Numbered, AJAX Load More Button, and AJAX Infinite Scroll to help visitors navigate through your website’s pages. 

Compatible with WooCommerce

The built-in WooCommerce compatibility of the theme lets you build an online shop with tons of layouts to showcase your products and services. You can add CTA links and carts to each product. Further, you can accept various payment getaways to carry out online transactions. 

Quick Product Comparison

This feature lets you visitors compare various products on your site and view the main features in a single table. This will help them make an informed decision. 

Wishlist for Better Conversion

With this feature, your visitors can create, manage, fill, and share their wishlist. This way, you can analyze their interest and improve your marketing strategies.

Quick View Feature

It lets your visitors have a quick look at your products based on their interests. 

Easily Change Theme Color

Set any color as primary, secondary, and background on your site and refurbish your site’s look instantly. 

Choose desired Fonts from 1000+ Google Fonts.

With over 1000+ Google Font options, you can try out various combinations for various website elements and provide a personalized browsing experience. 

Typography Control

You get full control over the typography from the customizer. You can select an individual font family for the site’s headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6) and body. Further, you can control the font size from the slider available in the settings panel. 

Installed Pre-designed Demo with One-Click

Want a website on the go? Try out the one-click demo import feature of the theme. It will load the default settings, content, and design with a single click. 

Gorgeous Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Design

Rara eCommerce helps you build a site that looks and feels great on any screen size and device, be it mobile phones, tablets, or PCs. 

Easy to use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

Easily configure your theme from the settings panel. All the settings are readily available under the same roof to ease the personalization process. Further, it gives a live preview of the adjustments to make precise customization.

Well Optimized for Speed Performance 

Optimized for faster loading speed and optimum performance, Rara eCommerce assures a better browsing experience for your site. 

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) 

The theme is coded with modern SEO in the developer’s mind to help you rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with minimal effort.

5 Customizable Banner Options

With 5 different banner options, your site will look much attractive and functional than ever realized before. You can easily generate leads with such a feature. 

  1. Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)
  2. Static Image/Video with Newsletter
  3. Banner as Slider 
  4. Static Image/Video with Product Search
  5. Banner as Product Category

Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)

Put your CTA in this noticeable spot to promote more conversion on your site. You can add images and video here as well to grab attention, along with a short description. 

Static Image/Video with Newsletter

Embed your Newsletter form to your banner to gain more subscribers to your site. You can attach an image and video to make the section lively and gain user attention. 

Smooth, Attractive and Advanced Banner as Slider

Showcase your latest, popular, or custom posts/pages in the slider banner layout to divert more traffic towards them. You can set the number of slides, enable slider caption, enable slider loop, and set slider speed as you prefer. 

Static Image/Video with Product Search

Attach an image or video to your banner along with the product searching functionality. This will let visitors easily search for the products on your site. Thus, it improves user convenience. 

Banner as Product Category

Set a distinct banner with various product categories to help users easily navigate through your site based on their preferences. 

About Section

Give a bold and noticeable introduction about your business using the theme’s About Section. You can also add a contact number, location, email address, and other information about your business. 

Featured Category Section

You can feature important pages and posts of your site in the dedicated Featured Category Section. You have 6 layout options to change the section’s appearance.

Category Tab Section

There are 3 category sections to display the latest, popular, or categorical post of your site. You can add a short description on each tab along with an image to gain attention. Also, you can set the number of posts to appear in these sections.

Video Section

Add a video URL to the dedicated Video Section of the theme to make your site interesting and lively. Further, you can set a featured image for this section as well. 

Product Sale Section

Display your products up for sale in the noticeable Product Sale Section. You can add a short description to the section and links to those products to take your visitors to your preferred page. 

Call to Action Sections

Increase conversions on your site by displaying your popular/latest/custom products with an image. Add CTA links to allow visitors to purchase your product with ease. 

New Arrival Section

Showcase your latest products in stunning fashion using the New Arrival Section. 

Product Deal Sections

Offer your special deals and discounts and add a catchy sentence to gain attention. You can also set the timer of the remaining time for that deal to expire, along with the CTA link at the bottom for visitors to take action.

Testimonial Section

Gain your visitors’ trust by putting the comments and feedbacks of your previous customers in the Testimonial Section.

Category List Section

Display posts according to the category to help visitors browse your site and easily find what they are looking for.

Blog Section

Blogging is a proven way to increase user retention on a site. You can add blogs about your products in a vivid layout of the Blog Section and style to retain visitors.

Easily Sort/ Disable Home Page Sections

Don’t like the default Home Page arrangement? Well, the theme lets you easily sort the sections from the customizer as it suits you.

One Page Website 

Enable the One-Page look for your site from the customizer to focus on your product and increase conversions effortlessly

Notification Bar Settings

You can generate more leads by enabling the Notification Bar on your site. Here, you can add a CTA link to it along with the button label and newsletter shortcode as well. 

Smart Loading Images for SEO

Enabling the Smart Loading Images significantly improves your site’s loading speed and performance. This feature only loads the images on the visible screen while the others remain unloaded. 

Enable/Disable Automatic Image Crop

Make your site appear neat and well-managed by enabling the Automatic Image Crop feature. This adjusts the images on your site to a uniform dimension. However, you can toggle it off if you want your images to retain the original size. 

Custom Site Logo with Size Control

Add your brand logo to the header from the customizer and adjust its size with the slider controller. 

Footer Copyrights Editor

You can instantly add, edit, and remove custom text, credits and mentions on your footer for a personalized website feel. 

Built-in Google Analytics Settings

Directly integrate Google Analytics code to the customizer and get your website’s crucial statistics without adding any extra plugins.

Social Media Integration

The theme lets you integrate various social media platforms into your site to extend your online reach. You can add links to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. 

Social Shares for Better Engagement

You can enable the social sharing options across various social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Telegram, Tumblr, and more. This will provide more visibility to your site and bring in more traffic with minimal effort. 

Built-in SEO Settings

Enabling the breadcrumbs and last update post date to your site will give you an added benefit in enhancing your site’s SEO.

Lightbox for Images

With the Lightbox feature, your site will display an image in a centered overlay and dim the rest of the page content. This makes sure to grab user attention without any distraction. 

Sticky/ Floating Menu

Setting a sticky navigation menu on your site will provide easy access to your visitors to the site menus at all times. 

Sticky Widget

You can set your sidebar with sticky widgets and place your popular or trending product on display. You can also add blogs and CTA buttons for user retention and conversion

Post Excerpt 

Displaying a few words from your posts will motivate users to read further by clicking the post. You can set the excerpt length as you prefer up to 100 words.

Related Posts of the Category or Tags

You can increase user retention on your post by enabling the Related Posts to feature from the customizer. This feature automatically shows posts from similar categories and tags below every single post. 

Comment Section Toggle

Enabling the Comment option on your site will allow users to comment on your posts without any hassle. 

Drop Cap

Add a personalized touch to your posts by toggling on the Drop Cap feature. This feature increases the size of the first letter of your single post by two to three sentences combined. 

Back to Top Button 

Users can easily reach the top of your page from anywhere on the site with a single click if you enable the Back to Top button feature. 

Widgets Ready

Add as many functional widgets to your site as you need to improve your site’s aesthetics. Rara eCommerce Pro has enough space for adding widgets without any limitation. 

22 Custom Widgets

With the options of 22 customizable widgets, you can add several functionalities to your site ranging from CTA to lead generation and appearance. 

  • Rara: Advertisement
  • Rara: Author Bio
  • Rara: Call To Action
  • Rara: Client Logo Widget
  • Rara: Contact Widget
  • Rara: Custom Categories
  • Rara: Email Newsletter Widget
  • Rara: Facebook Page
  • Rara: Featured Page Widget
  • Rara: Icon Text
  • Rara: Image Text
  • Rara: Pinterest
  • Rara: Popular Post
  • Rara: Pricing Table
  • Rara: Posts Category Slider
  • Rara: Recent Post
  • Rara: Snapchat
  • Rara: Social Media
  • Rara: Stat Counter Widget
  • Rara: Team Member
  • Rara: Testimonial
  • Rara: Twitter Feed

Unlimited Sidebar

Populate your site with unlimited sidebars for your widgets and increase the overall look and feel of your site. 

Unlimited Background Options

Personalize your site to align with your needs by selecting an image, pattern, or color as your background. 

Performance Settings

Apart from being performance-optimized, Rara eCommerce offers several other tweaks to assure further improvement in your site’s performance. Here are the performance settings you can toggle from the customizer. 

  • Lazy Load – It loads the featured images that are currently on the user’s visible screen. Any other featured images beyond this screen will remain unloaded. 
  • Lazy Load Content Images – It loads the images on the user’s screen while all the other images remain idle until the user scrolls to that part. 
  • Lazy Load Gravatar – It loads Gravatar images from the visible screen only.
  • Defer JavaScript – It Improves your page download speed by adding the ‘defer’ attribute to scripts tags.
  • Remove ver parameters – Enabling this feature removes the “ver” parameter from the CSS and JS file calls to improve the site’s performance.
  • Locally Host Google Fonts – It loads the fonts from your server instead of Google CDN to speed up the loading time.

Quickly Reset Customizer Settings

Don’t worry if you have made some unwanted changes. The theme offers full flexibility to personalize your site as you want. In case of any errors, you can quickly reset the customizer settings to revert back to default and start over again. 

Gutenberg Compatible

The theme supports Gutenberg so that you can easily add, edit, manage and delete blocks on your site as you need. 

Elementor Compatible

With the theme’s built-in compatibility with Elementor, customization gets much easier and more fun. You can simply drag-and-drop elements to create your own layout and design. 

Portfolio Page Template

Professionalize your site with the dedicated Portfolio Page, where you can add your previous works. This helps to build the trust and credibility of your site. 

Cross-Browser Compatible 

Tested on popular web browsers, rest assured of smooth performance on any browser, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Easy Legibility

Rara eCommerce uses a perfect combination of the readability factors such as colors, contrast, fonts, font size, font spacing, and others. This helps users easily browse your content without straining their eyes.

Schema Friendly

Being schema friendly means search bots will easily understand your site. It results in better indexing and a higher ranking on search engines for relevant keywords.

RTL Scripts Ready

Easily translate your site into Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL scripts without any hassle.

Translation Ready

You can easily translate your website into any language with a few clicks and localize your site based on regions. 

Polylang Compatible (Multi-language)

The built-in Polylang Compatibility of the theme promotes your content in various languages without any added effort. 

WPML Compatible (Multi-language)

Display your content in multiple languages and reach out to the various audiences to increase traffic on your site.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

We help you make your website future-proof with our regular updates. These updates focus on improving security and features on your site. Further, your site remains compliant with the latest WordPress version. 

Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS to the theme customizer and increase/enhance the features and functionalities on your site as you prefer.

Clean Codes

Our developers have prioritized security and easy customization experience for the users. Thus, the theme is curated only with clean and well-commented codes. 

Extensive Documentation

Even if you are a beginner, you can learn how to use the theme like a pro by following the step-by-step documentation of the theme. 

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

Still having any issues or questions about the theme? Reach out to our support experts via support ticket. They will get back to you in no time. 


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