Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly the most popular way to earn money through your website – and for all the right reasons.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is a process of making money by promoting other businesses’ products or services. Whenever your users buy a product or service through the affiliate link shared on your website, you’ll earn a piece of the profit.

Compared to other industries, affiliate marketing requires little investment to get started. Thus, it has become a trend amongst marketers and brands in the last few years. Statistics reveal that over 80% of brands in the market have affiliate programs.

If you’re a WordPress user, you’re likely to find hundreds of plugins dedicated to affiliate marketing. These tools are handcrafted to help you run successful affiliate marketing programs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best affiliate WordPress plugins that are handpicked based on their attributes. 

But before diving right in, let’s understand why you should use an affiliate WordPress plugin.

Why Should You Use an Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

Besides easily embedding an affiliate link to your content, an affiliate WordPress plugin can help you in many ways. It allows you to manage and save affiliate links within WordPress. 

Using affiliate plugins can help you share affiliate links across social media platforms and podcasts. This can, in turn, help you increase the traffic on your website and build a loyal customer base.

You can effortlessly track your content and affiliate links’ performance. Thus, affiliate plugins help you monetize your website and give you the best possible result.

Though there have been a few cutbacks on affiliate marketing in 2022, it is still one of the best ways to make money through your website.

Now that you’ve known why you need an affiliate plugin, we present you with the 10 best affiliate WordPress plugins in the section below.

List of the 10 Best Affiliate WordPress Plugins 

1. Affiliate WP

AffiliateWP WordPress Plugin

Affiliate WP is the best affiliate WordPress plugin on our list. It is a top-quality plugin providing reliable services. It offers users exceptional features to grow their business and make money via affiliate programs.

Affiliate WP is well-coded with the highest coding standards. As a result, it promotes your products and services, improving your website’s SEO. Better SEO ensures higher traffic and exposes your products and services to a larger audience. This increases the chances of sales and helps you make more money through your website.

This plugin comes with a long list of advanced features. The plugin is known for its accurate affiliate tracking and supports unlimited affiliates. In addition, the Affiliates WP integrates easily with popular WordPress plugins and provides affiliates with unlimited resources for effective site promotion.

Managing your affiliates is equally easy using the Affiliate WP plugin. The real-time reporting feature keeps you updated about the status of your affiliates. Furthermore, the plugin supports shortcodes and customizable emails. It is fully internationalized, developer-friendly, and comes with world-class support.


  • Accurate Affiliate Tracking
  • Integrated Payouts Service
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Supports Unlimited Affiliates
  • Automatic Affiliate Creation
  • Referral Link Generator
  • Referral Rate Types
  • Customizable Emails
  • Developer Friendly
  • World-Class Support

2. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Suppose you’re a blogger looking to up your game with affiliate marketing. In that case, the Thirsty Affiliates plugin is the best option for you. It provides you all the tools you need to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing.

This plugin is extremely easy to set up. Once that’s done, the plugin merely appears as another post type and another button on your visual editor. This helps to avoid link clashes that are common with other solutions. In addition, the plugin offers higher efficiency by keeping the database clean, updated, and optimized.

Thirsty Affiliates helps in better management of links as it’s easy to make changes in one place. Likewise, the plugin offers multiple options for safe redirects and features like smart uncloaking.

Furthermore, the Thirsty Affiliates plugin allows you to add images to affiliate links. This plugin’s analytics is beneficial as it contains details of clicks, statistics, and reports.

The Thirsty Affiliates plugin offers essential features like complete backup compatibility via standard WordPress backup solutions. Moreover, the plugin also supports full importing and exporting via standard WordPress tools. 


  • Quick Add Button to Add Affiliate Links
  • Better Link Management
  • Safe Redirects and Smart Uncloaking
  • Add Images to Affiliate Links
  • Click Stats Tracking and Report
  • Link Categorization and Segment Links
  • Advanced Affiliate Link Picker Tool 
  • Supports Standard Links, Shortcodes, or Images
  • Supports Import/Export
  • Completely Modularised

3. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

The Post Affiliate Pro plugin is one of those plugins that is constantly updated to keep up with the market’s latest trends. It provides an intuitive platform for both merchants and affiliates.

Post Affiliate Pro is a well-reputed plugin with over 400 reviews on three independent software marketplaces and review platforms. It is compatible with over 170 CMS and payment gateways. So, you can integrate this plugin with any website or shopping cart. You may even use one of the pre-made connectors.

Similarly, the Post Affiliate Pro uses the most advanced multiple tracking methods, offering you the most accurate affiliate tracking software in the market. The plugin ensures protection against fraudulent transactions as well.

For promotion and marketing, this plugin comes equipped with plenty of tools. There are many unique banner-type options besides the standard banner options. The user interface of the plugin is one of a kind. And, the best part is that you can fully customize it.


  • Shortcodes for Affiliates
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Integration with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Integrates with Multiple Powerful Plugins
  • Sales Tracking Technology
  • Multiple Tracking Methods
  • Powerful Tracking System
  • Customizable Interface
  • Multilingual Support
  • Banners for Promotion

4. Affiliate Manager

Affiliates Manager WordPress Plugin

The Affiliate Manager plugin helps you manage an affiliate program while driving more traffic to your website and increasing your sales. It is one of the most thrifty solutions for affiliate programs.

As the name says, the Affiliate Manager plugin facilitates the affiliates’ recruitment, registration, login, and management process. You can create unlimited affiliates using this plugin. It also allows you to track your affiliates’ referrals on your site and give out commissions appropriately.

The Affiliate Manager plugin integrates perfectly with the most popular eCommerce solutions like Woocommerce, Simple Membership, Simple Shopping Cart, Stripe Payments, and many more. 

The plugin supports customizable emails that allow you to send customized messages to your affiliates. The plugin is also translation-ready, which means you can easily translate the plugin and use it in your language.


  • Integrates with Popular eCommerce Plugins
  • Real-Time Reporting 
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Set Payout Rates for Affiliates
  • Manual Adjustments and Payouts
  • Supports Paypal
  • Unlimited Creatives and Ads for Your Affiliates
  • Customizable Affiliate Registration
  • Affiliate Ad Impression Tracking
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Translation Ready

5. Affiliates

Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Another brilliant affiliate WordPress plugin that you can use for your website is the Affiliates. This plugin lets you run a successful affiliate marketing program with its powerful growth-oriented tools. 

The Affiliate plugin features a new, intuitive, and powerful dashboard to manage your site, product, and services. There are unlimited affiliate management sections to help you better manage the affiliate links. Likewise, the built-in dashboard of this plugin enables you to share links to any page on the website.

You can integrate the Affiliates plugin with any other platform for eCommerce, memberships, forms, lead generation, lead tracking, and many more. Besides, the plugin offers a solid framework for developers who want to customize. Similarly, the plugin also supports blocks and shortcodes, which makes it even easier for plugin users.

This plugin stands with its powerful affiliate marketing features, partner referral program, and advanced tracking system. This plugin offers features like social sharing too. 


  • Powerful Growth-Oriented Tools
  • Automated Affiliate Registration
  • Easily Integrable with Other Plugins
  • Built-In Commissions on Referred Users
  • Developer Friendly
  • Unlimited Affiliate Program Management Tool
  • Blocks and Shortcodes
  • Easily Creates Referrals 
  • Track User Visits
  • Supports Social Sharing

6. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links WordPress Plugin

The Amazon Auto Links is an affiliate plugin specially designed for affiliate marketing on Amazon. This plugin lets you add Amazon associates links in your posts with minimal effort. 

Firstly, the Amazon Auto Links plugin supports 18 Amazon locales and works even on browsers with disabled javascript. Furthermore, the plugin is compatible with the latest Amazon APIs. If you have been using the older version, you can regenerate keys on the Amazon Associates member’s area, and you’re good to go.

For displaying a particular product in a post, you do not even need shortcodes. Just paste the product URL in the post editor, and you’re done. Likewise, the plugin also supports auto-link conversion. This way, you can convert hyperlinks posted on amazon products to associate links. 

Besides that, this plugin supports widgets, shortcodes, as well as PHP functions. It allows you to display the products you want and hide things you don’t want others to see. Similarly, you can also create custom buttons using this plugin, which is better for lead conversions.


  • Show Amazon Associates Links
  • Supports 18 Amazon Locales
  • Compatible with PA-API 5
  • Migrate from Amazon Associates Link Builder
  • Automatic Insertion in Posts and Forms
  • Auto Link Conversion
  • Shortcode and PHP Function
  • Filter Unwanted Products
  • Export Ads into External Sites with Feed
  • Supports Multiple Languages

7. EasyAzon

EasyAzon WordPress Plugin

EasyAzon is the easiest and the quickest way to create Amazon affiliate links within your WordPress post editor. This plugin lets you create affiliate links directly to any product on Amazon without manually doing it. 

Setting up, installing, and using the EasyAzon plugin is simple and straightforward. The plugin supports every location that has an Amazon Associates affiliate program. Using this plugin, you can create affiliate links to open in new windows or apply the no-follow attribute. 

The EasyAzon plugin is fully internationalized, which means it can be used anywhere in the world without any hassle. This plugin is available in the PRO version with added features and advanced functionalities. 

With the EasyAzon plugin, you get full access to Amazon Affiliate Training. It includes insights into building a successful Amazon Affiliate Site, tips to maximize your website’s revenue, tips for keyword research, and so on. 


  • Internationalized
  • Multiple Affiliate Link Types
  • Automated Affiliate Link Cloaking
  • Product Popups and Add to Cart Functionality
  • Automatic Link Localization
  • Supports Multiple Affiliate Tracking IDs
  • Boosts Website Traffic
  • Higher Affiliate Commissions
  • Backlinking Techniques 
  • Create Affiliate Links Instantly

8. WP Content Pilot

WP Content Pilot WordPress Plugin

WP Content Pilot is not a typical affiliate marketing plugin. It is ideally an auto-blogging and content curation plugin with features of an affiliate marketing plugin.

If you’re new to WordPress, using this plugin can be very beneficial to you. This plugin posts content on your site at regular intervals using your chosen keywords and sources. This helps in keeping your website up to date. Along with the content, the plugin also inserts affiliate links to your posts automatically. 

The inbuilt template editor in the WP Content Pilot plugin lets you control the appearance of your auto-published posts. Besides, it automatically inserts necessary tags and categories with newly published posts. 

In the PRO version, you can find features like post-translation that allow you to translate any article to your preferred language instantly.


  • Content Spinner for Automatic Content
  • Template Editor Supported
  • Automatically Inserts Posts Categories
  • Automatically Insert Posts Tags
  • Post Translation
  • Post Meta
  • Automatic Affiliation
  • Specific Filters for Selecting Articles
  • Create Custom Titles
  • Custom Post Status

9. Affiliate Royale

Affiliate Royale WordPress Plugin

Affiliate Royale is a simple yet powerful plugin with features that gets the job done. It is designed for running affiliate programs for WordPress sites. The plugin helps you increase your traffic, sales, and revenue from the website.

You can create multiple affiliates and manage them easily using the Affiliate Royale plugin. This keeps you fully updated regarding the status of your affiliates and how they’re doing. Your affiliates are all visible in the powerful Affiliate Dashboard within your website. Additionally, you can monitor clicks, sales, and payments related stats through the dashboard.

The best thing about Affiliate Royale is that it lets you launch your affiliate program within a few minutes. It is possible as the plugin integrates seamlessly with your website. You can then create personalized banners and links that can help you in your branding. 


  • Increased Traffic, Attention, and Sales
  • Easy Tracking of Affiliates
  • Powerful Affiliate Dashboard
  • Seamless Integration to Website
  • Instantly Launch Affiliate Programs
  • Banner and Links
  • Increased Revenue with Better Sales
  • Shopping Cart Integration

10. YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates WordPress Plugin

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is a plugin that can help you increase your sales dramatically. Using this plugin, you can advertise your product through other’s websites with just a few clicks. 

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates provides an opportunity to earn by giving commission to websites that sell your product. The plugin supports shortcodes for affiliate registration. You can find information about orders and commissions in the dashboard.

With the YITH WooCommerce plugin, you can handle reports and filter them by dates. Moreover, the plugin is available in four different languages, including English, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.

The users love this plugin as it has over 8000 active installations. It is constantly updated and supports all versions of WordPress above 5.4. Even if you’re a beginner, you will find this plugin easy to use as it is designed that way.  


  • Refer ID in the Query String
  • Refer ID information in the User’s Cookie
  • Credit Commissions to Registered Affiliates
  • Easy to Create Affiliates
  • Shortcode for Affiliate Registration
  • Commission for Each Order
  • Automatic Refund Calculation
  • Basic Reporting
  • “Generate Link” Shortcode

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best affiliate WordPress plugin?

If we have to pick one plugin from the list, we will go for the Affiliate WP. Although the margin is a bare minimum, Affiliate WP outperforms all of its competitors. It comes with easy link tracking, a clean and professional interface, a powerful dashboard, real-time reporting, and an excellent support system. Moreover, the plugin is fully internationalized and can be used anywhere in the world.

What to look for in an affiliate WordPress plugin?

While looking out for an affiliate plugin, there are a few things that we need to consider. Firstly, the plugin must be easy to use. So, look for a user-friendly plugin. Besides, your affiliate plugin should let you easily access and manage all the affiliate links on your website.

Finally, make sure the affiliate plugin is compatible with other popular plugins like WooCommere, Mailchimp, etc.

How can I add affiliate links to my WordPress site?

There are two options if you want to start making money by adding affiliate links to your website. First, you can add the links to each post once you’ve received the referral link. 

Second, you can use plugins to easily track your links and make more money by better managing them. We suggest you opt for the affiliate WordPress plugins as it makes your job way easier than doing it manually.


That’s that. These are the 10 best affiliate WordPress plugins that you need to look out for in 2022. If you’re clear on your purpose of using an affiliate plugin, you can make the most out of the plugin you choose. 

Just remember to check on your purpose and the features provided by the plugin before picking one. Also, make sure to share your experience with the plugins in the comment section below.

Additionally, if you’re also looking for WordPress themes for affiliate marketing, you may check out this guide — Best Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes. There you’ll find many options that you can opt for your WordPress site.

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