30+ Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes of 2022

30+ Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes of 2022

Do you know that COVID-19 has pushed internet usage by up to 70% and video streaming by more than 12%? Also, eCommerce saw a rise of 44% in 2020, which shows more potential of an online business.

So, if you too are planning to start up an online business, your timing could not be more perfect than ever. 

However, these days getting started with online business requires much less budget. In fact, with WordPress, it’s easier to manage and build websites. Most importantly, it has a wider audience reach. 

Now, the only question is, how do you make your eCommerce site standout in the crowd? 

We recommend using the best free eCommerce WordPress themes to build your astounding business website.

Below, you will also find the details of the 30+ best free eCommerce WordPress themes on the market today. By the end of this listicle, we are certain to patch you up with the best fit for your needs. 

Features to Consider in an eCommerce WordPress Themes

The themes on our list are the best free eCommerce themes you can find today. However, if none works for you and leaves you searching elsewhere, consider these features:

1. Performance

By theme’s performance, we mean its loading speed. A study reveals that even a second of page loading delay accounts for 11% loss in page views and an almost 7% negative circuit in the page conversion rate. Also, Google has made faster loading speed a factor for higher ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages.) We recommend prioritizing a theme with minimal design. Such a theme enlists only the features that you need. This way, your site does not bloat and loads faster. 

2. SEO

A theme with built-in SEO helps your site climb up the rank in SERPs. Of course, there are on-page SEO techniques as well that will boost your rank on search engines. But a built-in feature is definitely a perk.

3. Attractive Design 

We can all agree that good looks definitely make a good first impression, especially if your niche is e-commerce. There is a study that shows reasons for visitors leaving a site. Basically, design-related issues accounted for 94% and 6% was accounted for content-related. Likewise, 38% of visitors  leave the site due to unattractive layouts . So, make sure your theme has adequate layouts, designs, and templates.

4. Customization Options 

Your theme may have beautiful templates and designs, as we have discussed above. But your site needs constant element adjustments periodically. Some layouts may seem a bit off, while other parts of your page may need more additions. To tackle this, your eCommerce theme should offer multiple and unrestricted options to personalize your website. It should give you control over its colors, fonts, typography, animations, and other elements.

5. Responsive Design

A responsive design renders your site accurately on any mobile device. As you don’t know which device or screen size your customer may come from, it is best to prepare for it all. 

6. Plugins Support 

Plugins are third-party tools that add functionalities to your website. However, to add functionalities, your theme must support the plugin first. While most of the themes have in-built support for most of the popular plugins, it is best to inquire with the developer to be certain.

7. WooCommerce Plugin Compatibility

We have talked about the need for plugin support in the previous point. Yet, we would like to be specific on this one. A WooCommerce-compatible plugin is a long way to go for an eCommerce theme. 

Here are its main advantages: 

  • You can showcase your products and services in clear-cut layouts
  • You can add descriptions and tags to each product. It helps your customers find the product they want using keywords in the search menu.
  • You can show the ratings and reviews on each item. 
  • You can sort or filter each item on your site based on the name, type, size, date, and other criteria.
  • You can add a pricing table.
  • You can add product details in multiple measurement units and languages.

8. Multimedia Content 

Ecommerce sites include a combination of words, images and videos. Thus, your eCommerce theme should allow you to attach multimedia to your site.

9. Social Media Integration

It is best that your theme integrates a feature for social media sharing. Such a feature promotes sharing your content and thus increasing your online reach. Ultimately, your sales figure and credibility rises. In fact, social media is regarded as an effective marketing platform. 

10. Multiple Call-to-Action Options 

What good is your online shop if it does not let your customer take action? As an e-shop owner, it is your job to make it easier for those visitors to engage with your site. This is where you can use the Call-to-Action tools. 

CTA is simply an invitation for your site visitors to be involved with your business in some way possible. They can be subscribers, newsletters, pagination buttons, or even purchase options. The more CTA options your site has, the better its for the business.

Here are some benefits of CTAs on your site:

  • CTA guides your site visitors to take actions that increase their engagement with your business,
  • CTA motivates your visitors to become customers. 
  • Multiple CTAs assure your site content fits your marketing plan. 
  • Multiple CTAs increase your conversion rate.

11. Client Support

Sometimes, your site may get exhausted. Various issues may come across. So, where your site is backed by a dedicated client desk, you can get help instantly in case of any issue.

List of Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes

Here are 30+ best free eCommerce themes with their details. So that, you can set up a fully functional e-store in no time:

Blossom Shop

Blossom Shop free WordPress Theme

Sometimes, it’s harder to sell your products even when you have done everything you can. That is where you need the Blossom Shop theme.

The theme has a fluent design with a clean layout and SEO optimization. It offers a smooth browsing experience and also highlights your products to increase sales figures. You can also use the Blossom Shop theme for any online store niche, such as fashion, lifestyle, furniture, or others.

Blossom Shop offers nine powerful homepage sections to feature your products. You can instantly gain attention by using Its ribbon feature. Likewise, you can group similar products together for better sales.

Notably, its Mega Menu compatibility lets you organize your products most appealingly, along with the pictures.

WooCommerce support is a powerful feature to set up your store with minimal effort. Nonetheless, you can adjust the theme’s background, colors, and fonts as you like.

Using Blossom Shop’s built-in blog page layout, lets you add descriptions, upcoming sales and events, that can increase user retention.

Overall, Blossom Shop is a sales-focused theme with multiple features to set up a unique and user-friendly online shop.

Essential Features of Blossom Shop

• Responsive and Better SEO 

• Performance optimization 

• WooCommerce compatible 

• Social Media Integration 

• Various sections – Featured Posts, About Us, Services, Testimonials, and CTA

• Banner CTA with video or static image

• Translation ready and RTL compatible

Active Installation: 3000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

Digital Download

Digital Download Free WordPress Theme

Digital Download is a multipurpose responsive theme. This theme integrates the popular Easy Digital Download plugin that makes it super easy to sell digital products such as ebooks, photos, softwares, etc. 

The theme comes with a built-in demo to help you set up an elegant digital shop without breaking a sweat. There are six useful homepage sections in the theme, including Recent Products, Features, Newsletter, Testimonial, and CTAs. You can display your popular product or new ones in the banner slider for lead generation.

Digital Download is optimized for performance and SEO. Further, the Schema integration helps your site climb up the ranks on the SERPs. You can also translate your site to any other language. The live-customizer is particularly handy to adjust your pages with live preview. 

Essential Features of Digital Download 

• One-click demo importer 

• Attractive Banner Section 

• Six Homepage Sections 

• Social Media Integration 

• Integrates Easy Digital Download Plugin

Active Installation: 1000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

Rishi Theme

Rishi WordPress Theme

Rishi Theme is undoubtedly one of the best eCommerce WordPress themes out there. This theme is powered by WooCommerce, the world’s best eCommerce plugin. With this tool, building and managing your eCommerce store is a breeze!

Rishi Theme includes a variety of premade shop layouts to make your online store visually appealing. Besides, it offers loads of settings and flexibility for product customization. With this theme, you can add product descriptions, product images, select a card design, add product ratings, and set the product alignment.

Unlike other free themes, Rishi Theme comes with several ready-to-import starter websites. You can use the built-in one-click demo installer to import the demo files in a single click and get your website running faster than ever.

Rishi Theme is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor. Hence, this free theme offers exceptional flexibility and control to adjust the look and feel of your eCommerce website. For better customization, Rishi Theme integrates 1000+ Google fonts and unlimited color settings.

Coded with the best SEO approaches, Rishi Theme significantly boosts your website ranking across multiple search engines so that your website ranks higher. Besides that, this theme integrates the Schema Markup to improve your website visibility and maximize organic traffic.

Theme DetailsDemo


Neve WordPress Theme

Building a functional eCommerce shop is only a few clicks away using the Neve theme. Neve is a lightweight WordPress theme that performs at super-fast speed. Owing to the advanced features and modern looks, Neve instantly grabs your visitor’s attention.

The theme seamlessly integrates Gutenberg Editor and offers built-in support for popular page builders. Such as; Elementor, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Brizy, or Beaver Builder. With such editing tools, customization is way easy for any user.

After making all the edits, Neve makes sure to render your site perfectly across all devices. Its responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility comes to play here.

With Neve demo library, you can establish a professional e-commerce site in a few minutes. Besides, this theme also enables you to personalize any part of your page using any text, color, and typography. 

This WooCommerce integrated theme lets you craft an authentic online shop. You can display products and services in clean layouts. Moreover, its shop list view allows you to add details and descriptions about your products as well. Nonetheless, adding ratings on those products advocates better convenience among your visitors. 

Essentials Features of Neve

• Cross-browser compatible

• AMP compatible

• Support for all the popular page builders

• Built-in SEO and Performance optimized

• WooCommerce plugin integration

• Support for WPML plugin and RTL scripts

Active Installation: 200,000+

Ratings: 5 star

Theme DetailsDemo


Astra WordPress Theme

Astra’s lightweight design and built-in ready-made templates help any level user create an e-commerce site in a few minutes.The theme offers a number of pixel-perfect demos to set your website with ease.. You can use a one-click installer to set up your site with free demo content and layout. 

The visual theme customizer makes it easy to adjust the site to your needs. You can even add a professional touch to your site by using headers, sidebars, and video banners.

You get plenty of options on texts, typography, and colors in Astra. Likewise, while you customize your theme, its live customizer gives you a live preview of the adjustments of how your site will look. In the meantime,  you will know exactly how your site will look after the customizations.

Moreover, Astra is also fully responsive with SEO-friendly code to boost traffic on your website. It loads at a super speed to ensure a minimal bounce rate. 

Essential Features of Astra

• Responsive 

• Multiple built-in demos

• Super-fast Performance

• Built-in SEO optimization

• Live theme customizer

• WooCommerce integration

Active Installations: 1+ million

Ratings: 5 star

Theme DetailsDemo


Vilva Theme WordPress Theme

Vilva WordPress theme is a ready-to-use theme for any type of website; however, It perfectly blends with niches like fashion, travel, food, blogging, or coaching. With its elegant design, the theme helps to retain your visitors for a longer time.

Vilva theme has ad spots optimized for AdSense. You can simply place your sponsors and ads to increase your site’s revenue. The theme also drives more traffic to your site with built-in SEO techniques. For instance, Vilva noticeable Instagram and newsletter sections promote lead generation as well.

You can play with multiple colors, texts, and layouts to patch a perfect look for your site. Further, the theme also packs over 900 Google Fonts to add to any part of your page.

Vilva offers five different homepage sections and 22 custom widgets. There are also multiple layout options for headers, banners, blogs, single posts and archives. You can even attach media such as images or videos to the slider banner for a catchy look.

It is WooCommerce compatible, effortlessly turns your site into an online shop in no time. Not to forget Vilva’s translation-ready feature lets you showcase your site’s content into any language.

Essential Features of Vilva

• Multiple color options and typography options 

• 900+ Google Fonts

• Five homepage sections

• Social Media integration

• 22 custom widgets

• AdSense optimized ad spots

• WooCommerce compatible

• Translation Ready 

• SEO and performance optimized 

Active Installation: 6000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Feminine

Blossom Feminine Free WordPress Theme

Blossom Feminine is a gorgeous chic theme that integrates WooCommerce to promote online shops. Owing to the theme’s responsive design and easy-to-use interface, any user can create a site without any hesitation. Additionally, its beautiful design and latest features make Blossom Feminine a fine theme for businesses like lifestyle, salon, parlor, fashion, or blogs. 

There are multiple stunning layouts to add to your products and services. Furthermore, Its 12 custom widgets motivate creativity in building a one-of-a-kind website. 

You can take advantage of the theme’s WooCommerce integration. You can add pricing tables and descriptions in various colors, texts, layouts, styles, and typography. Moreover, the AdSense-optimized ad spot helps increase your site revenue. 

The theme’s ready-made Instagram and newsletter sections are useful for increasing your online presence and gaining more followers as well. 

Other notable features of Blossom Feminine are multiple paginations, WPML support, easy legibility, breadcrumbs, and easy navigation aids. 

Essential Features of Blossom Feminine

• Responsive 

• Cross-browser compatible 

• WooCommerce compatible 

• AdSense advertisement spot 

• Multiple homepage, slider, and header layouts 

• Newsletter Section 

• Instagram section 

• 12 custom widgets 

• SEO friendly

Active Installation: 6000+

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


OceanWP WordPress Theme 2

OceanWP is a responsive eCommerce theme that prioritizes blazing-fast performance. The theme’s versatile design and flexibility make it an ideal option for all levels of Startups. 

OceanWP is bundled with demo sites to suit your e-commerce niche. Simply use the demo installer to import its free demo content, layouts, and other settings for your e-commerce website.

With WooCommerce plugin compatibility, it eases to set your online shop. You can even use this theme’s Native Card Popup to grab your visitor’s attention. Moreover, this feature displays your work with a smooth effect whenever any visitor hovers over your product. 

Notably, you can sync your website with your Instagram profile using the built-in Instagram feature. It is a tool to increase your followers and generate leads. Finally, its built-in SEO-friendly makes search engines love your site.

Essential Features of OceanWP

• Responsive

• WooCommerce compatibility

• Demo content

• One-click importer

• Drag and Drop Page Builder

• Better page loading time 

• Built-in SEO 

• WPML plugin and RTL Ready

Active Installation: 700,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

Fashion Stylist

Blossom Fashion Stylist WordPress Theme

If you are a fashion blogger wanting to turn your site into a fashion store, Fashion Stylist is a perfect option for you. Fashion Stylish is a child theme of Blossom Fashion Pro. Despite being a free version, Fashion Stylist packs pretty much everything to set up a trendy website.

The theme offers a seamless mobile-ready feature along with support for all the popular browsers. In fact, with 600 different Google Fonts, you can stylize your site in your way. Combining these fonts with multiple color options and typography can give your site a unique look. 

Fashion Stylish does not fail to give space for your creativity. As it comes with multiple sliders, homepages, and headers to place your products and services.

With integrated WooCommerce, it helps to revitalize your site into a powerful eCommerce store. Nonetheless, the theme’s options to add a custom Advertisement widget could increase your revenue in the long run. 

It also packs handy features to retain more traffic, with its eye-catching Instagram section, a Newsletter section, social media widgets, and a video banner.

Other notable features are built-in support for RTL scripts, translation-ready, easy legibility, breadcrumbs, and 20 custom widgets. 

Essential Features of Fashion Stylish

• Responsive 

• Cross-browser compatible

• Advertisement widget

• WooCommerce plugin compatible

• 20 different custom widgets 

• Instagram Section 

• Social media integration

• Newsletter section 

• Translation-ready with RTL script support 

Active Installation: 1000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Hestia WordPress Forum Theme

Apart from being suitable for e-commerce, it is a multi-purpose theme that suits any website. Hestia has multiple templates and layouts to address the requirements of simple as well as complex websites.

The theme is Gutenberg-Ready to smooth customization. Its compatibility with popular page builders such as SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Elementor, Divi builder, and Brizy takes personalization a step further. Besides, while you are styling your site, you get a live preview of the changes you make.

WooCommerce integration molds your beautiful site into a fully functional online store. It offers portfolio and pricing sections where you can showcase your products and services. Evidently, this theme lets you attach a video to your site’s header that helps to catch attention right away. 

Moreover, the Mega Menus lets you control the design and structure to provide a better browsing experience to visitors. 

Overall, Hestia is an elegantly crafted WordPress theme with performance and SEO as top priorities in the developer’s mind. 

Essential Features of Hestia

• Responsiveness to all mobile sizes

• Live Customizer

• Dedicated Portfolio and Pricing sections

• SEO-friendly

• RTL script support

• Translation Ready 

• WooCommerce compatible

• Ultra-fast performance

Active Installation: 100,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Zakra eCommerce WordPress Theme

With a minimal and flexible design, Zakra is a powerful option that every online shop owner will love. The theme gives your site a stylish look with a touch of modern etiquette. 

Zakra has 40+ unique demos suitable for any type of website. Simply select the demo and download it using the one-click installer. Basically, in a few seconds, it sets up your site with default content, settings, and layouts. However, you can later edit your site to match your expectations.

The Gutenberg support, along with the GDPR compatibility, comes in handy for customization. Further, this theme allows you to use several color templates and fonts to suit your brand and products.

Nevertheless, its video banners and slides with scrolling effects are a great way to grab the attention of your visitors. 

With a collection of unique 7+ custom widgets, Zakra takes personalization a level further. Besides, you will enjoy customizing your site with the live preview.

With the WooCommerce plugin, your site is only a few settings short of being an online store. You can also use the Elementor builder to display your services and products in unique layouts. Plus, adding prices, reviews, and payment getaways increase user convenience.

The theme is coded for better speed and SEO. With its responsive design, your e-shop looks great on any screen size. Further, the WPML plugin support with RTL script will make localization easier.

Essential Features of Zakra

• Responsive 

• WooCommerce Ready 

• 40+ demos 

• Elementor plugin

• SEO optimized 

• Gutenberg compatible 

• 7+ custom widgets 

• Multiple colors, fonts, and typography

• Live customizer 

• RTL scripts and WPML support 

Active Installation: 60,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


eStore Free WordPress Theme

The eStore is a gorgeous theme dedicated to eCommerce sites. The theme’s stylish finish is compiled with advanced features making it a popular choice among online store owners. 

Its layouts are versatile and blend with any type of website. eStore supports the WooCommerce plugin and  YITH WooCommerce Wishlist. Integration of these plugins helps to build your e-commerce store in no time. It also allows you to attach images or videos along with the product description to provide better browsing aids. The theme also lets you add pricing tables and various payment methods. 

Being compatible with popular page builders, the eStore theme offers trouble-free personalization options. You can adjust the colors, fonts, and typography depending on your site’s niche or product type. Besides, to craft your online shop instantly, the theme offers multiple built-in demos. You can get a headstart using its one-click importer.

Lastly, no matter what your plans are for your site, eStore can help you to accomplish your objective.

Essential Features of eStore

• Responsive and supports all browsers

• YITH WooCommerce wishlist

• WooCommerce ready 

• Multiple demo sites

• One-click importer 

• Live theme customizer 

• Supports popular page builders such as Divi, Elementor, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, and more

• Multiple colors, texts, typography, and widget areas

Active Installation: 9000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Sydney eCommerce WordPress Theme

Sydney theme is a powerful option for freelancers and business owners. With seven unique page templates, you build an eCommerce website for any product.

The built-in live theme customizer lets you tweak your site in any way you like. Thus, you can adjust its color and fonts to give your e-commerce site the finest touch.  

Also, you get a preview of your change in real-time. So, you know exactly how your site looks when it’s live. 

With WordPress theme Sydney, you can display your products in suitable layouts and styles using the WooCommerce plugin. Plus, the pricing, reviews, and payment methods add to better convenience among customers.

The theme’s social media integration and 16 unique custom widgets helps to promote your online shop with better user engagement. Likewise, if you want to localize your site depending on the visitor’s region, the WPML plugin is at your rescue. 

Essential Features of Sydney

• Responsive

• Cross-browser support

• Custom Elementor blocks

• Advanced Theme Customizer 

• Parallax Background

• 600+ Google Fonts 

• Multiple colors 

• Advanced typography 

• Live Customizer 

• Social media integration 

• Translation ready

• WooCommerce ready 

Active Installation: 100,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

eCommerce Gem

eCommerce WordPress Theme

eCommerce Gem is a modern theme for building appealing online stores. Its clean and professional design is perfect for featuring various items. 

With a full-screen carousel on the homepage, it lets you add posters, new arrivals and offers to attract visitors. Additionally, its Banner section can be useful for highlighting your main products or events. 

There is also a Featured area that includes three promo boxes. You can simply display your price, offers and discount deals. 

The contemporary design of the eCommerce Gem focuses on highlighting your products to increase your sales. It also has a dedicated Newsletter section and 30+ Social Icons. 

Some other important homepage elements are Latest Product, Featured Products, Featured Categories, Call-to-Action, and three Custom Menu areas. Additionally, the theme packs eight widgets and 8+ widget areas for high-end functionality.  

The theme offers ample options for customizing your site using the built-in theme customizer. There are advanced options for fonts, colors, sliders, and even a multi-level sub-menu for a distinct appearance. 

Moreover, you can place a sticky header bar to offer a better navigation experience to your visitors. 

If you are in a rush to create a site, you can start by importing demo content with a single mouse click. No matter what you expect from your site, eCommerce Gem is ready to make it happen.

Essential Features of eCommerce Gem

• Responsive

• SEO optimized

• Includes eight+ Widgets Areas and eight widgets

• 30+ Social Icons

• Three Custom Menu Areas

• One-click demo import

• SubMenus

• Featured Slider 

• Image and Text Logos

• Live Customization Preview

• Translation Ready

Active Installation: 4000+

Ratings: 4 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Leto eCommerce WordPress Theme

Leto is a flexible theme that works effortlessly for any kind of eCommerce site. The theme is extravagant when it comes to its feature packs. Most importantly,  it’s engaging designs result in a higher conversion rate.  

Leto theme has a larger header image for effective product, events, and deals display. In addition, the WooCommerce compatibility is beneficial for adding prices, details, and even reviews of each product. 

Further, you also have the option to add a video to detail your website items.  

Evidently, Leto properly organizes your layout with the proper style to complement your niche. Also, you can customize its colors, fonts, and other elements as you please. It’s built-in Live Customizer offers greater flexibility while personalizing your site. 

The theme is fully translation-ready and supports any popular browser. Plus, its responsive design makes your shop convenient to browse. 

Leto also packs multiple widgets to add comprehensive functionalities to your homepage. You can move items around and sort them using different categories. 

Another user-convenient feature of Leto is the option to create galleries. This way, your visitors will instantly know what your site has to offer.

Overall, Leto is a simple yet effective theme made for any scale eCommerce business. Whether you are a startup site or an established organization, Leto will perfectly complement your site. 

Essential Features of Leto

• Responsive 

• Performance optimized

• Woocommerce integration

• Multiple built-in widgets

• Larger header with the option to add photo and video

• Live theme customizer

• Supports Google Fonts

• Call to action visuals

• Translation ready

• Cross-browser support

• Regular updates

• Dedicated support

Active Installation: 3000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


GeneratePress eCommerce WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is another free eCommerce WordPress theme to build an excellent online store in no time. It is a lightweight theme that suits any website project.

The code behind the theme is stable, ensuring optimized speed and performance. This means customers are more likely to complete their purchases.

The theme’s design also ensures the site you build will be accessible across all devices, strengthing your site to reach a wider audience.

It offers the right amount of customization options while staying incredibly light and stable. You can easily complete almost any adjustments you want on this theme. This includes making adjustments to the typography, colors, and various other styling elements. 

You also get control over your page border layout, margins, sidebars, footers, and padding. 

GeneratePress is compatible with the popular page builder plugins. Moreover, the theme also integrates perfectly with a number of hooks and filters for further expanding its e-commerce functions. 

At last, we can say that, for a free theme, GeneratePress offers more than enough.

Excellent Features of GeneratePress

• Theme Builder

• Site Library

• WooCommerce Compatible

• Advanced Hook SystemSticky Navigation

• Masonry Layout

• Advanced Layout System

• Multiple Customization Options

• Infinite Scroll

• Off-Canvas Panel

• Mobile Header

• Secondary Navigation

Active Installation: 300,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Storefront eCommerce WordPress Theme

StoreFront has an intuitive and flexible design to give your eCommerce site an elegant makeover. This theme seamlessly integrates the Woocommerce plugin, turning your website into an authentic store.

Owing to its versatility, the theme is perfect for any type of websites, such as fashion, food, technology, and others.

StoreFront flaunts its clean and simple design to bring out professionalism in your store. You can use its full-width header to add your recent products or offers with a smooth transition effect. 

Besides, the homepage of StoreFront is filled with multiple options to improve the user experience. For instance, you can categorize products as recent, top-rated, best sold, featured, or on-sale. You can also enable reviews and ratings for each item as well.

The theme never fails to deliver better loading speed and SEO ranking. With its responsive layout, nestable grid system, and multiple customization options, you can easily build a decent eCommerce site.

Essential Features of StoreFront

• 100% responsive

• WooCommerce integration

• Flexible build with nested grid system

• WooCommerce-focused Custom Homepage Templates

• SEO optimized

• Widgets ready

• Translation ready

• Minimal design

Active Installation: 200,000+

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


TheShop eCommerce WordPress Theme

If you are looking for an easy-to-use eCommerce theme, TheShop is your best bet. It has a straightforward interface with everything in one place. Interestingly, you don’t need to wander about to get along with this theme. 

Its minimalist design with a stylish finish will make your site a success. Moreover, the theme’s confines an impressive set of the homepage features to showcase your products and drive more customers. The major homepage features are product carousel, image slider, and linking to product categories. Plus, its image-heavy design will turn any visitors into buying customers straight away.

Nevertheless, the theme also delivers an impressive range of personalization options as well. 

TheShop comes with a dedicated homepage template, 600+ Google Fonts, CTA buttons, and carousel sliders. You also have the opportunity to patch a blog section on your site to introduce any product or sales. 

This theme does not leave any stone unturned with its Live Preview Customizer. Such a feature is very beneficial in making your site adjustments.

Finally, TheShop allows you to do more using various sections, such as Product Categories, Latest Products, Call-to-Action, Latest posts, and more. 

Essential Features of TheShop

• Responsive

• Search Engine Optimized

• Image Slider

• 600 Google Fonts

• Multiple Color Options

• Two Page Templates

• Built-in Live Customizer

• Translation Ready

• Supports the WooCommerce plugin

• Easy to Change Primary Color

Active Installation: 2000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

EightStore Lite

EightStore Lite WordPress Theme

EightStore Lite is a gorgeous WordPress theme perfect for online fashion stores. It lets you display special offers, new arrivals, and other clothing items in the most appealing way. 

Moreover, this theme’s homepage carousel slider is an effective way of luring visitors to surf deeper into your site. 

EightStore Lite theme incorporates effortless WooCommerce integration. It is an excellent plugin that promotes sales on your website. Besides, you can display your products using two layouts: boxed and full width. 

The theme lets you integrate a video in its pop-up banner section. You can even embed the video from Youtube or Vimeo. It helps increase user retention on your site. 

EightStore comes with powerful sections on the homepage, including Newsletter, Call-to-Action, Featured Products, Testimonials, Blogs, etc. 

Further, the theme makes your site much more user-friendly. Your audience can easily locate their desired items using the Product and Post Search feature.

It supports popular payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. You can even let your customers know about the payment getaways by displaying the logos on your payment options.

You have full control to customize your site’s typography. You can also increase your social presence by integrating social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Finally, the EightStore Lite theme is translation-ready and also supports Right-to-Left (RTL) language scripts. Examples include Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian. 

Essential Features of EightStore Lite

• Responsive

• Search Engine Optimized

• Includes Four Sidebar Options

• WooCommerce Compatible 

• Social integration

• Supports the bbPress plugin

• Translation Ready with RTL scripts

• Multiple Category Display Layout

• Multiple payment methods

Active Installation: 1000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Woostify eCommerce WordPress Theme

Woostify is another lightweight eCommerce WordPress theme on the list. The theme focuses on better performance and faster load speed. It integrates the WooCommerce plugin, for building functional online stores in no time.  

Likewise, with its built-in SEO techniques, you have a better chance of ranking higher on search engines’ results. 

Woostify lets you choose from three layouts for the listing page, four unique layouts for your product page, and two for multi-step checkout. Besides, you also get multiple header layouts along with a sticky header and opacity control.

There are also options for full-screen Banner, New Arrivals, Categories, and several homepage sections. The mouse-hover feature in the Popular section adds a cool urgency effect to your products.

Woostify theme supports the popular Elementor page builder with drag-and-drop functionality. This adds to an easier and quick customization experience. Further, you can control every element of your site design from a single dashboard as well. 

Woostify also has an engaging Newsletter widget that helps in lead generation. In fact, you can grow your email marketing list using this feature. 

Essential Features of Woostify

• Responsive/Mobile Friendly Design

• WooCommerce integration

• SEO optimized

• Multiple homepage sections and widgets

• Social Media Integration

• Real-Time Customization

• Translation ready with RTL scripts

• Video Embed in the Products Gallery

Active Installation: 10,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

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Shoppingcart eCommerce WordPress Theme

ShoppingCart is a content-rich theme that perfectly fits for eCommerce websites. Its appealing design lets you sell various items, such as textiles, apparel, jewelry, clothing, and more. 

This responsive theme adjusts your site with correct dimensions to fit on all screen sizes. Besides, its SEO techniques help your site rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

The theme supports the mega menu feature, where you can add your everyday items. Further, you also have the option to attach multimedia elements, such as images and icons as well.

ShoppingCart theme packs beautiful demos for easy site setup. You can import those demos using a one-click importer in a few seconds.

Moreover, this eCommerce theme has a wide variety of homepage sections to make your site as appealing as possible. And ShoppingCart does this through its highly engaging sections like Featured Products, Best Sellings, Products, Top Rated, and New Arrivals. 

Also, it has a sticky header bar where you can add your custom logo. Like most of the shopping outlets, this theme also lets you add a shopping cart. Basically, your customers can get back to their pending shopping carts and complete their orders.

Essential Features of ShoppingCart

• Responsive

• Carousel Banner Slider

• Multiple homepage sections

• Social Media Integration

• Sticky header 

• Custom Logo

• Infinite Color Options

• Includes 15 Sidebars

• WooCommerce support 

• Navigation Aid

• One-click demo importer

• Mega Menu

• Supports PayPal, VISA, Stripe, etc. 

Active Installation: 10,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

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Zigcy Lite

Zigcy lite WordPress Theme

Zigcy Lite is a radiant WordPress theme for creating eCommerce websites. With built-in integration of the WooCommerce plugin, the theme can help you sell your products easily.

You get a package of six homepage demos in this eCommerce theme. These templates are dedicated to increasing your sales.

The Zigcy Lite is fully responsive and smoothly renders every pixel of your site on all screen sizes. Besides, its SEO-friendly coding will make search engines love your site. As a result, you can expect a better ranking on SERPs as well.

You can kickstart your eCommerce site seamlessly with its one-click demo importer. Moreover, you get a number of pre-designed page templates in Zigcy Lite, such as; Shop, Blog, Checkout, Contact Us, Cart, etc. 

The theme also supports multiple social media channels. You can add icons for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others at your header bar. 

Essential Features of Zigcy Lite

• Responsive

• Optimized for Speed and SEO

• One-click importer

• Appealing Featured Area 

• Multiple Color Customization Settings

• Supports Drag-and-Drop Elementor Page Builder

• Translation Ready

Active Installation: 4000+

Ratings: 5 stars

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Excellent WordPress Theme

As the name suggests, the Excellent theme is an all-rounder in every aspect to create a pixel-perfect eCommerce website. The theme has a multi-purpose build that goes well with any niche of business. 

No matter what type of business you own, the theme offers you four built-in homepage layouts. You can instantly start your online shop using the demo importer feature.  

This minimalist theme sets up a distraction-free website solely dedicated to conversions. In fact, it assures a faster load speed and navigation aids so that your visitors get a better browsing experience. 

The excellent theme supports the WooCommerce plugin, which attends to the needs of any eCommerce site. Additionally, this theme also is a bbPress-compatible plugin. It will help you create and extend an online community. 

You get unlimited choices when it comes to color pixels. There are additional settings to adjust your texts and typography to match your brand. Such a feature shapes your site precisely the way you want. 

Displaying the latest post is much easier in the theme’s full-screen banner slider. You can even attach Call-to-Action buttons to the slider. Moreover, you can add a sticky header bar and provide trouble-free navigation to your visitors.

Besides, social media integration helps your site extend its reach over larger groups. With the Excellent theme, you can set new standards for an eCommerce site.

Essential Features of Excellent

• Responsive Design

• Cross-browser support

• Search Engine Optimized

• Four built-in homepage templates for any purpose

• Better loading speed

• Includes 9 Sidebars

• Multiple colors, texts, and typography

• WooCommerce compatible

• Pre-Designed Page Templates

• Eye-catching Advertisement Space

• Social media integration 

Active Installation: 2000+

Ratings: 4.5 stars

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Vantage Free WordPress Theme

Vantage is a modern yet classic eCommerce WordPress theme that is build for multi-use. With this powerful theme, you can create anything from a simple blog to a fully functional business website. This multi-purpose theme Vantage, integrates seamlessly with an array of exciting third-party plugins.

This theme is built around the SiteOrigin Page Builder to give you maximum control over your page layouts. Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes customization fun and easy. Moreover, the SiteOrigin CSS editor offers the ultimate design control by allowing you to change your website’s design in real-time.

It is also a fully responsive theme that scales perfectly to fit on any browsing device without leaving any of your content behind. For instance, you can make your site much more attractive and easy to read using your favorite Google Font and color. 

Vantage combines boxed and full-width website layouts with three menu alignment options. It also offers multiple logo positions, giving you plenty of flexibility while designing your header. 

Essential Features of Vantage

• Responsive Layout

• Boxed or Full-Width Layout

• Multiple Headers

• Powerful Page Builder

• 2500+ Icons

• Widgets Bundles

• Full-Screen Banner Section

• CSS Editor

• Supports Parallax Slider Effect

• Google Fonts

• Retina Support

• WooCommerce Integration

Active Installation: 70,000+

Ratings: 4.5 stars

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Make WordPress Theme

Make is an outstanding free WordPress theme suitable for designing a corporate, eCommerce, or any other business website. You can easily build your website without writing a single line of code using the built-in drag and drop page builder.

This fully responsive and retina-ready theme is well-coded with the latest Bootstrap technology. It comes with hundreds of customization options, including unlimited colors, custom backgrounds, and over 600 Google fonts.

Make theme works generously with the WooCommerce plugin. Moreover, it includes a powerful Shortcode Generator and incorporates a handy page builder. Such a combination provides a user-friendly interface for the users while creating pages.

Essential Features of Make

• Responsive Design

• Retina Ready

• WooCommerce Compatible

• Format Builder

• Powerful Base Theme

• Developer Friendly

• SEO-Friendly

• Social Media Integration

• Multiple Customization Options

• Gallery Slider

• Google Fonts

• Boxed and Full-Width Layout

• Ready-made Child Theme

Active Installation: 10,000+

Ratings: 4 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


StoreVilla WordPress Theme

StoreVilla is a gorgeous WordPress theme to create and manage your shop easily. Its beautiful design suits perfectly for fashion, digital products, cosmetic stores, and more.

The SEO-optimized theme integrates seamlessly with various WooCommerce plugins. Additionally, it presents itself with 10+ custom widgets for added functionality and versatility to your store. 

StoreVilla features a built-in Live Customizer which provides you with countless theme settings. You can make all the necessary changes as per your needs and preview them simultaneously.

The page translation feature ensures that people from around the world can buy the products from your store. Furthermore, this fully responsive theme offers unlimited slider options along with page layouts to make your site stand out from others.

StoreVilla is highly optimized for speed and loads faster than other average-performing themes.

Nevertheless, it comes with two WooCommerce archive layouts, advanced product search, a testimonial section, and multiple category display layouts.

Essential Features of StoreVilla

• Optimized for speed and SEO

• Fully built-on customizer

• Unlimited slider options

• 10+ different widgets

• Advanced product search

• Background configuration

• Multiple category display layout 

• Translation ready

• Highly configurable homepage

• Deep Woocommerce Integration

Active Installation: 2,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Vogue WordPress Theme

Vogue is a stylish WordPress theme with a clean and minimal layout for eCommerce websites. It comes with tons of features to help your site look more appealing. 

It is a modern theme that has amazing customizing tools. You can customize colors, fonts and most of the parts of your site without any limitations. You can even adjust your settings as you need and get a live preview as you make changes.

This fully responsive theme is highly attentive to SEO optimization. It ensures that promoting your site on search engine rankings is a breeze.

Vogue also comes with features like multiple blog layouts, a custom logo, three different page templates, multiple footer layouts, social links, and so on. Similarly, it includes the WooCommerce plugin, Page Builder, Breadcrumb NavXT, Meta Slider, and more.  

Vogue is undoubtedly a cool theme to pick for your eCommerce website. It suits beginners without any knowledge of coding. However, Vogue is also highly extensible for some added functionalities. 

Essential Features of Vogue

• Layout Options and Settings

• SEO optimized

• Multiple blog layouts

• Fully responsive

• Fast loading

• Full-color settings

• Page Builder Ready

• Developer Hooks

• WooCommerce Ready

• Multiple header layouts

• Multiple footer layouts

Active Installation: 10,000+

Ratings: 5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Allegiant WordPress Theme

Allegiant is a highly customizable and visually striking WordPress theme. It is packed with various features to help you create stunning websites. It is a multi-purpose theme. However, its dedicated homepage sections and one-page layout make it best suited for online business sites.

This WooCommerce compatible theme is packed with fully functional templates that allow you to market your products across a wider audience. You can also showcase your products using the amazing built-in layouts that present your catalog directly to your online audience.

What’s more is its easy legibility and ability to add portfolio, testimonials, and team member sections. Besides, the theme is translation-ready, which means people from all around the world can shop without any difficulty.

To sum up, this is the ideal theme for commercial endeavors of all kinds. You can’t go wrong when you are going with Allegiant. 

Essential Features of Allegiant

• Responsive and pixel-perfect

• Supports Woocommerce

• Cross-browser compatible

• Five sidebar layout options

• Complete layout control

• Supports shortcodes

• Sections for testimonials, portfolio, and team member sections

Active Installation: 6,000+

Ratings: 4 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

AccessPress Store

AccessPress Store WordPress Theme

AccessPress Store is a next-generation WordPress theme that is fully built on a customizer. This theme prioritizes appearance, features, and usability the most. It is a complete package for creating a modern e-store.

It is a fully responsive and SEO-friendly theme with seamless integration of the WooCommerce plugin. The several layouts, widgets and color options help you personalize and create a stunning website for your business.

AccessPress Store includes a full-screen YouTube section to integrate videos with CTA buttons. The search bar makes it easier for your audience to explore products and other website content. Furthermore, you can monetize your site using Google Adsense or other alternatives, like PropellerAds, Media.net, etc.

Essential Features of AccessPress Store

• Optimized for Speed

• Fully Built On Customizer

• WooCommerce Integration

• Search Engine Optimized

• Boxed and Full-Width Layout

• YouTube Video Integration

• Supports PayPal, Stripe, Skrill, etc. 

• Responsive Design

• Includes Nine Widgets

Active Installation: 4,000+

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Theme DetailsDemo


Shopper eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopper is a minimalist-style theme with a neat and attractive design to showcase your products beautifully on your eCommerce site. It lets you design your entire site within a few minutes using the simple drag and drop builder.

Using various features like powerful theme options, custom background, menus, and blog layouts, you can easily customize your website with precision. Similarly, you can adjust the carousel settings on your site just the way you want and display the products in a graceful way.

This search engine-friendly and the cross-browser compatible theme is created using valid HTML and CSS. Shopper supports over 600 Google Fonts that make the texts on your site clearer and easier to read. Furthermore, the theme is translation-ready and highly optimized for speed.

You can take full advantage of blogs within this theme to market your content on your eCommerce site. Likewise, it offers a social sharing option too. This will help your website to reach a wider range of audiences.

Essential Features of Shopper

• Responsive and mobile ready

• SEO Optimized

• Cross-Browser Compatible

• Full-width homepage

• Powerful theme options

• HTML5 and CSS3

• Theme customizer

• Custom Menus

• Translation ready

• Best coding practices

Active Installation: 5,000+

Ratings: 3 stars

Theme DetailsDemo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. Which is the Best Hosting Provider for my eCommerce Website?

There are many web hosting companies that are offering premium as well as free services. Some of the major ones are SiteGround, Bluehost, and DreamHost. We recommend checking out these top web hosting providers for your eCommerce website. They are the best on the market currently.

Q. Which Payment Gateways Should I Include in My eCommerce Website?

Some of the best and trendy payment gateways are MasterCard, PayPal, VISA, and Amazon Payments. You can use these payment getaways on your eCommerce site. However, if you are targeting international customers, make sure the payment method you include on your site works in their region.

Q. Does Free WooCommerce Themes Allow Multiple Payment Gateways?

A simple answer is “Yes.” The themes we have mentioned here support multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, MasterCard, and more. But, you may also find free eCommerce themes that allow you to add only a single payment method. For more options, you can switch to a premium plugin.

Q. Do I Need a Premium WooCommerce Theme for More Powerful Features?

It depends on your expectations from your eCommerce site. If you are planning for basic, most of the free themes will cover you. However, for advanced features and functionalities, free themes may not be your best bet. They don’t include as many features as a premium theme would offer.  However, if you are a startup site, we recommend using the best WooCommerce WordPress theme. You can upgrade to a premium option when your site starts growing.

For premium options, check out these best eCommerce WordPress themes.

Q. Why is WooCommerce the Best Plugin For Creating Online Stores?

WooCommerce offers tons of advanced features dedicated to online stores. This plugin considers all the necessities that are required to build online business needs.  Pricing tables, decorative templates, reviews, multiple payment options, bookings are some features worth mentioning. No wonder, WooCommerce is emerging as one of the best plugins for online stores. 

You can also find the details in WooCommerce Vs. Shopify. Check it out.

Which is the Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes – Conclusion

In this listicle, we have included 31 of the best free eCommerce WordPress themes the market has to offer. 

However, given certain criteria such as customization options, user-friendly interface, and several features, we have chosen Neve as the best free eCommerce theme. It has more than 80 ready-to-use homepage templates. It has a lightweight build with speed and SEO prioritization. Plus, there are multiple colors, fonts, and layouts to decorate your site. 

Likewise, Blossom Shop is the runner-up. It integrates more than 600+ Google Fonts, different custom widgets, and nine homepage sections. Moreover, it also brings in-built support for WooCommerce and multiple customization options to the table. 

If you are involved in a business of selling digital products such as software, music, art, etc., Digital Download theme is the best option for you.

We also cannot ignore the aesthetically sound Astra theme. This adaptable theme is perfect for any type of website. The built-in compatibility with the popular Page Builders and WooCommerce makes this theme a smart choice among business owners. Moreover, Astra also offers a buffet of multiple pre-built sites to get your site live in no time. 

Having it said, you could go with any other options from the list. Each of these themes is unique in its own way. Rest assured, you could create an elegant eCommerce site with any pick. It all comes down to what you expect from your theme. 


So, these were the 30+ best free eCommerce WordPress themes today. We have selected these themes based on various criteria such as performance, built-in SEO features, design, customization options, multimedia support, and WooCommerce compatibility.  Any pick should work wonders for a visually pleasing online store. However, we recommend figuring out your needs first. It would then be easier for the theme hunt.

Let us know which option you are going for in the comments below.

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