20+ Free WordPress Themes for Yoga Teachers

20+ Free WordPress Themes for Yoga Teachers

Do you run a yoga studio and need a website to establish your online presence?  

Or are you a work-from-home yoga teacher who is trying to reach more people without stepping out of your house?

Whatever may be the case, we are here to help you.

Creating a website and showcasing your brand on a digital platform has become more of a necessity than an option. Why? Websites do the work of promoting your business while you’re sleeping. It gives your business huge exposure among the vast audience in the digital world.

To create a website is easier than ever, that too free of cost. You don’t even need to know how to code. All you need is a Content Management System where your website is based and a theme to give life to your website. But, don’t you worry. We’ve got both of them covered for you.

We have created 20+ free WordPress themes for yoga teachers like you to succeed in your online venture.

Let’s get into the details!

What to Look for in a Free Yoga WordPress Theme? 

A theme can make or break your website. So, it is crucial to have a basic knowledge about what to look for in your desired theme niche. It helps you pick the most suitable theme for your business.

So, here are the few essential features that must be present in a Free yoga WordPress theme.

Attractive Design

What a visitor sees on your website for the first few seconds determines if they will stay or go back. Look really matters here. Nobody wants to see a sloppy website, let alone buy from them. So, it’s important to have an elegant design with clean layouts to keep your visitors invested in your website.

Customization Options

Most of the themes come with predefined starter sites, and that is great for beginners. But the pre-built demos may not best represent your company values. So it’s the best decision to choose a theme that provides complete customization freedom. You should be able to choose the font type, background color, typography settings, layouts, widgets, etc., to provide a personal touch to your website.

High-Speed Performance

Let’s say you want a few items from a grocery store. You see two different counters; one has a long line and another slightly shorter. I bet you would join the shorter line to bill your items.

Similarly, no one is going to wait for your website to load if its loading speed is higher. They would revert back and choose some other fast-loading website. So, it’s recommended to go for a theme that loads quickly and respects visitors’ time.

Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever surfed the second page of Google search results and opened the link? I assume you haven’t. Most of us don’t.

Out of countless content on the internet, you need your website to appear on the first page of search engine results. Here, SEO is the deciding factor here. Most of the themes today come with SEO techniques embedded in them by SEO experts. It protects you from getting lost in the pool of average websites on the web. So, make sure to choose a theme that is search engine optimized.


Research shows that over 50% of people use mobile phones to surf the internet. So, it becomes vital for your website to run smoothly on mobile devices. With fully responsive themes, your website runs smoothly not only on mobile but also on other devices like tablets. So, it’s beneficial to choose a responsive theme to reach a more significant number of people.

Translation Ready

If you are a yoga teacher based at a location where English is not the first language, you might face problems using a theme designed in English. But this language barrier is fixed by translation-ready themes as you can translate the theme in your local language. 

Plugin Compatibility

Not all free themes come with plugins that are necessary for your website. So, it’s your job to hunt for the one that has a theme. Some of the most common plugins are:

1. WooCommerce Plugin

It is one of the most sought-after e-commerce platforms on the internet that provides excellent online store functionality. It manages everything from product display, cart management, checkout, etc. It not just makes your job easier, but also ensures a smooth shopping experience for the customers. So, as a yoga teacher, you might want to sell your courses, services, and even products online. In that case, the WooCommerce plugin is a must-have.

2. Page Builder Tools

The function of page-building tools is to make it easier for you to design, build and edit different elements on your website. Most of them come with a drag-and-drop interface which is super-efficient. So, you might as well want to get your hands on the themes that are compatible with such tools. Some of the popular page builder tools are Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, etc.

CTA buttons

No matter how visually appealing your website is or how many features it has, it is of no use if it doesn’t bring you profit. Strategic CTA buttons on your website will encourage the visitors to take action. Those actions can be as good as making a purchase or as simple as signing for a newsletter. It ultimately helps you grow your business.

List of Free Yoga WordPress Themes for Yoga Teachers

Now that you have a basic idea of what to look for in a free WordPress theme, let’s look into the list of 20+ Free WordPress Themes for yoga teachers.

Pranayama Yoga

Pranayama Yoga WordPress Theme

Pranayama Yoga is a clean WordPress theme with uncluttered sections and enough breathing space. Despite being a free theme, it has all the necessary features and functionalities to run a website for your yoga studio. It has 800+ active installations, so there’s definitely something about it.

It has dedicated areas to showcase your expertise and services offered on the homepage. You can upload details about your classes. Likewise, you can engage and educate your audience at the same time by posting beneficial articles and blogs about yoga. If you work with other yoga trainers, you can share about them and build trust with the visitors.

Pranayama Yoga WordPress theme offers you a responsive design that adapts to any screen size irrespective of the device. It also comes cross-browser compatible, which means it won’t be a problem browsing your website from the browser. Furthermore, you can translate the theme to any language as it is translation-ready.

You can import the demo content of this theme completely free of cost. Additionally, you can also access free support from its friendly team.

Key Takeaways
  • Allows to add your logo to your website
  • Social media integration to connect to your followers to attract more traffic to your site
  • WooCommerce compatible, to manage your online store efficiently
  • Search Engine Optimized, providing your website with a higher rank in search engines
  • Speed optimized to minimize the loading time of your website
Theme DetailsDemo

Yoga Fitness

Yoga Fitness WordPress Theme

Yoga Fitness is an elegant theme dedicated to yoga instructors to create and run a high-functioning website. It is also a suitable theme if you run a wellness center, spa, salon, or meditation classes.

This theme gives you a premium feel with most of the pro features without paying a single penny. In addition, it lets you earn money by selling products or courses online right on your website. All this is made possible with a robust e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce.

The theme focuses on putting your best foot forward as it has specific sections to showcase your credentials. These sections include services, about, testimonials, team, blog, etc. Furthermore, it has an eye-catching Instagram section to flaunt your panoramic photos and woo your visitors.

Yoga Fitness is mobile-friendly, so you won’t miss out on reaching mobile phone users. It also runs smoothly on any browser. You can translate your website to your preferred language without a hassle. It also supports RTL scripts.

Your website is more likely to be on the front page of Google as the theme is SEO-friendly. It loads super fast without wasting any time.

Key Takeaways
  • Highly customizable and comes with 900+ Google Fonts
  • Multiple layouts: 4 header layouts, 3 blog post layouts, 4 sidebar layouts
  • Allows post excerpt to provide the user a piece of short information about the content
  • Attractive newsletter forms to grow email subscriptions
  • 22 Custom Widgets for extended functionality
Theme DetailsDemo

Astra – Yoga Instructor

Astra - Yoga Instructor WordPress Theme

Astra is a multipurpose theme that works wonderfully for any project or business. Out of other amazing starter sites, Yoga Instructor is just as suitable for your yoga teaching website. 

You can quickly personalize the theme according to your taste as it provides complete design freedom. The theme allows you to choose from different layout settings for header, blog, single pages, sidebar, and footer. Besides, it offers the ability to set theme colors and fonts to best represent your brand.

This theme integrates effortlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. This compatibility makes it easier for you to sell your products and services online. It also provides an enriched shopping experience for your customers.

You don’t have to worry if English is not your preferred language. This theme is entirely translatable to your local language. Additionally, the theme supports RTL scripts.

Key Takeaways
  • Lightweight (less than 50 kB)
  • Superfast (loads in 0.5 seconds)
  • Highly customizable
  • Compatible with popular page building tools like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, etc.
  • Gutenberg Blocks Integration for easy editing
  • Yoast SEO plugin incorporated to maximize your possibility of ranking high on search engines
Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Studio

Blossom Studio WordPress Theme

Blossom Studio is an attractive WordPress theme that focuses on lead generation. This free theme comes packed with awesome features. As a result, it is ideal for a yoga studio, meditation retreat, dance class, or similar websites.

The theme introduces 12 homepage sections for about, featured, course level, testimonial, client logo, blog, shop, etc. These sections help you organize your website while showcasing your specialties.

This mobile-friendly theme is SEO optimized to make your website appear on the first page of search engine results. It is cross-browser compatible for smooth functioning in any browser. Likewise, it also loads super fast without wasting your time.

With Blossom Studio, you can quickly sell your products and services online as it is compatible with WooCommerce. In addition, you can display your engaging Instagram posts and add links to your social profiles. 

Key Takeaways
  • Banners with Image, Video, or Slider Strategical call-to-action buttons and newsletter forms for lead generation
  • Great customization with 1000+ Google Fonts with typography settings
  • Image and color options for background
  • Compatible with Gutenberg Block Editor and Elementor to easily arrange layouts with a drag-and-drop interface
Theme DetailsDemo

Vandana Health Coach

Vandana Health WordPress Theme

Vandana Health Coach is designed to support coaches, mentors, and leaders to take their business to the next level. It also equally serves the needs of yoga teachers in creating a fantastic website.

This theme focuses on converting visitors into customers. It has a newsletter in an attractive banner to grab visitors’ attention and encourage them to take action. It also features a notification bar with a newsletter form. Furthermore, it has strategically placed CTA buttons on the website to generate maximum leads.

Vandana Health Coach comes with 11 different homepage sections like about, services, blog, etc., that you can utilize carefully to showcase your specialties. It also has a dedicated Instagram section to impress people with your picturesque posts. 

The theme is a fully responsive theme that works like magic on any screen size. It also doesn’t discriminate among different browsers as it is cross-browser compatible. It is SEO-friendly, letting you outcast your competitors by ranking high on search engines. You can also translate your theme into your preferred language as it is translation-ready. 

Key Takeaways
  • 900+ Google Fonts and typography options
  • Notification bar with a newsletter form
  • Gutenberg compatible for efficient editing of the webpages
  • WooCommerce compatibility to easily sell products and services online
  • Post Excerpt to provide a hint about the post
  • Back to Top button 
Theme DetailsDemo

Spa and Salon

Spa and Salon WordPress Theme

Though the name says “Spa and Salon,” this free WordPress theme is suitable for a yoga studio as well. It has all the features and sections required for you to run your yoga studio website with ease.

It is social media integrated to let you flaunt your picturesque Instagram feed on your website. This feature also helps you stay connected with your visitors by guiding them to your social sites. In addition, it increases the traffic to and fro your website and social media, which ultimately helps your business grow.

This theme has enough space to add extra widgets to your website. It also has wisely placed CTA buttons encouraging the visitors to take action. You can even add your logo to your website to give a personal touch to it.

The Spa and Salon WordPress theme comes with step-by-step instructions to set it up without any coding knowledge. You are also provided with expert support whenever any problems arise, that too free of cost.

Key Takeaways
  • Beautiful and clean design 
  • SEO friendly, letting you outcast your competitors by ranking high on search engines
  • Responsive design that swiftly adapts to any screen size
  • Translatable to any language as per your requirement
  • Cross-browser compatible for smooth browsing experience on any browsers
Theme DetailsDemo

Neve – Fitness Trainer

Neve - Fitness Trainer WordPress Theme

Neve is a multipurpose theme that comes packed with 80+ ready-to-import starter sites. A free starter site of Neve named “Fitness Trainer” is a good option if you run a yoga and fitness studio.

The most crucial feature of Neve is that it’s super fast and lightweight. Its default size is just 28 KB. It takes as little as 0.6 seconds to load. Likewise, Neve has obtained a 100 speed score from Google. 

This free theme is mobile-friendly and compatible with AMP that makes your website accessible to mobile users while keeping you on Google’s good side. What makes Google love your site even more is its SEO-friendly markup, resulting in increased reach through search results. 

Additionally, Neve is translation-ready and supports RTL scripts to translate the theme as per your preferred language.

Key Takeaways
  • It’s highly flexible, letting you control header and footer design and website layouts
  • It’s painless to build and edit as it is compatible with easy-to-use page builder tools like Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Divi Builder, etc
  • It’s associated with the WooCommerce plugin making it efficient to manage an online store to sell your products or services with ease
  • Neve’s blog booster feature boosts blog posts for high visitor engagement
Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Spa

Blossom Spa WordPress Theme

Blossom Spa is a completely free WordPress theme that can be used on many websites with no limitations and no hidden costs. You also get free expert support whenever you need it. Furthermore, it is updated regularly to meet the latest technical standards. 

Other than spas, this theme works perfectly for any wellness center, yoga studios, dance classes, etc. It comes with 8 homepage sections like about, services, testimonial, team, blog, Instagram, etc. These sections help you best represent your brand by showcasing your specialties.

Blossom Spa has an attractive Instagram section featured on the homepage to display your excellent Instagram posts. It invites visitors to follow you on social media for better communication. This connectivity ultimately benefits your business as social media presence is one of the most popular ways of promoting any business.

The theme performs equally well on mobile devices as it is 100% responsive. It also runs smoothly on any browser. This theme is translatable into your own language if you are not comfortable in English.

Key Takeaways
  • Magnificent feminine design
  • Search Engine Optimized with latest SEO trends to make your website visible on search engines
  • Video/Image banner with CTA buttons to generate maximum leads
  • WooCommerce compatibility to help you generate an extra source of income by selling your courses and products online
  • 22 Custom Widgets for better website customization
Theme DetailsDemo

CoachPress Health

CoachPress Health WordPress Theme

CoachPress Health is a feminine WordPress theme suitable for any kind of health-related coaches and mentors. It has a sleek look with robust functionalities to generate maximum leads for you.

Its pre-built homepage sections are perfect to showcase your credentials to your visitors in an organized manner. Throughout the website, it also has CTA buttons placed in an artistic way to provoke visitors to take actions like buying courses or booking for classes. The theme also has plenty of newsletter forms to increase your email subscriptions.

CoachPress Health has a social media integration feature to connect your website to all major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Russian and Chinese social media like OK, Zing, QQ, etc.

It has a mobile-friendly and fully responsive design that adjusts to any device and screen size. Similarly, it is translatable to languages other than English. The theme comes optimized for search engines to boost your online visibility. Similarly, it runs smoothly across all browsers. 

Key Takeaways
  • 900+ Google Fonts for better customization
  • Image or Color background options
  • Banner with slider and Newsletters forms or CTA buttons, making lead generation approach stylish
  • Compatible with WooCommerce, a popular E-commerce plugin
  • Gutenberg compatible for smooth page building and editing
Theme DetailsDemo

Rishi Theme

Rishi WordPress Theme

The multipurpose Rishi Theme is another impressive theme for Yoga Teachers. It is a complete package of impressive design and valuable features that lets you create a fully functional website that you can use to teach yoga online.

It is lightweight, loads fast and adapts its layouts to any screen size and type making your site accessible for maximum users. The theme is highly customizable letting you twist the design as per your requirements. Choose from multiple layouts, font style and size to create a unique site for yourself.

It’s integration with Elementor Page Builder and Gutenberg Block Editor makes the page building process a breeze so that even the beginners can use the theme without any difficulty.

The WooCommerce plugin associated with Rishi theme lets you sell online courses and yoga equipment directly from the website, adding you an extra source of income.

The chances of your content appearing at the top of the search engine results page is high with Rishi theme as it is Schema friendly and is also compatible with the most popular SEO plugins, RankMath and Yoast SEO. 

Key Takeaways
  • Core Vital Optimized
  • Extremely Lightweight resulting in Blazing Fast Speed
  • Integration with major WordPress Plugins for extended functionality
  • Multipurpose theme with niche-specific starter sites
  • Impeccable Customer Support
Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Floral

Blossom Floral Blogging WordPress Theme

Blossom Floral is a free, multipurpose WordPress theme that fits the bill of all website niches. With the right blend of design and features, this theme makes an excellent companion for yoga teachers.

Since this theme is powered by Elementor Builder, you can effortlessly build website elements and layouts using this theme. For further customization, this free theme comes with more than 1000 Google fonts, advanced typography control, and multiple color options.

Blossom Floral is fully compatible with the WooCommerce shop plugin. You can make the best out of this plugin to build a full-fledged online store to sell yoga-related products and services. Moreover, this free theme also has an eye-catching newsletter section which helps you to grow your email subscriber’s list.

In contrast to other free themes in the market, Blossom Floral is fully optimized for SEO and Schema. Hence, this theme will improve your website ranking across all search engine platforms to drive organic traffic to your website.

Blossom Floral is 100% translation-ready. Thus, you can localize your yoga website into any language in just a few clicks. Besides, this theme has built-in support for RTL scripts. It means you can easily translate your yoga website into any RTL language, including Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic.

Key Takeaways
  • SEO and Schema-Friendly
  • Responsive and Mobile Ready
  • Elementor Page Builder Support
  • Gutenberg Editor Support
  • 1000+ Google Font
  • Multiple Color Options
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Translation and RTL Ready
Theme DetailsDemo

Blossom Magazine

Blossom Magazine Theme

Are you a yoga instructor looking to share your valuable tips online? Create a yoga lessons website using the Blossom Magazine theme. This free theme features clean and elegant layouts to let you flaunt your work in the best way. 

Blossom Magazine comes with a fully responsive and mobile-ready design. It helps your users to browse your website smoothly from all devices and screen types. Moreover, the theme’s SEO-optimized build ensures higher search engine rankings. 

Customization and easy and straightforward with Blossom Magazine. You can choose from diverse color combinations and more than 1000 Google fonts. Likewise, the theme facilitates advanced typography control options. 

Since this free theme integrates the Elementor page builder, you can design the best layouts for your yoga instruction. Also, you can use the integrated Gutenberg Editor to manage different website blocks. 

Blossom Magazine also integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. You can use this eCommerce tool to create an online hub and sell your yoga lessons from a single place. 

Additionally, the theme supports RTL scripts and comes translation-ready. You can quickly set up a website in different languages to reach a larger audience.

Key Takeaways
  • Live Theme Customizer for Real-Time Customization Preview
  • Highly Customizable (1000+ Google Fonts and Unlimited Colors)
  • Newsletter Section for Lead Generation
  • WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Supports Elementor and Gutenberg Tools
  • Translation Ready 
  • Supports RTL Scripts
Theme DetailsDemo

Yogic Lite

Yogic Lite WordPress Theme

Mainly developed for health-related and beauty businesses, Yogic Lite can be your theme to go for your yoga studio or classes, fitness center, or wellness retreat.

This theme gives a professional look to your website by creating visually appealing web pages with a lot of options for animation effect and parallax effect. It is also highly customizable as it comes with multiple color options, fonts, typography, widgets, and page templates. 

This theme comes with an inbuilt theme customizer panel that lets you personalize the design of your website with a live preview. 

With Yogic Lite, you have a great opportunity to outperform your competitors by landing on the first page of Google and other search engine’s result pages. Your website will be more reachable as the theme is easily accessible through any device and browser. 

Additionally, the Yogic Lite theme comes well documented for hassle-free installation.

Key Takeaways
  • Homepage divided into sections giving it a clean look
  • 2 layout options; full-width and boxed layouts
  • Social media icons to link your social platforms on your website
  • WooCommerce compatibility helps you organize and sell your online store with ease 
  • WPML compatible and translation-ready providing you complete freedom over language
Theme DetailsDemo


Yoga WordPress Theme

Yoga WordPress theme by Themeansar is a theme typically designed for yoga teachers to create and run their yoga website. It features both free and premium versions. 

It is effortless to modify content on your website or just create your own layouts in this theme. This highly customizable theme has access to a collection of awesome Google fonts to give that personal touch to your website.

The Yoga theme is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. As a result, you can set up and run an online store on your website without any trouble. This plugin also makes the customers’ shopping experience a smooth one.

Yoga theme supports multiple concepts layout, so the website becomes adaptable to any small business. This fully responsive theme looks magical on any screen size and works like magic on any device. 

It is compatible with the Yoast plugin for search engine optimization. SEO techniques used to build this theme make it easier for Google to scan through it. Eventually, your website ends up appearing on the first page of search engines outperforming your competitors. 

Key Takeaways
  • Highly customizable making it easy to modify content and create own layouts
  • WooCommerce ready letting you start online store
  • Typography Setting with multiple font options
  • Optimization with Yoast SEO for best web performance
  • Fully responsive for mobile phone adaptability
Theme DetailsDemo

Zakra – Yoga

Zakra - Yoga WordPress Theme

Zakra is a stunning multipurpose WordPress theme with a sleek design and extended functionality. It houses a massive collection of starters demo(65+) that contains something for everyone. If you are a yoga teacher, the “Yoga” starter site is the best for you.

This theme is integrated with WooCommerce, one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms, to provide essential functionality for online stores. With this, you can quickly sell products, services or courses online and add that extra source of income.

Zakra allows easy customization with individual page settings. To further personalize your website, you have access to page builder tools that lets you design and edit your website efficiently.

Despite being a free theme, Zakra has a dedicated team that provides excellent support to its users whenever necessary.

Key Takeaways
  • Well designed for beautiful look and superb performance
  • Lightweight that increases website page speed (100 Google Speed Score)
  • SEO friendly to enhance reach via search engines
  • AMP ready ensuring high speed on mobile devices
  • WPML and translation ready, letting you create your website in your native language
  • Supports RTL scripts
Theme DetailsDemo

VW Yoga Fitness

VW Yoga Fitness WordPress Theme

VW Yoga Fitness is a modern and minimal theme that emphasizes lead generation. It has a clean layout to present your credentials and encourage people to sign for your services.

If you have a studio that teaches yoga, dance, aerobics, gym, etc., this theme works perfectly fine for you.

This theme has a calm and soothing design to it. It’s attractive but not too harsh on the eyes. It has sections to display your services, classes, plans with pricing, products, events, etc. You also have beautifully designed CTA buttons.

VW Yoga Fitness has 500+ active installations and comes with extensive documentation to ease the setup procedure.

Key Takeaways
  • Theme Customization options
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design that works well on any device
  • SEO optimization for better ranking on search engines
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Custom logo upload
  • Social media integration with links that direct to your social platforms
  • WooCommerce compatible to run online stores smoothly
Theme DetailsDemo

Meditation Yoga

Meditation Yoga WordPress Theme

Meditation yoga is an appropriate theme for all the businesses involved in the fitness industry. Whether you run a small yoga center or a huge wellness retreat, this theme does all the work for you.

Talking about its aesthetics, it has a soothing modern design with well-defined areas for easy browsing. The header has space for the brand logo, search bar, contact details and drop-down menu bar. Besides, you get an engaging slider banner with CTA buttons added to it.

Following the banner, the Meditation Yoga theme houses sections for blogs to keep the readers engaged while educating them. Similarly, it offers you the areas to share about yourself, yoga and meditation, FAQS, videos, testimonials, services, plans and pricing, etc.

The Meditation Yoga theme comes with extensive documentation with step-by-step instructions to install and set up the theme. It has 200+ active installations and so far and is frequently updated.

Key Takeaways
  • Multiple layout options
  • Supports various post formats (audio, video, image, link)
  • Third-party plugin support
  • WooCommerce compatibility to sell products, services, and courses online without the hassle
  • Social media integration to link your social sites on your website for better audience connection
  • SEO optimization to climb up the ranking ladder on Google or other search engines
Theme DetailsDemo

Yogaclub Lite

Yogaclub Lite WordPress Theme

Yogaclub Lite is a powerful theme that has an elegant design. It has a robust collection of features needed to run your yoga, fitness, or wellness website.

The homepage of this theme is divided into well-organized sections for a smooth user experience. It has dedicated areas for classes, stats, services and pricing, news, events, trainers, store, about, contact, etc. These sections also help visitors know about your business and increase their chances of converting into customers.

You can sell fitness products and services or courses online with this theme. Likewise, Yogaclub Lite comes compatible with the WooCommerce plugin for a hassle-free shopping experience for both sellers and buyers.

Additionally, the Contact Form 7 plugin integrated with this theme helps you manage multiple contact forms on your website with ease.

Key Takeaways
  • Various theme color options
  • SEO friendly for top ranking on search engines
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media icons on header and footer
  • Custom logo upload
  • Single-click installation
  • Attractive banner with slider
  • Strategic CTA buttons
Theme DetailsDemo

Kadence – Yoga Studio

Kadence- Yoga Studio WordPress Theme

Kadence is a multipurpose theme with an attractive design that is a treat to visitors’ eyes. Such vibrant design retains visitors’ attention and makes them stay longer on your website.

Not only does it look good, but it also packs extensive features serving full functionality to your yoga website.

Some Important Integrations in Kadence

● It is Gutenberg ready for easy editing and customization of your web content.

● Elementor and Beaver Builder make the page building process easy and efficient.

● WooCommerce takes care of your e-commerce functionality, letting you run an online store.

● bbPress plugin enables you to add a forum to your WordPress site.

● TutorLMS and LifterLMS customize the design of course pages and lesson pages.

Key Takeaways
  • Multiple font styles and colors
  • Header and footer customization to the setup menu, social icons, shopping cart, etc
  • Different typography and custom layouts for enhanced readability
  • SEO Optimization
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • CSS preloading for performance boost
  • Social media links
  • The “Scroll to top” button 
  • Sticky and transparent header options
Theme DetailsDemo

ET Yoga

ET Yoga WordPress Theme

ET Yoga is a professional WordPress theme that provides an aesthetic framework for your yoga website. It is easy to install and lets you get started with your online venture quickly. The theme works wonders for yoga teachers or trainers who are trying to attract more customers by expanding their business online.

It has a responsive design, so its layouts may vary from 1 column, 2 columns, or 3 columns, based on the screen size. Your website will also be accessible on any browser as the theme is cross-browser compatible.

You can also sell your courses, diet plans, or even products related to yoga/fitness using this free theme. The WooCommerce plugin associated with this theme takes care of the shopping functionality on your website.

It is supported by WP forms that let you add contact forms on your website so that the visitors can contact you for any queries or questions.

Key Takeaways
  • Free domain license
  • Support only related to bug-fix
  • Off-canvas Menu and MegaMenu
  • Various article post formats
  • Optional sticky menu
  • Social comments for the visitors to provide instant feedback on your posts
Theme DetailsDemo


Spawp WordPress Theme

Spawp is an elegant theme that comes with amazing features to create a beautiful yoga website for free. 

It has a very simple and minimal design that can be molded to be used for various purposes. It can be used for your yoga/fitness studio or just your home yoga sessions.

The theme has sections like about, search, categories, calendar, slider, service, feature, team, testimonial, etc., making it easier for you to put out your content in an organized way.

Though demo content is not available for free installation, you can view the demo starter sites and plan your website accordingly. It provides various types of elements to create beautiful web pages. 

Spawp has 200+ live installations.

Key Takeaways
  • Beautiful and clean design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Squeaky Clean Code
  • Multiple elements to build webpages
  • Multiple sections, including the blog section
Theme DetailsDemo

Gymzone Fitness

Gymzone Fitness WordPress Theme

GymZone is a free theme made for fitness-related businesses. You can easily optimize this theme to create a website for your yoga studio. It has a clean and attractive design that looks appealing to fitness enthusiasts.

The theme includes a responsive design that fits into any screen size. Your website runs smoothly on any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc as it is cross-browser compatible.

You can modify your website according to your brand personality. To help you with the customization, the theme comes with multiple Google fonts and background colors.

The sidebar is widget-ready, so you can drag and drop widgets for social media links, blogs, ads, etc., on the sidebar. Likewise, social media integration with this theme lets you add links to your social sites to better connect with audiences and drive more traffic to and from social media and the website.

Key Takeaways
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social media integration
  • Translation ready
  • Customization options available
Theme DetailsDemo


Spasalon WordPress Theme

Spasalon WordPress theme is a responsive theme that makes your website accessible via any device. Its layouts are adaptive to any screen size, resulting in a smooth user experience and increased reach.

This theme is mainly created for spa salons or beauty salons but can be equally useful for your yoga studio. It is easily customizable so you can bend the theme according to your style.

The theme comes with navigation menus, a right-sidebar, a featured slider, and a wonderful home page design. You can edit different elements on your website efficiently via the options panel.

Spasalon is retina-ready so that everything on your website looks picture perfect. You can even add links to your social media on your website as it comes with social icons.

You can translate your website into your native language as the theme is translation-ready and also supports RTL scripts.

Key Takeaways
  • Post thumbnail
  • Full-width page
  • 2 column support
  • Mobile friendly
  • Powerful Option panel
  • Translation ready with RTL support
  • Retina display
Theme DetailsDemo

Yogasana Lite

Yogasana Lite WordPress Theme

Yogasana Lite is a simple and minimal theme that is made for yoga classes, fitness, spa and other relevant businesses. 

This theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. It is fully responsive so that your website can be browsed using a mobile phone. Likewise, your website will be accessible through any browser as the theme is cross-browser compatible.

You can also use this theme to sell products or services on your website. The shopping functionality is provided by the WooCommerce plugin. It takes care of the product display, cart, checkout, and everything to ensure a wonderful shopping experience.

Connecting with the visitors is easy with Yogasana Lite as it comes with contact forms where people can submit a query or a question.

Key Takeaways
  • Minimal design
  • WooCommerce compatibility
  • Contact Forms
  • Customizable
  • Fully responsive
  • Cross-browser compatible
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Which is the Best Free WordPress Theme for your Yoga Website?

There are a lot of factors that determine if a particular theme is good for you or not. All the themes mentioned earlier serve beautiful designs and have all the essential features. But what makes a theme the best is its usability.

If you are a yoga teacher who takes classes from home and needs a website to increase your reach while earning some money, Pranayama Yoga is the best for you. It is social media friendly, letting you link your social sites and establish a good following. WooCommerce compatibility on this theme helps you add an extra source of income.

If you run a yoga studio and want to promote your business online, Blossom Studio is the one for you. It has brilliantly designed homepage sections to flaunt your credentials in the best way possible and build trust with the visitors. You have a predefined section to display your services, courses, testimonials, about, blogs, etc., with CTA buttons throughout the website.

Astra-Yoga is your theme if you want a simple and elegant design without compromising its functionalities. It looks clean and easy to go through and has a high-performance speed. It is also compatible with the most popular tools and plugins like Elementor, WooCommerce, Yoast, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I run an online store on my website with a free WordPress theme?

You need an e-commerce plugin to run an online store on your website. The most popular e-commerce plugin used in WordPress is WooCommerce. Not all free WordPress themes are compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. 

But you can find plenty of free themes integrated with WooCommerce. If you plan to run an online shop on your website, you have to hunt down the themes that support WooCommerce. You might have come across several such themes in the above list as well.

How can I increase traffic on my website?

There are a few ways to elevate traffic flow on your website. One of the most effective ways is by getting discovered on search engines. When someone looks for something on Google, they tend to click on the search results at the top of the list. 

So, if you rank higher on the search engine result page, you have a higher traffic flow. Search Engine Optimization techniques play an essential part for this to happen. So, make sure to use a theme that is SEO-friendly.

How can I convert visitors into followers?

Social media, these days, has become an integral part of any business. Having a more significant social media following is often regarded as a plus point. You can now direct your website visitors to your social platforms by putting links on your website. This feature is available on the themes that support social media integration. 

Furthermore, some themes also have a dedicated section to showcase your Instagram feed to attract visitors and encourage them to follow you.


We have come to the end of the list of 20+ Free WordPress themes for yoga teachers. The themes listed above are thoroughly researched and analyzed to give you the best results out of your website.

These themes are stylish in design and full of functionalities to compete in today’s market. They are also packed with all the essential features like WooCommerce, SEO optimization, social media integration, customization, responsiveness, etc. We suppose you have found the theme that best represents your brand.

If you still want to do a little more digging before finalizing one, we have another list of 30+ Best Yoga WordPress Themes of 2022 that might be helpful for your needs. We would suggest you give it a look.

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