More girls are using the Internet these days. The idea “Internet-is-for-boys” is slowly fading away. And, the Internet has changed the idea of femininity and feminine design. Feminine design can be bold, powerful and very modern like women of today.

Also, a feminine tag represents a more amiable, tender and trustable design. People have started to trust brands with a feminine side. And, a feminine design has been a hot trend. From fashion blogs to travel blogs and food blogs, everyone is using feminine themes.

Our most selling WordPress themes are Feminine!

So, if you are a brand that wants to look friendly and modern, you should be looking for feminine WordPress themes for your website.

In the midst of so many feminine themes on the Internet, you might spend weeks looking for a WordPress theme. So, we present you the collection of best feminine WordPress theme for your website/blog so that you can focus on more important stuff like creating content and getting visitors.

If you don’t have a WordPress website/blog yet, we have written a step by step guide on how to create a WordPress website. You might find it helpful.

Also, please read how to choose the best WordPress theme and difference between free and premium themes before you decide to try and buy a WordPress theme for your website.

If you are interested, check out these guides to get the maximum benefit from your WordPress website/blog:

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Blossom Feminine Pro


Blossom Feminine Pro is for you if you love a balance of feminine aesthetic and a sleek, professional design. This unique theme is ideal for blogs that revolve around Fashion, Lifestyle, Journal, Travel, Beauty, Mom, Food, and more. 

Features that make Blossom Feminine Pro stand out are the options for many layouts. You get:

16 Homepage layouts (Full-width/With Sidebars/Grid/List/Masonry + more)

2 Featured layouts (With caption inside image/With caption below image)

2 Sticky Post Area layouts (Text within an image or below image)

5 Single Post Page Distinct layouts (Full-width posts/Posts with sidebar/ Full-width featured image + sidebar/Title on image or below image)

4 Pagination layouts (Next or Previous/1,2,3../Load More/Auto Infinite Scroll) 

Personalize or match your branding with theme color customization options and 600+ Google fonts. The theme passes the Google mobile-friendly test. So, you can trust that its mobile-friendly design ensures the readability of your site on all devices.

Easily make money with the Advertisement widget. Using this, you can include ad codes or a custom image with the link. This way, you can display ads on sidebars. 

Besides the Advertisement widget, you also get other widgets, like Categories, Recent Posts, and more for better functionality.

Blossom Feminine Pro comes with SEO-friendly features and a responsive design. It comes with Schema integration, which helps search engines understand your content better.

You also get social media integration, which is valuable for building your online following. The full-width Instagram feed allows you to showcase your Instagram posts. There are newsletter subscription forms with an elegant design that can help generate new leads. 

You can also set up your website in multiple languages using the WPML and Polylang plugins. The remarkable features of the theme are complemented by equally outstanding support from its support team.

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Blossom Coach Pro

Blossom Coach Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Coach Pro is one of the most sophisticated WordPress themes out there for coaches, speakers, and therapists. This theme has a distinct, feminine design with many branding and conversion opportunities. 

Blossom Coach Pro has a sleek yet elegant design that engages the visitors while establishing the right tone for your business. Design elements are on point to ensure that visitors keep scrolling and engage with key content areas. 

This design lends itself well to the extensive customization options that you get with the theme. Choose your desired color and select from 900+ Google Fonts to craft a feel that matches perfectly with your brand. 

There are also five header layouts, four pagination styles, and 67 unique background patterns.

The theme comes with a carefully designed homepage with 14 sections. This is an essential part of what makes this theme so powerful. With this specially designed homepage, you can present key information about your business or service in a way that encourages conversion.

You can improve your newsletter subscriptions by placing a newsletter form in the full-screen header banner. Testimonials and a logo section, where you can display your media coverage to establish your credibility

Blossom Coach Pro comes with a set of prebuilt pages that allow you to give in-depth information in these key areas. You even get a dedicated Success Stories section and an inner page template. You can use well-developed stories to show potential customers how you can impact their lives. 

This theme does not just come with excellent design — it has received 50+ five-star reviews from customers, many of whom have praised this theme’s support team. Blossom Themes is always ready to address your problems and offer solutions.

Blossom Coach Pro is compatible with WooCommerce if you want to set up an online store or take online payments for bookings. You get multi-language capabilities with WPML and Polylang compatibility, which also includes RTL support.

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Vandana WordPress Theme

Vandana is an elegant WordPress theme designed for business websites with a careful design that boosts lead generation. Its feminine design makes it an excellent choice for coaches, therapists, and female entrepreneurs

Vandana comes with many layout options for creating a distinct look for your website. Here are some choices that this theme offers:

• 14 Homepage sections that can be rearranged

• 8 Header layouts for the perfect first impression

• 4 single post layouts

• 4 Blog section layouts 

• 4 Pagination styles

Not only this, but you can also choose from multiple layouts for key sections, including 5 Service section layouts, 4 Testimonials section layouts, and 4 Portfolio section layouts. 

The theme includes multiple pre-built demos that you can import with a single click through the one-click demo import feature. Unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts allow you to customize your chosen demo with ease and establish a distinct look for your website.

Vandana is explicitly designed to boost lead generation with a main header newsletter form and multiple CTA sections. The theme is also SEO-friendly and includes Schema integration, which helps search engines understand your content better. 

Besides the 14 homepage sections, Vandana also provides you with prebuilt inner pages to give in-depth information about your business. You can showcase your previous projects using the Portfolio page, describe your services on the Services page, and so on. 

Each of these inner pages comes with features like Call-to-Action buttons to improve the chances of conversion. 

Similarly, social media integration with social feeds helps you increase your online following. Suppose you want to set up your website in a local language or attract a global customer base. In that case, Vandana supports multi-language websites, too, with support for WPML and Polylang plugins.

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Sarada Pro WordPress Theme

Sarada is a versatile and lively WordPress theme with a chic, trendy design. Its unique look is suitable for different kinds of blogs, such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, and food.  

Sarada stands out with its visually striking design that highlights images. This design is reflected across its various layout options: 

• 12 Homepage layouts

• 4 Header layouts

• 5 Slider layouts

• 12 Archive page layouts

• 6 Single page layouts 

• 4 Pagination layouts

You can combine this large collection of layout choices with your desired color and 900+ Google Font options to create the perfect blog design that meets your needs. 

This theme has a dynamic feel to it, and you can utilize it without having to write a single line of code. Sarada allows you to display dual featured images in blog post previews and homepage sections like the About section. This makes for a lively and engaging blog surfing experience.  

Sarada is a theme for the serious blogger. The Advertisement widget allows you to place ads seamlessly in the sidebar to generate ad revenue. The theme also comes with Google Adsense-optimized advertisement areas, which are strategic locations known to generate more clicks. 

More clicks on ads mean more ad revenue for you.

One of the most powerful features of Sarada comes with the Affiliate Shop section. This theme allows you to attach a handy Affiliate Shop section to any blog post. Affiliate marketing is a big part of bloggers’ revenue these days. 

By showcasing your affiliate links in an attractive shop section, you make it easy for your readers to explore your affiliate products. The Affiliate Shop section increases the chances of click-throughs and gives you a boost in affiliate income. 

Strategically placed newsletter forms and Call-to-Action buttons help you generate more leads. Ads are an essential revenue source for bloggers, so Sarada provides you with Adsense optimized advertisement areas designed to draw more clicks. 

The theme also supports social media integration with a full-width Instagram feed to showcase your Instagram posts.

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Chic Pro

Chic Pro WordPress Theme

Chic Pro is an elegant WordPress theme for blogs that can provide your blog with a unique look and feel. This theme offers visitors a large variety of options to explore through its vibrant homepage design. 

It is quite easy to set up a unique website using the Chic Pro theme. You get a collection of 900+ Google Fonts to choose from as well as unlimited color options. At the same time, there are many layout options for each of the key areas.

For example, there are 24 layout options for the homepage. You can combine that with the other options available, like 7 header layouts, 24 archive page layouts, and 7 header slider layouts. 

You can easily monetize a website built with the Chic Pro theme. This theme is WooCommerce-compatible, so you can easily set up an online store on your website. Moreover, the theme comes with the Advertisement widget for placing ads on your website.

Chic Pro also includes pre-defined ad spots that are strategically designed to generate more clicks and give you a boost in ad revenue. 

The gorgeous design of this theme is also quite functional. There is a beautiful header banner to engage the new visitors. You also get a featured area to highlight key links, such as your About page or maybe your Instagram profile.

Numerous widgets extend the functionality of this theme. You can set up an Instagram feed on your website to flaunt your social media posts and attract visitors to your social profiles. You also get the About Author widget, where you can introduce yourself to new visitors in a personalized way.

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CoachPress WordPress Theme

CoachPress is a feminine WordPress theme designed for coaches, mentors, therapists, speakers, and entrepreneurs. This theme has a sleek but elegant design that engages your visitors while establishing your business’s right tone.

Starting your website is easy with CoachPress as it introduces several demo websites. You can import the demo content using the theme’s One-click Demo Import feature within a single click.

This responsive and speed-optimized WordPress theme comes with 8 header layouts, 7 single post layouts, 4 slider layouts, and 2 blog page layouts to give you enough design options. You get 900+ Google font options and unlimited colors for customization, which you can mix and match to suit your brand.

CoachPress also includes 22 customizable widgets, unlimited sidebar options, and unlimited background options. You can easily promote your website on social networking channels thanks to its social media integration and social share features.

CoachPress follows the best SEO practices to let you rank your website higher on search engines. Using this feminine theme, you can display numerous sections on your homepage, including About, Services, Testimonials, and more. Likewise, you can also encourage your visitors to take action using the Call-to-Action (CTA) section.

You can turn your website into a fully functional online shop as this theme integrates seamlessly with the WooCommerce plugin. It also supports some popular WordPress multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang.

Additionally, this theme comes translation ready and also supports the RTL scripts. You get top-notch, quick, and friendly support with CoachPress to guide you through all the theme installation and implementation troubles.

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Seva WordPress Theme

Seva is an excellent feminine WordPress theme. You can use the theme to create a website for your beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, portfolio, coaching, and other niche business. 

Seva lets you choose from unlimited colors and 1000+ Google fonts. You also get a smart image loading feature to boost your site performance. 

Similarly, the theme also comes with social media integration. It also supports Russian and Chinese media sites like VK, OK, and QQ. Further, it allows you to display your Instagram posts directly on your website. Besides, it comes with Gutenberg compatibility to provides you complete control over the design of your site. 

You can enjoy a fast-loading website as Seva is optimized for speed and performance. Likewise, the theme implements the best SEO practices, so your website ranking improves on search engines.

With WooCommerce compatibility, you can start your online store in no time. Likewise, you can set up your website in multiple languages as the theme comes with WPML and Polylang support.

Key Takeaways
  • 18 Landing Page templates
  • 4 Pagination styles
  • 3 Blog page layouts
  • 6 Static Banner CTA Layouts
  • 4 Customization Banner options
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Blossom Fashion Pro

Blossom Fashion Pro

A theme designed especially for fashion bloggers, Blossom Fashion Pro, has a chic design and various elements that make monetization very easy. The theme works great for fashion designers, clothing brands, lifestyle blogs, food blogs, and more. 

Blossom Fashion Pro is built for the serious blogger who wants to optimize their content and layout for maximum engagement. Here are some key aspects to that: 

• Choose from a collection of 21 homepage layouts to perfectly complement your needs. Set the right density of posts that are visible on the screen.

• 8 Header layouts help you set the right first impression.

• 7 Banner layouts to showcase the latest posts, categories, or custom pages as hero content

• 5 Blog post layouts to engage the readers

• Unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts to personalize the theme to match your brand

The theme allows you to set up your online store using the WooCommerce plugin. Affiliate marketing is also easy with this theme. You can showcase products mentioned in each post in a separate affiliate shop window. This boosts your chances of clicks and can help increase your affiliate income. 

Of course, Blossom Fashion Pro also comes with an SEO-friendly and responsive design. This helps your search engine rankings while ensuring the same experience for visitors on all screen sizes.

Showcasing your Instagram posts is a great way to increase your online following, especially for fashion bloggers. This theme comes with a full-width Instagram feed to do just that. You also get newsletter forms to build your mailing list. 

You can set up your website in multiple languages with Blossom Fashion Pro using the WPML and Polylang plugins.

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Vilva Pro

Vilva Pro

Vilva Pro is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme that can be used for multiple niches. The theme is great for fashion blogs, travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, fitness blogs, and more. Its gorgeous look can set your website apart from the rest. A massive collection of carefully designed layout options allow you to craft a website design that is uniquely your own.

Here are some of the layout options that you get with this theme:

• 19 Header layouts for a distinct first impression

• 11 Banner slider layouts

• 48 Blog page layouts

• 7 Single post layouts

• 4 layouts for the Featured Posts and Popular Posts sections

By combining the right set of layout options and the perfect Google Fonts and colors, you can dynamically showcase your posts. Vilva Pro comes with several prebuilt demos for different niches that you can start using immediately with the one-click demo import feature. 

Sections, such as Recent Posts, Popular Posts, and the featured area, allow you to offer a steady stream of new content to keep the readers exploring. 

This theme is WooCommerce-ready, allowing you to set up an online store on your website with affiliate shop features. 

This theme comes with 22 custom widgets that boost the functionality, including CTA widget, Testimonials, Teams, and more. Use the appealing Newsletter section to generate more leads. 

The theme also supports the WPML and Polylang plugins for setting up your website in multiple languages. This includes support for RTL scripts, such as Arabic.

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Blossom Pin Pro

Blossom Pin Pro

Blossom Pin Pro is a Pinterest-style WordPress theme suited for a variety of different niches. You can use this theme to set up a photography blog or even a magazine website on fashion, travel, or more. 

Blossom Pin Pro is an SEO and speed optimized theme so you get a boost in online visibility while your visitors can have a smooth user experience. 

You can use the WooCommerce plugin to set up an online store. The Advertisement widget is useful to place ads on your website for ad revenue. 

The theme also supports social media integration, which is essential for increasing your online following. Visitors even get a Pinterest Pin-It button on images, which allows for a smoother Pinterest integration. 

The theme comes with 8 banner slider layouts that fit perfectly with the Pinterest-style design. There are 18 homepage layouts, and you can turn on infinite scrolling for a seamless browsing experience.

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Elegant Pink Pro

Elegant Pink Pro

Elegant Pink Pro is a Pinterest-style theme with dynamic styling elements that can set your website apart. This theme has a simple yet sleek design and comes with essential features that add greater functionality to the Pinterest-style look.

This starts with 8 slider layouts for the header banner. The carousel-style sliders help create the Pinterest style look that can comfortably fit a high density of post previews. Similarly, you get 18 homepage layouts to choose the way your post previews are arranged — the options play around with grid layouts, masonry layouts, and the sidebar placement.

Elegant Pink Pro is a fully responsive theme so visitors can have the intended experience on all device types and screen sizes. The theme is also SEO optimized, which helps improve your search engine rankings. 

The theme is WooCommerce compatible and comes with Ad management settings to control your ad placements precisely. By integrating your ads seamlessly with original content, you can provide a better user experience to readers. 

The theme comes with 12 custom widgets that help extend the functionality of your website. Features such as the sticky header menu and breadcrumbs help visitors navigate, resulting in a better user experience. 

You try out the free version first to try out its magic firsthand.

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Blossom Travel Pro

Blossom Travel Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Travel Pro is a one-stop extensive WordPress theme for travel bloggers. This theme has a very immersive design with a full-page banner and 17 homepage sections. The excellent design elements come with numerous opportunities for branding and generating leads. 

Travel blogging is a highly competitive niche when it comes to search engine rankings. Blossom Travel Pro is SEO optimized, which helps give you a head start in your journey. The theme also comes with Schema integration, which helps search engines understand your content better.

You can set a brand-specific aesthetic by choosing your theme colors and setting the right fonts from a collection of 900+ Google Fonts. There are multiple layout options for key pages and sections, including 5 blog page layouts, 6 single-page layouts, and 5 layouts for the banner slider. 

This theme’s full-page header banner creates an immersive effect while the CTA buttons can draw visitors to key pages, such as your travel guides. The theme is also compatible with the Max Mega Menu plugin to build stylized menu items. 

A travel blog should also support a global audience as much as possible. Blossom Travel Pro allows you to set up your website in multiple languages using the WPML and Polylang plugins, and you can even set your website to languages with Right-to-Left scripts.

Newsletter forms are placed at multiple prominent locations to encourage subscription. You can integrate your social media profiles easily 

Blossom Travel Pro provides you with the necessary sections to promote your travel guides. You can even sort your posts according to destinations, a valuable navigation feature for those researching information by destination.

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Kalon Pro

Kalon Pro

Kalon Pro is a simple and elegant WordPress theme with all the right features to set up a successful blog. 

The theme has an elegant, feminine aesthetic, and you get enough customization options, including layout options, to set a unique for your website. 

You can choose from 10 header layouts, 6 homepage layouts, unlimited color options, and 900+ Google Fonts. Advanced typography options are included so you can mix typography styles to make your content more engaging.  

This SEO-optimized theme also supports social media integration to build your online following. The Author Box is a useful feature that allows you to introduce yourself to new readers. You can even highlight the author’s comments in each post’s comments section. 

The theme supports WooCommerce for setting up an online store. Multi-language features are afforded through WPML and Polylang plugins. You can also monetize your website easily using Google Adsense. Kalon Pro comes with easy ad management settings so you can easily place ads on your website. 

If you want to give this theme a go, you can try the free version of Kalon Pro here.

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Cookery WordPress Theme

Cookery is an ideal theme for recipe websites catering to professional chefs, food enthusiasts, and bloggers alike. 

This theme’s significant features are mobile-friendly design, SEO optimization, Schema integration, cross-browser compatibility, and speed optimization. It lets Google search engines easily crawl and rank your website.

It also comes with several customizable features such as changeable header layout, home page layout, banner slider layout, blog post layout, background themes, theme colors, and many more. With these, you can change the appearance of your website to match your brand style.

This theme is compatible with the Delicious recipe plugin.  With this theme, your visitors can quickly sort through different categories and choose the perfect recipe based on recipe type, cuisine, seasoning, difficulty, ingredients, and more. Further, it also comes with the print option on the recipes. 

This theme comes with a predefined spot for AdSense optimized advertisements. It lets you monetize your website effortlessly.

WPML and Polylang plugins allow you to create websites in several languages. Similarly, it is translation ready and supports localization. This way, you can simply add a file to translate the web page to your desired language. 

The well-designed CTAs and newsletter section help in the conversion rate of users to customers. Likewise, the well-defined breadcrumbs and easy navigation add to the user experience.

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Blossom Recipe Pro

Blossom Recipe Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Recipe Pro is a vibrant WordPress theme built for chefs as well as food bloggers. Besides a solid base of features, this theme is also compatible with the Blossom Recipe Maker plugin to easily build recipes.

This theme has an elegant design that suits food blogs perfectly. There are 900+ Google Fonts and unlimited colors to choose from as well. 

The theme allows you to create recipes with step-by-step instructions. There are some interactive features to allow visitors, such as a tick box, for visitors to follow the instructions in real life. A print button allows visitors to print the recipes directly from your website. 

Blossom Recipe Pro comes with Adsense-optimized ad spots to boost your ad revenue. You also get newsletter forms to gain subscribers to your mailing list. 

Of course, Instagram is a valuable promotional tool for food bloggers. Blossom Recipe Pro comes with a full-width Instagram to flaunt your Instagram posts. 

This theme is also compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins if you want to set up a multi-language website.

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Blossom Wedding Pro

Blossom Wedding Pro

Blossom Wedding Pro is one of the most elaborate wedding WordPress themes out there. This theme comes with 16 homepage sections that allow you to fulfill every possible function related to a wedding website. You can get all of these features with just a single click as this theme supports the one-click demo import function. 

This theme has an engaging design, from a full-page header banner to elegant graphics that give this theme its premium feel. This theme can be used as a wedding invitation website and wedding organizers, vendors, and related businesses for their websites. 

Unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts allow you to personalize this theme easily through the theme options. 

There is a graphic timeline section where the wedding couple can showcase their story. The theme allows you to fulfill some very practical functions. The RSVP form allows you to send out digital invites, and you can also display the events schedule to inform the attendees.

This theme even supports an electronic Gift Registry — you can place links to predetermined online store pages to list your expected gifts. At the same time, attendees can avoid the hassle by simply ordering them for you online. 

There is even a Testimonials section, which is valuable for building business websites. The Gallery section is a great way to display event venues or even your past projects as a wedding vendor.

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Blossom Shop Pro

Blossom Shop Pro

Blossom Shop Pro is the answer if you want to build an engaging e-commerce website with a feminine design. 

This theme comes with various shop-related features to showcase your products packed in a chic design that is most suitable for fashion stores.

The theme is WooCommerce compatible and compatible with WPML and Polylang plugins for multi-language features. 

You also get a very effective banner design, where you can place a CTA button, subscription form, or an advanced product search bar according to your needs.

Blossom Shop Pro comes with a 16-section homepage that allows you to showcase your products under various headings, such as New Arrivals and Best Sellers. You can choose to display these sections in different layouts from the carousel to the masonry grid and create a dynamic and engaging look.

You can use the Max Mega Menu plugin with this theme to set up a stylized header menu that goes along with the rest of your website. Blossom Shop Pro is similarly compatible with Currency Switcher, which is valuable for global clients who want to see prices in their local currency.

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Blossom Spa Pro

Blossom Spa Pro

Blossom Spa Pro is a specialized WordPress theme built for health and wellness businesses like spas and yoga retreats. This SEO-optimized theme offers multiple demos that you can easily set up using the one-click demo import. 

Blossom Spa Pro comes with an extensive 17-section homepage to showcase your business’s key aspects in the most attractive way. You can arrange the sections in your desired order to prioritize those sections that are more important to you. 

The theme’s responsive design ensures that visitors on all device types can experience your website in the way it was intended. 

Customization is an important feature for setting up the branding for your website. So, you get unlimited color options and 900+ Google Fonts to meet your branding needs. 

You can sort the homepage sections to prioritize the ones that are important to you. Similarly, there are eight header layouts to set the right first impression. You also get five blog page layouts to set the most effective user experience for readers exploring your blog posts. 

The full-page banner sets the tone for your business website and comes with Call-to-Action links to draw visitors to key pages. You can also place a newsletter subscription form in the header to boost your lead generation.

There are two dedicated CTA sections that you can place strategically to increase the chances of conversion. You can even set up a payment system on your website itself or set up an online store using the WooCommerce plugin.

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Blossom Beauty

Blossom Beauty WordPress Theme

Blossom Beauty is a child theme of the Blossom Feminine WordPress theme. This free theme provides you with excellent branding tools. The theme has a trendy design and a solid set of features that can easily be compared with other premium themes. 

This SEO-optimized theme is an excellent choice for fashion blogs, travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, beauty blogs, and more. This mobile-friendly theme gives visitors the best experience regardless of the device they are using.

Blossom Beauty also provides you with opportunities for personalization. You can choose your desired color for the theme and select from 650+ Google Fonts. Upload a custom background image to complete a personalized look for your website with this free theme. 

You can easily set up an online store with this free theme using the WooCommerce plugin. Use the advertisement widget to place ads in prominent places and generate ad revenue.

The Author Bio widget is a great way to introduce yourself to new visitors. You can use a catchy introduction along with a photo and personal signature, which is visible in the sidebar at all times.

The Testimonials widget is another valuable feature. Do you want to establish your credibility in your niche or build trust in your products? Well, customer testimonials are a great way to do that. 

You can also place a full-width Instagram feed to draw attention to your Instagram page. Newsletters are a great way to build your online following too. So, Blossom Beauty comes with gorgeous newsletter subscription forms to build your mailing list.

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Blossom Chic

Blossom Chic

Blossom Chic is another child theme of Blossom Feminine that offers you a standout design at no cost. This free theme comes with a solid codebase that gives you a competitive SEO advantage while also allowing for extended customization that is rarely possible with free themes.

Blossom Chic has a stunning full-page banner with a slider that can stop the viewers in their tracks. The elegant design makes this theme perfect for feminine blogs like fashion blogs, lifestyle blogs, wellness blogs, parenting blogs, or travel blogs. 

This free theme allows you to customize the colors to your liking to meet your branding needs. Use a collection of 600+ Google Fonts to personalize the theme. You can also choose from three different sidebar layouts to present your page in the desired way. 

Blossom Chic allows for easy monetization. You can set up your online store using the WooCommerce plugin and directly sell products and merchandise through your website. 

The theme also comes with 12 custom widgets, which include the Blossom Advertisement widget. Use this widget to place advertisements across your website and generate ad revenue. 

This theme is perfect for you, regardless of your physical location. It is translation-ready, and you can set it up in your local language. You can even integrate your social media profiles, including Russian and Chinese social media sites like OK, VK, and QQ.

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Rishi Theme

Rishi WordPress Theme

Rishi Theme is a feature-rich, multipurpose WordPress theme suitable for female bloggers and entrepreneurs. It has wide range of starter sites that are rigorously designed to help you build a fully functional website without coding.

You can import the entire website template to your website in a single click using the one-click demo import feature. If the predesigned theme does not offer the right aesthetics, you can build a custom website layout by simply dragging and dropping the elements using Elementor Builder.

With this theme, you can further customize your website to stand out from your competitors. It includes an easy-to-use header and footer builder to enhance user navigation. Likewise, this feminine WordPress theme features unlimited color options and advanced typography features to improve the look and feel of your site.

Speed and performance have become crucial elements for any website. Keeping that in mind, Rishi Theme is optimized for core web vitals. With this, your website won’t even take half a second to load and deliver 100% speed performance.

Rishi Theme is precisely built with SEO in mind. So, you have a much better chance to reserve the top spot on Google and other search engines with Rishi Theme. If you want to sell feminine products and services online, you can take advantage of the integrated WooCommerce plugin.

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Blossom Floral Pro

Blossom Floral Pro WordPress Theme

Blossom Floral Pro is a feature-rich WordPress theme ideal for female bloggers and entrepreneurs. It features a one-click demo importer to let you kickstart your feminine website in just a single click.

If the ready-made template does not offer the right aesthetic, you can customize every element of your website using the Theme Settings Panel. It allows you to change colors, add custom fonts, adjust typography settings, add custom banners, and add a custom logo to your site.

Moreover, this theme features a sticky menu and unlimited sidebars to enhance navigation. For added functionalities, this premium theme combines 22 useful widgets, including the advertisement, call-to-action, email newsletter, popular post, recent post, and social media.

Blossom Floral Pro is optimized for SEO and Schema Markup. Hence, this theme helps your website dominate the search market and boost your website ranking. Similarly, this feminine WordPress theme prioritizes fast page loading and high-speed performance to enhance the browsing experience.

Blossom Floral Pro comes with built-in multilingual plugins such as Polylang and WPML. It allows you to set up a multi-language website ready to reach out to a large audience.

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Feminine Style Pro

Feminine Style Pro

Feminine Style Pro – it is a complete feminine-based WordPress theme that you can use to build stylish websites of feminine design. The theme has an awesome pre-built template that you can import instantly with one click to start building your website. The theme is great for building business websites. 

Feminine Style Pro is highly versatile and is responsive to different screen sizes, including mobile phones and tablets. It is easily customizable as well, and you can change the design on its header, footer, background, slider, fonts, and so on.

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The Minimal Pro

the minimal pro wordpress theme

Are you planning to create a blog with lots of content?

The Minimal Pro might be a good choice. The theme will help you highlight your content for maximum user engagement.

You also get a wide range of design options. You can choose from 6 home page layouts and 5 header layouts. Plus, 600+ Google fonts and easy color customization!

The Minimal Pro comes with inbuilt ad management system so that your ad and contents are well placed and thus, you maximize your earnings. SEO, responsiveness, and social media integration come out of the box.

You can also create an online store with The Minimal Pro quite easily because the theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce plugins.

Got readers from multiple languages? You can easily create a multi-language blog/website with The Minimal Pro using plugins like WPML and Polylang.

Check out the free version here.

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Bakes and Cakes Pro

Bakes and Cakes Pro

The simple yet stunning design of this foodie WordPress theme is a great choice if you want your blog/website you have a feminine look.

Bakes and Cakes, although the name suggests food, can be used for any purpose. You can create a personal blog or a professional business website using this theme. The theme is great for conversion because it draws the attention of your customers or visitors on your products.

Bakes and Cakes is a free business theme. So, what are you waiting for? Install it and see the growth in your business without any investment on the WordPress theme.

This feminine theme is SEO ready, responsive and speed optimized. You can get free version of this theme.

Theme DetailsDemo

Fascinate Blog

Fascinate Blog

Fascinate Blog is a feminine WordPress blog theme having a clean, minimal and responsive design layout. It is suitable for building both personal as well as professional blogging websites. You can create blogging websites regarding to feminine, beauty, fashion, cosmetics, lifestyle, photography, wedding and other kinds of websites. This theme has a post format feature that allows you to freely update your post in forms of video, audio, gallery, quote and image.

Fascinate blog has many built-in features like live customizer, responsive, post formats, SEO friendly, one-click demo import, carousel image slider, author widget, social widget, lazyload image, fast load speed, etc. It also supports popular plugins such as Contact Form 7, Jetpack, Yoast, etc.

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Divi is powered by the Divi Builder, an insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front end editor like nothing you have seen before. It will change the way you build websites forever.

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Magazine WordPress themes DIvi

Extra is a magazine style feminine WordPress theme that can be used to create any type of blogging website. The theme is powered by Divi Builder so you can easily customize your website by simply dragging and dropping sections.

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nexus WordPress theme Divi

Nexus is a good looking WordPress theme made by Elegant Themes. You can create a organized news website with this theme. The theme is responsive and SEO-ready.

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Notebook makes it easy to share a variety of content, including audio, video, photographs and standard blog posts. It is perfect for female bloggers who want to share their lifestyle or ideas.

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Cion Feminine WordPress theme

Cion has a different look- a bit like magazine and also a bit like classic blog. Cion is great for anyone who wants to keep things simple while still maintaining a class appeal.

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Feminine WordPress blog theme

LightBright makes it easy to share your daily life through it’s tumblr-style post types. If you love the format of tumblr but don’t want to give up the versatility of WordPress, this is the theme for you.

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feminine WordPress blog theme

Memoir is simple yet beautiful theme perfect for blogging girly things. Write your story and share to the world. Express your thoughts with this clean WordPress theme.

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affiliate WordPress themes

With its bright colors, bold text and flashy design, Glow is a great theme for anyone looking to make an impact and become a successful blog. You can write products reviews and sell them effectively using Glow. Glow really glows.

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CheerUp is a fresh looking, dynamic and appealing WordPress feminine theme. You can use this responsive theme for any type of blog or website.

Well, the theme is an amazing solution for those who need a blog. Since it has a dedicated blog design that helps increase professional branding. The advance features of this theme will definitely outshine your WordPress powered website.

Cheer up has extensive blog layouts, which give a feminine feel to your website and blog. It includes a well-crafted header, footer, and post designs that can be adjusted easily. The theme has a visible spotlight feature which allows you to give extra focus to your content.

Try this theme now, you will know why CheerUp made it to our list.

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ColorNews is a freemium, beautiful yet responsive, news styled WordPress theme. This theme suits best for a Women’s News/Magazine site.

In the homepage, you can customize category colors, featured post, custom widgets, and sticky menus. It is SEO friendly, so your news articles will get ranked higher in search engines. Similarly, ColorNews has a responsive design. And, the advanced typography adds easy to view contents increasing user engagements.

As it’s named, ColorNews will make your blog/website colorful and hence, more eye-catching.

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Allure is built for fashion lovers. You can use this theme if you are setting up a fashion blog.

The theme attempts to define its front page with the eye-catching images. Thus allowing you add header with high-resolution cover photos. Also, the grid-style view gives you the feeling of a portfolio.

With its feminine look, the homepage gives a visual welcome feeling to any women. It already has been significantly customized. So, you don’t need to put much effort from your side for customization.

Similarly, Allure is a responsive and speed optimized. So, your wide images won’t break your websites, nor your website gets slower.

This theme won’t let you down if you’re seeking for the visual-oriented blog.

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Monamour is a free, elegant, soft colored, feminine WordPress theme. The purple and violet color combination provides an elegant and fresh look.

Its homepage has the options to slide high-quality images, blog roll, and latest contents. The theme also features dynamic content loader. Similarly, the responsive design makes the theme best for mobile devices. Also, it has ready-made contact forms so that your visitors can contact you.

Furthermore, Monamour supports multi-language and has anti-spam captcha.

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Lucy & Lane

Lucy & Lane

Lucy & Lane is mysterious looking one page responsive feminine WordPress theme.

The theme allows you to use the high-resolution image in your header, and add social links in sidebars. You can even customize theme’s base color as per your need. Also, the single page view will add user experience on your website.

Whether it’s an Instagram post or your own featured gallery, the theme fits everything in front page due to the grid-style layout. Lucy & Lane has a stylish, elegant yet sleek design.

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Oblique is an angel like feminine WordPress theme. It has a dark design which gives the best view for any fashion industries.

The theme includes parallax header and a place for a custom menu that fades in and fades out. This theme also allows you to place social media buttons on your header. The theme is responsive so fits on every type of devices. Also, it uses attractive typography that will make your blog stand out.

Similarly, with the built-in customizer, you can make the theme look completely fresh with different blog layouts.

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Kloe is a sleek, fancy, lifestyle feminine WordPress theme.

In the header, you can add a high-resolution image.

This gives you an ample opportunity to attract visitors. You can load fresh content inside sliders, item showcase, catalogs, and carousels. Also, the theme has ready-made blog templates. Similarly, the portfolio page gives room to showcase your earlier works.

Plus, Kloe has a great compatibility with WooCommerce plugin. This gives you an easy way to set up an online shop.

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Jacqueline is bold feminine WordPress theme. It is made for professional female leaders and marketers.

With this theme, you can give brand new look to your website. It has a black-in-white feminine look which comes with a wide-screen background. It also has sticky menus which stay active even when you scroll down. It also has an easy navigation and infinite scroll. The theme customizer includes custom sliders, header logo, sidebar, plenty of widgets.

Jacqueline gives a professional look to your website with its magazine ready design.

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Amalie is a fabulous, eye-catching and responsive feminine WordPress theme. The charming design of the theme can attract anyone who visits your website.

The theme’s header section is dark yet transparent. So, it’s easy to view both the content and background. You can add your categories or feature post in your body section.

The theme uses Twenty Fifteen WordPress theme framework. Its typography focuses on contents. Plus, the theme is also compatible with WooCommerce giving you an opportunity sell your products online. Also, it includes social buttons, author biography, custom layout option, content sliders.

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