20+ Best WordPress Directory Plugins (Free + Premium)

20+ Best WordPress Directory Plugins (Free + Premium)

A directory website is one where details of an individual, organization, or business are grouped together and listed for accessing information easily from one location. This includes job listings, property directories, restaurants, etc. 

Likewise, a directory plugin is a tool that can help you effortlessly organize these directories and listings. Not just that, plugins come with unique features that help you make more money through the website. 

Directory plugins help you save time and make your task easier. It also adds extra functionalities to your website. 

In this article, we will list out 21 best WordPress directory plugins. Besides their detailed description and features, you can also learn more about directory plugins with the help of our FAQs section. 

Now, let’s begin!

Why Should You Use a WordPress Directory Plugin?

Whether you’re planning to run a listing site for yourself or some other business, WordPress directory plugins can be of great value. WordPress directory plugins help you add, manage, and organize the directories on your directory listing website. 

While running a website with thousands of listings, it becomes tough to manage them manually. That’s when plugins can help you. There are plugins with features that allow you to process directories in bulk, saving you time and energy. Besides, plugins can also help in promoting your directories or listings.

Features like claim listings, featured ads, SEO optimization, etc., help you promote your content to a larger audience through web platforms. You can make extra money through ads and special listings too. 

List of Best WordPress Directory Plugins

Here are 21 best WordPress directory plugins for you to choose from: 

1. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory WordPress Plugin

If you’re looking for a directory website builder plugin for WordPress, then Business Directory is an excellent option for you. This plugin comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface that gives you total control of your directory and website without prior coding knowledge. 

Business Directory Plugin is one of its kind with its unmatchable versatility. Using this plugin, you can increase interaction on your WordPress site, improve your customer base, and generate revenues. Since the plugin is SEO optimized, you do not ever have to worry about search engine rankings. 

The Business Directory Plugin comes with fully customizable form fields and allows you to upload images per listing. You will find widgets for Featured, Latest, and Random listings, including the Search widget. Additionally, the plugin is mobile responsive and works great with all responsive themes. 

You can create multilingual directories using the Business Directory Plugin. The plugin works great with other popular plugins. 


  • Fully customizable form fields
  • Lots of image options
  • Full support for recurring payments
  • Support for widget
  • Create multiple free plans
  • Quick search and sorting options
  • SEO friendly
  • Multilingual directories
  • Easily integrable with popular plugins
  • 20,000+ installations
  • Fast, easy, and flexible

2. Toolset Directory 

Toolset Directory WordPress Plugin

The Toolset Directory is a plugin that helps you build advanced sites without programming. This plugin has made it to the top of our list with its fast and top-quality service. You can create a custom directory for eCommerce, real estate, or membership sites in no time with ease. 

The Toolset plugin supports custom types, custom fields, custom taxonomy, and even posts relationships. With the help of WordPress Block Editor, you can build templates and custom archives too. The best part is that you get complete control over every element. 

The design aspect of the plugin is equally captivating. You can choose exactly what to display and how to display it. Advanced features like pagination and AJAX can help you build attractive lists. You can create custom grids, tables, and lists using this plugin. 

With Toolset, you’ll find beautiful forms for content submission and editing. All of these forms are interactive and engaging. Besides, the plugin comes with support for multiple languages and excellent support from the development team.


  • Custom post types 
  • Fields and taxonomies
  • Templates and archives
  • Custom grids, tables, and Lists
  • Attractive forms for content submission and editing
  • Custom searches
  • Content on maps
  • Support for multilingual sites
  • Excellent support
  • Fast and easy to use 
  • Compatible with other plugins

3. Directory Pro

Directory Pro WordPress Plugin

Directory Pro is a WordPress directory listing plugin filled with exciting features. It offers exceptional performance in terms of the design and speed of your website. 

Directory Pro is a fully responsive and mobile-friendly plugin suitable for all users. It is optimized for better SEO rankings and fast performance. Directory Pro comes with a frontend dashboard that looks great and makes it easy for the users. 

The plugin supports shortcodes and features advanced features like AJAX load more and AJAX filter faceted search. The plugin also includes contact and support forms. Directory Pro supports PayPal and Stripe payment gateways to let you carry out online payment transactions. 

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with popular plugins like MailChimp, WPML, and many more. These plugins provide services like support and user reviews for better customer engagement. Meanwhile, users can even rate their experience in the reviews.

With 15 directory listings and multiple membership types, the Directory Pro offers all you can ask for in a WordPress directory plugin.  


  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly 
  • SEO optimized
  • Supports shortcodes
  • Frontend dashboard
  • Supports PayPal and Stripe for payments
  • Email templates
  • WPML compatible
  • Pricing table
  • Ajax filter faceted search
  • Contact form
  • Support form plugin
  • Featured listing
  • Mail Chimp support

4. Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory WordPress Plugin

Connections Business Directory has made a remarkable impact on its users with its simplicity in design and functions. Its wide range of features and unbelievable versatility is what makes it one of the most desirable directory plugins among many users. 

You can create a simple address book, maintain and run a staff directory, or even link a directory using the Connections Business Directory plugin. The plugins work perfectly with all major themes such as Avada, Divi, Ocean WP, and more. 

Connections Business Directory is compatible with the most popular page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, etc. Likewise, the plugin supports the WordPress block editor with the following blocks: Carousel block, Directory block, Team block, and Upcoming List Block. 

One of the best things about the Connection Business Directory plugin is that it is continuously updated with added features. It is extensible and developer-friendly, so you can add hooks for enhanced functionality. Moreover, the plugin provides excellent support in case you face any trouble.


  • Compatible with all themes 
  • Compatible with popular page builders
  • Supports WordPress block editor
  • Highly-rated support
  • A growing selection of content blocks
  • Regular automatic updates
  • Powerful admin dashboard
  • Multiple entry types
  • Repeatable fields
  • Hierarchical category support
  • SEO optimized
  • Extensible and developer-friendly

5. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory WordPress Plugin

GeoDirectory is a powerful plugin that can turn any WordPress theme into a lightning-fast- global business directory. It works perfectly with popular page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and more. 

GeoDirectory lets you create a location-based directory, unlike any other plugin. It is the only WordPress business directory plugin that is capable of scaling to the global degree. 

All thanks to its highly optimized database structure and queries, this plugin is lightweight and efficient. As a result, the performance is lightning fast with an intuitive user interface and plenty of backend options. Developers have followed standard coding practices, which provide users with added flexibility.

Unlike other plugins, GeoDirectory is genuinely universal. It works great with any theme and popular page builders. If you ever face a problem, you can reach out to the developers through their website. You can also increase the functionalities of this plugin indefinitely using hooks.


  • 100% compatible with other themes and page builders
  • Highly optimized database structure
  • Lightweight, efficient and flexible
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Rocket fast performance
  • Universal and developer-friendly
  • Supports custom WordPress directory
  • Dedicated support
  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Front end submission form
  • 40+ widgets/shortcodes/blocks
  • Improved Google Analytics
  • SEO optimization
  • Built-in forms for user reviews

6. HivePress

HivePress WordPress Plugin

HivePress is a great option if you want to create a directory for business, real estate, jobs, restaurants, and other listing websites. This popular WordPress plugin comes packed with tons of features to let you manage a proper directory or listings-style website.

This easy-to-use plugin includes the expected listings custom post types with related taxonomies and archives. You get a bunch of free extensions with HivePress that include authentication, favorites, geolocation, messages, claim listings, paid listings, and so on.

The messages extension allows your users to send private messages. Similarly, the authentication extension lets your user sign in via third-party services. Geolocation is another useful free extension of HivePress that enables your users to search listings by location.

Similarly, the paid extensions of this plugin cover more niche functionality which could be a great investment for your business. At the same time, HivePress comes highly customizable which gives you enough room for modifications. 

The HivePress plugin follows WordPress coding standards and utilizes the REST API. If you are not familiar with coding, the theme features three premium themes in addition to the free ListingHive theme to let you use the plugin on your website easily. 


  • Easy to use
  • Highly customizable
  • Number of free extensions including messages, authentication, reviews & geolocation
  • Includes listings custom post type with taxonomies and archives
  • Uses WordPress coding standards and REST API
  • Offers own set of actions and filters
  • Free support

7. Name Directory

Name Directory WordPress Plugin

The Name Directory plugin lets you create multiple directories and customize them. The best thing is that you can create multiple directories within one WordPress installation. 

This plugin allows you to create multiple directories and embed them anywhere using simple shortcodes easily. The plugin is easy to use and is suitable for beginners too. 

Using this plugin, you can choose the number of columns to display. You can even decide to either show or hide the title, description, suggestion form, and almost all other elements. The admin panel of the plugin is more or less similar to the WordPress admin panel. 

Developers of the Name Directory plugin have enabled some AJAX features to increase interactivity and user engagement. For global users, the plugin can easily be translated to any local language.


  • Supports multiple directories
  • Fully customizable directories
  • Easy shortcodes to use
  • Advanced search function
  • Easy configuration options
  • Works like a glossary index
  • Show/hide titles
  • Suggestion forms
  • Adjustable columns

8. Sabai Directory

Sabai Directory WordPress Plugin

Sabai Directory is a premium plugin with features that allows you to build community-driven directories like Google+Places, Yelp, etc. It features an interactive listing search where you can search listings by keywords, category and location, date, review count, rating, and distance. 

Sabai Directory lets you display listings in a list, grid, or map. Whatever style you choose, the plugin is fully responsive and has a flat design. This ensures that your lists look great on any device and screen size. The plugin also comes with an interactive filter that is customizable.

For better user engagement, the plugin offers multicriteria ratings and rating charts. You can set rating criteria such as price, quality, service, food, etc. Likewise, you can use the inbuilt visual form builder that supports custom fields to build forms for users. 

Users can even post, comment, rate, and review using this plugin. The plugin integrates multiple payment gateways and currencies along with multiple map styles. Moreover, the plugin comes included with French, Dutch and Italian translations.


  • Display listings in list, grid, or map
  • Fully responsive and flat design
  • Custom field with the visual form editor
  • Advanced search options
  • Filter listings and reviews by custom fields
  • Supports interactive map
  • Multi-location support
  • Comment on reviews and photos
  • Featured Listings
  • Create multiple directories
  • Manage payment orders
  • Show pricing tables
  • RTL language support

9. Directorist

Directorist WordPress Plugin

Directorist is one of the most comprehensive directory plugins for WordPress. You can create anything from a job listing to a booking directory, pets directory, or any other type of directory. The features of this plugin make it easy for you to build a directory website.

Firstly, the Directorist plugin is a beginner-friendly plugin that suits all. It comes optimized for SEO and speed, which means your website loads faster and ranks higher in search engines. The booking system available with the plugin is highly advanced and easy to use. 

Directorist can help you make money with its inbuilt monetization features. Using this plugin, you can create a list of directories based on location, categories, and such. The plugin can scale up to millions of listings, ensuring a directory website’s most dynamic experience. It is highly customizable and supports a popular page builder, Elementor.

Features like live chat options add extra value to the customer service. Furthermore, the plugin supports Open Street Map and Google Map Integration. You can translate and use the plugin in any local language without any hassle. 


  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Monetization features
  • Highly extensible and customizable
  • Advanced booking system
  • Live chat options
  • Highly optimized for speed and SEO
  • 25+ Elementor Page Builder widgets
  • Open Street Map and Google Map Integration
  • CSV Bulk Importer
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Shortcodes for personalization
  • GDPR compliant
  • Custom user registration and login
  • Translate to any language

10. DirectoryEngine

DirectoryEngine WordPress Plugin

The DirectoryEngine plugin lets you build any kind of business directory website or listings. This plugin can help you make money with its features targeted for monetization. Besides, the design and layout of the plugin are unique and outstanding. 

The DirectoryEngine plugin creates attractive and engaging listings with user interaction elements such as comments, ratings, etc. The plugin is optimized for search engines, which helps you rank your website higher on search engines. It is responsive with a modular content layout to adapt to the changing trend of browsing.

This plugin features an advanced search option, making it easy to search and filter based on custom criteria. DirectoryEngines supports custom fields and custom widgets. You can connect your listing with the social community using the social sharing option. 

For instantly grabbing user’s attention, the plugin features a premium slider where you can post advertisements, banners, etc. You will also find pre-designed email templates that you can customize yourself with the Directory Engine plugin. 

Additionally, the plugin is translation-ready, which means you can translate it to any local language. 


  • Engaging event listing
  • SEO friendly
  • User interaction optimizing
  • Smart suggestions
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Modular content layouts
  • Advanced search
  • Social sharing
  • Custom fields and custom widgets
  • Plugin compatibility
  • 100% responsive
  • Premium slider
  • Translation support
  • Email templates

11. LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite WordPress Plugin

LDD Directory Lite is a powerful, fully functional, and free plugin that lets you add a custom directory to your WordPress site. You can get started within a few minutes with this easy-to-use plugin. 

Installing and configuring the LDD Directory Lite is as easy as it can get. Once installed, you can start accepting submissions and add listings of your own. The plugin is useful for a local business as well as any other type of organization.

You can modify the look and feel of the plugin as much as you want. You can even change taxonomy and post-type slugs. The powerful dashboard lets you enable and disable features as required.

There are two kinds of views supported by this plugin, grid and compact view. Likewise, the plugin supports shortcodes for added functionalities. Additionally, the LDD Directory Lite supports useful features like social media integration and Google Maps integration.


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Supports shortcodes
  • List sorting options
  • Fully customizable
  • Frontend control panel 
  • Fully customizable email 
  • Internationalized
  • Clean and fully responsive interface
  • Social media integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Grid and compact views supported

12. uListing

uListing WordPress Plugin

uListing is an extraordinary plugin built on Vue.js. This full-featured directory and listing plugin comes loaded with a premium website’s features and is free to use. You can create professional business directory listings on WordPress without any hassle using this plugin. 

The uListing plugin features a super intuitive drag and drop builder for building a directory. The interface is straightforward to use. You can customize the inventory grid, list, and section of the website where customers can view the single items. 

The uLisiting plugin allows you to manage and lookup ads easily. This plugin’s main admin toolbar is divided into three sections: Listings, Listing Type, and Pricing plans. You can create an inventory page, Listing Type, Listings, and pricing plans using these features. 

For payment options, the plugin supports Paypal and Stripe. If you ever come across a technical problem, you can find detailed documentation and video tutorials to assist you with the complete installation and setup process. 


  • Built on Vue.js
  • Fully customizable field forms
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Easy and straightforward
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy ads management
  • Well designed pages
  • PayPal and Stripe supported 
  • Video tutorials
  • Detailed documentation

13. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro WordPress Plugin

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is a highly professional, powerful, flexible, and top-quality directory plugin for creating all kinds of directory sites. You can better manage your listing by categorizing them into infinite categories as you like. 

This plugin gives you ultimate flexibility by supporting unlimited custom fields. It enables you to gather all kinds of information easily. You can assign as many fields as you like to your categories. Besides, the Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro offers a highly configurable location setup. 

The plugin also supports Google Map integration and supports unlimited location. The plugin’s backend is comprehensive, letting you add listings, categories, and locations and give you complete control over the settings.

With Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro, you can customize the frontend as per your wish. You can choose the number of columns and listings to display. Likewise, the advanced search widget allows search keyword, category, location, custom fields, and price range. 


  • Nested categories
  • Unlimited custom fields 
  • Search widget and filters
  • Highly configurable locations
  • Functional Google Maps integration
  • Unlimited locations
  • Complete backend management
  • Customizable layout 
  • User functions
  • Supports adding images and videos
  • Advanced search widget
  • Multiple revenue-generating options
  • PayPal and Stripe supported
  • Email notifications

14. Web 2.0 Directory 

Web 2.0 Directory WordPress Plugin

One of the most convenient ways to build a directory website is by using the Web 2.0 Directory plugin. You can create a directory website for almost any purpose like events directory, classifieds, restaurants, pets, map store locator, etc.

Web 2.0 Directory plugin features a powerful dashboard that provides you with multiple options for generating revenue. Using this plugin, you can add both free as well as paid listings. This plugin lets you manage, submit, and claim listings easily without any hassle. 

Web 2.0 Directory supports location-based directories. It also integrates with Google Maps and MapBox, using which you can easily mark and find places. Furthermore, the plugin is fully customizable and easy to configure. 

With this plugin, you can simply import/ export any CSV files and start creating directories right away. The plugin also supports RTL scripts. 


  • Sticky and featured listings options
  • Customizable content fields
  • Powerful search option
  • SEO friendly
  • Google Maps and MapBox integrated
  • Images Ajax uploading
  • Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Fully customizable and easy in configuration
  • Supports RTL
  • CSV import/export/bulk update

15. Gravity View

Gravity View WordPress Plugin

If you’re familiar with the Gravity Forms plugin, Gravity View is the directory plugin best suited for you. You can collect user information using gravity forms and present it beautifully with four different views: table view, list view, data tables, and google maps. 

The Gravity View plugin features an inbuilt drag-and-drop editor that lets you arrange the layout and design for your content. It comes with powerful frontend features like advanced search, sort, and filter options. 

Gravity forms used by the plugin support images, audio as well as videos. Site visitors can also add ratings and reviews and enhance user engagement. If there’s any other functionality you like to add, you can always do that as the plugin is developer-friendly and 100% customizable.

With excellent support and regular updates, this plugin has built a good reputation among its users. Gravity View supports multiple languages and is truly global in that sense. Any addon compatible with Gravity Forms works great with this plugin.


  • Powerful search, sort, and filter options
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Supports images, audio, video
  • Ratings and reviews
  • 100% customizable
  • Gravity Forms add-ons compatible
  • DataTable integration
  • Featured entries
  • Constantly updated
  • Awesome support
  • Multilingual
  • Import CSVs

16. WP Local Plus

WP Local Plus WordPress Plugin

WP Local Plus is an automated plugin that lets you create content-packed dynamic local business directories on your WordPress site. This plugin is best suited for local offline marketing as it makes the process smooth and easy. 

WP Local Plus gives you access to rich local business listings and lets you create new local web directory sites. You can list local deals and discounts offered by business owners and the content of your directory website. 

This plugin features a high-powered search tool that can even show search results as maps with full Google Maps functionality. With WP Local Plus, you can get detailed information, including location, website, reviews, maps, and more about the business listings.

WP Local Plus also offers you the opportunity to monetize your website with a special focus on featured ads. Furthermore, the plugin comes loaded with features that are simple to use. It offers excellent flexibility too. 


  • Auto-generation
  • Auto-updates
  • Enhanced content
  • Business search
  • Google Maps integration
  • High powered search tool
  • Detailed data
  • Featured ads
  • The built-in contextual text Ad system 
  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Easy to use

17. Listifier

Listifier WordPress Plugin

As the name suggests, the Listifier WordPress plugin is a top-notch tool for listing your or others’ business on a directory website. It comes included with features that enhance user experience and helps businesses earn too. 

The Listifier plugin introduces 6 homepage demos, 3 search page templates, and 3 listing blocks. It features a built-in dashboard, package systems, featured listings, and much more. All of these additional features help you make money from day one. 

Listifier works with multiple payment gateways. You can make directories for multiple services like restaurants, cars, etc. The best thing is that you can even claim listings. This plugin offers built-in email templates that you can use for sending out emails to your customers. 

Besides, Listifier is extendable, which allows developers to add extra functionalities if needed. The plugin also supports the Facebook chat option for better engagement and reach. You can see the detailed documentation if you ever get confused or stuck. 

With regular updates and excellent support, there are plenty of reasons to choose the Listifier plugin. 


  • Early-bird promotion
  • Quick demos 
  • Packages system
  • Multiple payment types
  • Multiple home layouts
  • Multiple search layouts
  • Different listing styles
  • Built-in dashboard
  • Featured listing
  • Multiple layouts
  • Unlimited services
  • Claim listings
  • Built-in emails
  • Extendable and translatable
  • Detailed documentation
  • Facebook chat
  • Regular updates and support

18. Classifier

Classifier WordPress Plugin

Classifier is an excellent plugin for listing classified ads on a directory website. With recent updates and some existing cool features, this plugin has made it to our best WordPress directory plugins list.

The Classifier plugin comes with an integrated private chat system that allows users to communicate easily. The recent update also lets you specify whether to show or hide the search field. Similarly, you can also show or hide other items like video, gallery, spam box, etc. 

For better speed and performance, the Classifier plugin loads CSS only when needed. It offers flexible setting options that can save time and resources. The plugin comes loaded with 5 homepage layouts and 7 search page layouts. You can pick the one that fits your needs.

Classifier blends perfectly with the Visual Composer Addon. You can also integrate Facebook chat with the plugin. Furthermore, you can modify different elements of the plugin as it supports full customization. 


  • Private chat system integrated
  • Show/hide search fields
  • CSS loading only when needed
  • Flexible setting options
  • 7 search page layout
  • 5 homepage layout
  • Built-in user dashboard
  • Geolocation based search integrated
  • Built-in review system
  • Visual Composer add-on
  • Facebook chat integrated
  • Supports customization

19. Directories Pro

Directories Pro WordPress Plugin

Directories Pro is among the most versatile and feature-rich plugins for creating WordPress directories. This plugin lets you build any kind of community-driven local business directory, local directory, property directory, website directory, and more. 

Directories Pro plugin is a highly optimized and responsive plugin that delivers great performance on both desktop and mobile devices. It features an advanced search and filter option with an auto-suggest enabled search form and dynamic faceted filtering. 

You can customize your content within minutes without coding using the Directories Pro plugin. There’s a drag and drop display editor that helps you during customization. To monetize your website, you can even charge for listing through WooCommerce payment gateways.

The plugin supports email notifications and contact forms that connect businesses to users. Moreover, the plugin is developer-friendly which means you can extend it to add extra functionalities. You can also find detailed documentation of the plugin for help. 


  • Fast and responsive
  • Advanced search and filter
  • Manage custom fields
  • Content display editor
  • Fully featured map
  • Paid listings
  • Frontend dashboard
  • Claim listings
  • CSV export and import
  • Multicriteria reviews
  • Multi-directory support
  • Multilingual and RTL ready
  • Guest posting
  • Contact forms
  • Email notifications
  • Development friendly
  • Fully documented 

20. Everest Business Directory

Everest Business Directory WordPress Plugin

If you own a website where user input plays a major role, we suggest using the Everest Business Directory. This is a powerful plugin enriched with features and elegantly designed layouts. 

There are 5 directory listing templates, 5 grid layout options, and 5 search templates available for directory listings. To display the directory details, there are 3 layouts that focus on the content and highlight it.

The plugin supports highly configurable frontend forms for user inputs. You can specify the fields based on the kind of input that you want. Features like advanced Google Map integration are also available with the Everest Business Directory plugin. 

Whenever a directory is accepted or rejected for listing, the users get notifications instantly. Moreover, Google reCaptcha is also included for security reasons. If you ever face any hassle, there’s excellent documentation and support available for you.  


  • 5 grid layout
  • 5 search form templates
  • 3 directory detail layouts
  • Advanced search form
  • Highly configurable form
  • Advanced directory dashboard
  • Google Map integration 
  • Featured directory listing
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Approval and rejection notifications
  • Tags widget and shortcodes
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Documentation and support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which directory plugin is the best directory plugin for WordPress?

In this article, we suggest you get the Business Directory Plugin which is the best on the list. Both the design and functionality of this plugin are outstanding. On top of that, the plugin is free and easy to use.

When should you use a directory plugin?

Directory plugins are useful for creating, managing and organizing directories on a listing website. Besides that, they also help you monetize and promote your content better. So, if you own a listing website or if you’re looking to build one, you can use a directory plugin. Directory plugin will make your work faster and ease your workload.


There it is! These are the 20+ best WordPress Directory plugins of 2022. All of these plugins have been listed based on their features, support, and compatibility. Hopefully, you have found the right plugin for your directory website. If yes, do share your experience of using the plugin in the comment section below.

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