15+ Best Google Map WordPress Plugins

15+ Best Google Map WordPress Plugins

Do you want to include Google maps on your website? If yes, we can help you find a perfect WordPress plugin for that.

With an interactive map, you can communicate effectively with your audiences. The viewers can locate your business’s location faster. Google map is among the best tools to guide users from one point to another. 

In this blog, you can find 15+ plugins to integrate Google maps. These plugins are perfect for adjusting the map to provide the best user experience to your website visitors. 

Let us begin our content, starting with the fundamentals. 

Why Should You Add Google Maps to Your Website?

Let’s say you want to promote your restaurant using a website. Your audience will find your cuisines, events, and other details from the site. But how are they going to know where you are physically situated?

Of Course, the Contact section! You can write the full address to help them locate your eatery. 

However, what if that visitor is new to the town and does not know the address well? That person will want to view your business’s location on a map. It helps them visualize the distance and the route which he/she has to take to reach there. 

Google maps are interactive. Its users can quickly locate their desired destination based on the nearby landmarks. You can view the nearest points of interest, like parks, theatres, cafes, airports, etc. 

YouTube video

Besides, Google Maps also allows users to provide reviews of the places they visit. Your audience can determine the authenticity of your business based on the response you get on this platform. 

For these reasons, you need to add Google maps to your website. 

Additionally, since these maps are interactive, your audience will spend more time on your site. It helps you increase the dwell time and improve your chances of ranking higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

What Features to Look For in a Google Map WordPress Plugin?

When searching for a WordPress plugin, you need to select one that fulfills each of your demands. If you have already identified your requirements, then you can skip this section. 

If not, here are six essential attributes that you need to look for in a Google map plugin. 

1. Includes Info Window Templates

An info window is a pop-up window that shows up when you click or hover your mouse cursor on top of an icon. In Google maps, this box displays information, like images, text, video, URL, etc., about various places.

using map on tab

Your audience can interact with the map easily using this pop-up box. Your selected Google map WordPress plugin should provide a few info window templates. This way, you can customize what items you want to include in them. 

2. Options to Add Custom Markers

Marker in Google map is an icon to illustrate a specific location. For instance, you can add a giraffe’s thumbnail to identify the San Diego Zoo. Similarly, users will easily find famous landmarks using markers. 

If you have a collection of custom markers, you can use the best to identify your business on the map. 

That is why we suggest you pick a WordPress plugin that includes diverse marker icons. Additionally, it would be great if that plugin lets you upload a custom icon for this purpose. 

3. Responsive/Mobile Friendly

Your audience can browse your website’s map on various display devices. Some of them are laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. What if Google maps work correctly on one device but provide a bad user experience on another?

Map on phone

For this reason, you have to pick a responsive WordPress plugin. A responsive/mobile-friendly extension makes sure your map works with correct dimensions in all screen sizes. 

4. Supports Multiple Google Maps

Let us consider you are creating a website for a bank which has branches in different continents. You have to display Google maps for every country to include all the divisions of that organization. 

In that case, you need to search for WordPress plugins that support unlimited maps. 

Moreover, even in other cases, you need a plugin that lets you add more than one Google map. It provides the freedom to add the map wherever you want in your website, like sidebar, contact page, about us page, etc. 

5. Plenty of Customization Options

If you display a default map on your website, it may not go well with the appearance. For instance, if your site’s theme color is black, you might want to add a Google map with its complimenting color, like white, green, blue, etc. 

So, you need to be able to adjust its color settings. Not only that, the Google map plugin that you pick should provide multiple customization options. Some of them might include typography, dimensions, skin, etc. 

6. Multilingual or Translation Ready

Do you prefer working with languages other than English? Do your website users speak their local language, like Spanish, French, and Russian? If so, you have to translate the map into other languages. 

In that case, the Google map plugin that you pick should be translation-ready. This way, you can easily customize the map settings in your language of preference. Your audience will also be able to use it in the comfort of their mother-tongue. 

What are the 15+ Google Map WordPress Plugins?

Now that you know what to look for in a Google map plugin, let’s move onto the main section. We have gathered a list of 15+ powerful WordPress plugins to add Google Map to your website.

1. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps WordPress Plugin

WP Google Maps lets you add Google maps and Store Locators to your website. It enables you to embed maps using simple shortcodes. You can add unlimited markers and allow users to provide ratings to every pin. 

You can add a description, images, icons, animations, and elements in your marker with this plugin. You can also embed a video and display multiple pictures in your info window marker. 

WP Google Maps shows the direction of your users’ location to the marker that you set. It includes nine distinct themes to customize your map. You can also create or add new map themes to customize your user experience. 

Moreover, it includes a modern user interface and map wizard to create custom maps without hassle. This plugin supports WooCommerce integration. Using this feature, you can display your products on the Google map. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 400,000 active installations
  • Filter markers by category, custom fields, and other options
  • Add unlimited waypoints in the direction to reach a landmark
  • Supports Google Maps Street View feature
  • Create responsive/mobile friendly maps
  • Supports Russian, Spanish, Portugues, and other languages

Pricing Packages:

WP Google Maps has a Lite Version for free that you can download from WordPress.org. The free package provides basic features, like unlimited maps, markers, etc. 

On the other hand, it has several premium packages. The least expensive one costs around $29.99 for three website licenses. Its Lifetime License costs $199.99 for unlimited site licenses. 

2. Advanced Google Maps

Advanced Google map Wordpress plugin

Advanced Google Maps is another powerful and flexible plugin to integrate Google maps in your WordPress site. You can display multiple routes on a map allowing visitors to choose the most convenient option. 

You can adjust your map’s height, width, zoom level, and other settings. Your audience can easily find the amenities near their location using advanced search options. 

WP Google Map allows you to choose from four different map types: roadmap, satellite, hybrid, and terrain. You can display the traffic conditions in real-time. Besides, it shows the bicycle path information as well. 

This plugin provides multiple listing design templates. You can also choose from several info-window templates. These elements allow you to add crucial information to your map. Examples include title, description, featured images, etc.

Additionally, WP Google Map lets you add custom filters and dynamic placeholders to improve user experience. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 100,000 active installations
  • 500+ custom markers from Maps Icons Collection
  • Displays Google maps widget in the sidebar
  • Geo-locate places automatically
  • Multiple map display customization options
  • Draw unlimited shapes to highlight a location in the map

Pricing Packages:

The Advanced Google Maps plugin offers two premium packages. The price for a regular license is $59, and that for extended is $125. You can also buy a support package for $20.25 a year. 

You can purchase its free version from WordPress.org. 

3. MapPress

MapPress Pro WordPress Plugin

MapPress helps you create a fully-responsive Google map. You can create unlimited maps and also change their percentage, aspect ratio, and pixels. It lets you create and edit interactive maps using both block and classic editors. 

You get to add unlimited markers on your Google map. It lets you provide location details using longitude, latitude, written address, etc. Besides, you can integrate Google street view with this plugin. 

MapPress includes an attractive info window with several elements. Examples include images, text, links, etc. Your users can filter the results based on categories, taxonomy, tags, and other options. 

This plugin supports Google drawing manager. It helps you draw polygons, circles, and other shapes directly on your map. Besides, MapPress can generate maps automatically using custom fields. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 70,000 active installations
  • Choose from 100 custom marker icons or upload a new one
  • Includes widgets for maps and mashups
  • Supports the latest Google API 3.0 
  • Compatible with the WPML multilingual plugin
  • Get expert support directly from plugin authors

Pricing Packages:

You can download the free version of MapPress from WordPress.org. However, you need to visit its official website to purchase a premium plan. The price ranges from $49.95 for three site licenses to $79.95 for 25 websites. 

4. Interactive Geo Maps

Interactive Geo Maps WordPress Plugin

Interactive Geo Maps is a useful plugin that works for travel blogs, business websites, and more. You get more than 250 pre-designed maps for all the countries in the world, like Singapore, Cuba, Greece, etc. 

It lets you populate the map automatically with tags, categories, and other elements. Besides, this plugin enables you to set different actions when your user clicks on an item. Examples include opening a new page, displaying a lightbox, etc. 

You can assign distinct colors to markers, countries, legends, and other items. Interactive Geo Maps allows you to group different states or countries into a single region. With this plugin, you can add text labels to various places on your map. 

Moreover, its external search comes with a drop-down menu. Your audience can use this feature to find the desired region or marker. This plugin lets you export the map in both image and PDF format. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 6000 active installations
  • Use custom images or vector icons as markers
  • Includes both advanced and plain zooming
  • More than ten map projections
  • Option to create clusters of markers 
  • Include/exclude certain regions in the map

Pricing Packages:

Interactive Geo Maps provides a limited number of features for free. But, you can pay a yearly cost of $29.99 to unlock its powerful attributes. 

5. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget Best Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Google Maps Widget lets you add unlimited maps and pins (markers) to your website. This plugin does not compromise your website’s load speed. Other extensions take more than 40 shortcodes to load a map, while this one requires only one. 

You get several map options with this plugin, such as street view, directions, etc. It allows you to add Google maps anywhere on your website. Examples include posts, pages, custom post types, sidebars, menus, etc. 

Google Maps Widget provides custom styles to customize the maps. With this plugin, you can choose from many color schemes, like blue, gray, midnight, and more. You can also include text above and below the Google maps.

It provides more than 20 lightbox skins, like light, dark, and others. The lightbox includes show map title, close on overlay click, close on ESC key, and other features. 

Besides, you can translate this plugin into other languages. It supports Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, Croatian, Swedish, etc. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 80,000 active installations
  • Includes more than 1500 map pins
  • Auto-adjustable and full-screen lightbox size
  • 100% no-risk money-back guarantee
  • Choose from the road, terrain, satellite, and other maps
  • Optimizes user-experience with responsive maps

Pricing Packages:

Apart from its free version in WordPress.org, you can choose from three premium pricing plans. 

The Personal package costs only $29 per year for one website. In contrast, the Personal Lifetime option supports one site and comes with a one-time payment of $39. Finally, Unlimited Agency has a price of $79 for unlimited sites. 

6. Google Maps Easy

Google Maps Easy Free Google Maps WordPress plugin

Google Maps Easy provides an excellent way to create and customize maps on your website. It lets you add descriptive information in the marker points. For instance, you can include descriptions, links, images, videos, etc. 

With this plugin, you can add exposition sliders, which include multiple icon marker images. It also provides marker layers for bicycles, traffic, and transit. Google Maps Easy provides alternative routes from one point to another as well. 

Moreover, it allows you to add photos and videos. You can import and export Google maps and the pins to denote multiple locations. This plugin also integrates social sharing buttons in your Google maps. 

With this plugin, you get a responsive map that renders with correct dimensions on all screen sizes. Examples include a laptop, desktop, smartphone, etc. In addition to Google maps, it also supports Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, and more. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 40,000 active installations
  • Supports both shortcode and PHP code
  • Illustrate shapes and path in the map
  • Categorizes map markers
  • Supports 15 languages
  • Allows front-end map editing

Pricing Packages:

The free version of Google Maps Easy is available is WordPress.org. 

You can purchase the premium plugin from its official website. The yearly cost for a single user is $46. You can power five sites for an annual price of $69. Furthermore, it provides a yearly enterprise package for $149. 

7. Google Maps CP

Google Maps CP WordPress Plugin

Google Maps CP helps you add maps in your website’s best locations, such as pages, posts, etc. You can also add geolocation information in a post/page without displaying the Google maps. 

This plugin supports the placement of a large number of markers and dots. Besides, you can set markers to a collection of posts from the same category. Your audience will get location information using the physical address and point coordinates. 

With this plugin, you get several options to customize the Google maps. Some of the customizations are related to initial zoom, width, height, margins, alignment, etc. You can insert the map in a sidebar as well. 

Moreover, Google Maps CP includes a search box within the map. It helps users search for different places. Your audience can also get directions to a specific point from their current path. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 10,000 active installations
  • Create map legend with categories, tags, and other details
  • Provides a link to display Google Street View
  • Can generate dynamic points in the map
  • Export all points in the map to a CSV file
  • Supports multiple languages

Pricing Packages:

You can choose from its three pricing plans. The first (Basic) package is for free. However, the professional version comes with a price of €19.99 and the developer version for €49.99. 

8. Ultimate Maps

Ultimate Maps WordPress plugin

Ultimate Maps is a reliable Google map builder plugin for WordPress sites. Using this extension, you can add maps for various purposes. Some of them are for contact pages, real estate websites, etc. 

You can add unlimited maps and marker points to your website. This plugin allows you to provide text descriptions, images, videos, and other media for the markers. It also helps you cluster all the pins in Google maps. 

Ultimate Maps also helps you add alternative maps instead of Google maps. For instance, you can integrate Bing maps, leaflet maps, OpenStreetMaps, Mapbox, and other tools. 

Besides, you get a variety of themes/styles to customize your website map. You can also include maps in your site using both shortcodes and PHP codes. Furthermore, this responsive plugin renders your map with correct dimensions on all screen sizes. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 10,000 active installations
  • Displays map markers in slider mode
  • Option to draw shapes in the map
  • Provides map control positions
  • Centers map with current user’s location
  • Supports navigation bar mode

Pricing Packages:

Ultimate Maps has a free version available on WordPress.org. However, you can purchase its premium package from the official website. The yearly prices are $49 for single users, $69 for five websites, and $149 for enterprises. 

9. Hero Maps Premium

Hero Maps Premium WordPress plugins

Hero Maps Premium provides an easy and intuitive interface to add and customize your Google maps. Its drag-and-drop builder provides extensive adjustment settings. For instance, you can change fonts, animation, layout, and more. 

This plugin provides three packs of markers that are available in plenty of colors. You can categorize similar markers in a group. With this feature, your audience filters their desired search result using the categories of marker points. 

Besides, Hero Maps Premium allows you to draw various shapes to display your coverage. For instance, on an e-commerce website, you can draw a shape covering the entire radius where you provide delivery service. 

With this plugin, you can display the flight path between two cities. It allows you to change the skin color from a variety of options. You can also choose between displaying a fullscreen or fixed size map. 

Special Attributes:

  • Around 2500 sales
  • Resizes dynamically with its responsiveness
  • Option to upload and use a custom marker
  • Embed multiple maps in a website
  • Marker drop delay, map load zoon, and other animation effects
  • Displays earth curvature on a flight path

Pricing Packages:

You can buy this premium plugin with a single regular license costing $20. Additionally, the extended support costs $5.63 per year. 

10. Progress Map

Progress Map WordPress Plugins

Progress Map helps you add location-based listings, such as hotels, real estate, restaurants, job locations, stores, etc. With this plugin, your audience can find relevant listings easily on Google maps. 

You can connect the carousel with the map. This way, when your audience selects a location from the slider, it targets the area on the Google map. 

Besides, this plugin helps you place markers both on your maps and carousels. Its sleek and elegant interface encourages your visitors to interact with your website’s map for a longer duration. 

With the Progress Map, you get more than 70 map themes/styles. These templates help you set the correct appearance for your map. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 5000 sales
  • Includes search bar with filters
  • It contains unlimited shapes and polylines
  • Embed Google maps in multiple languages
  • Easy to add location details on the map
  • Provides a powerful admin panel 

Pricing Packages:

The regular license of the Progress Map WordPress plugin has a price tag of $59. You can buy its extended license for $235. However, you can pay an additional price of $20.25 to extend the support for a year. 

11. Agile Store Locator

Agile store Locator WordPress Plugin

Agile Store Location is a WordPress plugin for rendering the list of stores using Google maps API. You get exhaustive customization options, such as adding maximum and minimum zoom level, assigning multiple categories, etc. 

This plugin lets you choose the distance unit as either kilometers or miles. You get three distinct templates to display the Google maps on your site. Each of these layouts includes a unique user-interface and component placements. 

You get two stylish info window layouts with this plugin. These info windows let you enable/disable logo display and add direction, zoom, and other elements. Moreover, you can choose from two types of geo-location dialog boxes. 

Agile Store Locator provides multiple color schemes that you can change with a single click. You can also pick one of the six Snazzy Map options or upload a custom map style. 

Special Attributes:

  • Around 5000 sales
  • Import and export store files as a CSV file
  • Customize maps using geometric shapes
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Get unlimited marker icons and clusters
  • Hybrid, Roadmap, Satellite, and Terrain map types

Pricing Packages:

This premium plugin has a price tag of $25 for regular and $155 for an extended license. These packages provide six months of support for free. However, you can extend the support till 12 months for $7.5. 

12. Responsive Styled Google Maps

Responsive Styled Google Map Wordpress Plugin

Responsive Styled Google Maps lets you add maps to the WordPress site using relevant shortcodes. You can provide your location using both the address details and latitude/longitude data. 

The map you get with this plugin is responsive/mobile-friendly. Your audience can also view it with the best resolution on retina-ready devices. You can include the maps in widgets, posts, pages, and other places on your site. 

Responsive Styled Google Maps supports the Visual Composer page builder. This plugin also works correctly with block editors. Besides, you can choose from 50 distinct styles/templates to customize your map. 

With this plugin, you can include several Google maps and markers in your page or post. It even lets you toggle the show/hide setting of exciting places in the area. You can translate this plugin to multiple languages as well. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 3000 sales
  • Includes map markers clustering option
  • Minifies JSS and CS resources for faster loading
  • Provides real-time map preview
  • Add custom links in the pop-ups
  • Supports Google Street View

Pricing Packages:

Similar to the previous premium plugins, Responsive Styled Google Maps comes with two pricing packages. You can purchase the regular license for $16 and the extended for $40. Besides, its 12 monthly support package costs $4.13. 

13. 10Web 

10web WordPress Plugin

10Web lets you add unlimited Google maps and markers to your website. You get an intuitive builder interface and can view the real-time changes using its live preview feature. Besides, it has high-level customization options and a user-friendly interface. 

You can add multiple map layers to make it more informative. For instance, you can display transit, bicycle routes, traffic conditions, and more. It also helps your user find stores near their current location. 

10Web lets you create a unique marker icon for your desired location. You can also upload a custom item for this purpose. With this plugin, you can also choose from more than 100 pre-designed pin icons. 

Besides, this plugin allows you to export/import markers, circles, polygons, and polylines from the map. You can also select one of its six themes and several skins to customize your Google maps. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 10,000 active installations
  • Supports every control settings of Google maps
  • Advanced layers, like GeoRSS and KML URLs
  • Links, images, and other marker details
  • Route directions between two points
  • Carousel viewing option for marker listings

Pricing Packages:

The free version of this plugin is available on WordPress.org. However, you get premium packages on its website. The price of the Basic plan is $30, which supports one domain. Its Standard package supports three websites for the cost of $45. 

Further, the Advanced package supports 30 domains, and its cost is $60. This plugin’s final pricing plan also supports 30 websites, and it comes with a price of $100. 

14. Very Simple Google Maps

Very Simple Google Maps WordPress Plugin

Very Simple Google Maps is a WordPress plugin that provides an easy way to add maps using a shortcode. You can place this code in the location where you want to display the map. 

Besides, it provides an easy way to customize your map’s settings on the website. Its shortcode includes details for alignment, height, weight, zoom value, map type, and more. You need to tweak these details to get your desired result. 

The Very Simple Google Maps plugin lets you connect your Google My Business account with your map marker. This way, your audience can view your business name on the map. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 4000 active installations
  • Supports customization using CSS
  • Add and edit border around the map
  • No need for using a complex admin panel

Pricing Packages:

You can download the Very Simple Google Maps plugin for free from WordPress.org.

15. Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps

Gutenberg Map Block WordPress Plugin

The next WordPress plugin in our list is Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps. It eliminates the need to deal with complicated customization settings to add a simple map to your website. 

With this plugin, you can integrate maps easily with the help of your Gutenberg block editor. Its using procedure is uncomplicated. You need to create a new block in your post/page and select the Google maps option. 

Besides, the Gutenberg Map Block for Google Maps plugin lets you adjust the map settings in the page/post editing interface. You have to click on the map and choose the block section in the right sidebar to open its setting options. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 4000 active installations
  • Adjust zoom, map height, and other settings
  • Include both address and coordinates
  • Able to add Google Maps API

Pricing Packages:

The Very Simple Google Maps plugin lets you download it for free in WordPress.org. 

16. Google Maps Locator

Google Maps locator plugin

With the Google Maps Locator WordPress plugin, you can add custom icons and colors for markers on the map. It includes a frontend dashboard that allows users to submit and manage their listings. 

You get a compact search form to help the audience search for their location quickly. This form contains a radius slider to search places within a specified area. You can also draw polygon shapes on your map. 

Moreover, this plugin lets you embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo in your map’s listing. You get custom Google map styles as well. It supports the Visual Composer, which is a drag-and-drop builder extension. 

Google Maps Location includes shortcodes for adding various functionalities. Some of them are maps, search boxes, submission forms, submit buttons, etc. You can also translate this plugin into multiple languages, including Right-to-Left (RTL) scripts. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 550 sales
  • Unlimited markers without slowing load speed
  • Import, export, and bulk update CSV files
  • Beginning address or latitude/longitude point
  • Loads marker info window using AJAX
  • Includes elements from Font Awesome Icons

Pricing Packages:

The Google Maps Location plugin has a single pricing plan that costs $29. Additionally, you can purchase its extended support that has a price of $9. 

17. Simple Google Maps Shortcode

Simple Shortcode for GoogleMaps

Simple Google Maps Shortcode is a WordPress plugin with a specific purpose. It helps you embed Google maps with the help of a simple shortcode. 

Its shortcode utilizes both WordPress HTTPS API and Transients API. Using Transients API code, you can enable database-based caching to enhance your site’s load speed. 

Besides, this plugin lets you adjust map settings using shortcodes, like changing height, width, etc. Simple Google Maps Shortcode also makes it easy to enable/disable the scroll wheel and map control options. 

Special Attributes:

  • More than 9000 active installations
  • Embed Google maps in posts and pages
  • Get powerful customization settings
  • Supports four languages

Pricing Packages:

The Simple Google Maps Shortcode plugin is free to download from WordPress.org. 

Which Google Maps WordPress Plugin Works Best For Your Website?

Among all the plugins that we mentioned here, WP Google Maps is our best pick. It has tons of customization options and powerful features. For instance, you can include videos and other media content in the marker info window. 

You also get thousands of modern marker elements from the collaboration of Mappity and FontAwesomeIcons. It also lets you import REST API, CSV, XML, and other files. 

Our second choice is the Advanced Google Maps plugin. It has lots of templates for various purposes, like the info window designs, listing designs, etc. You can also create custom layouts for roads, labels, and other map components. 

Another powerful plugin based on our verdict is the Interactive Geo Maps. It provides solutions for every type of website, like blogs, travel agencies, etc. Besides, you get pre-designed maps for every country and continent in the world. 

However, you are free to disagree with our suggestion. If you believe other plugins are better than these, then you can ignore them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Google Maps WordPress Plugins

Q. Where Can I Insert Google Maps On My Website?

A. Depending on the plugin you install, you can add Google maps in various places on your website. Examples include sidebars, posts, pages, pop-ups, footers, etc.

Q. Can Google Maps Make My Website Slow?

A. Yes. Google maps can slow down the website. However, if a Google maps plugin has caching features, it will prevent the lag. You can also delete caches using other extensions, like WP Super Cache.

Q. Should I Install a Free Plugin or a Premium One to Add Google Maps?

A. You can use either one of them for this purpose. All of these free and premium extensions will integrate a basic Google map into your website. However, if you want powerful features, then we suggest you purchase a premium one.

Wrapping Up!

We believe our content was helpful for you to search for a perfect Google map WordPress plugin. If you picked one of the items mentioned above, then great! Write down in the comment section which extension did you select. 

Also, do you want to recommend some more plugins for us? If yes, please provide them below so we can update our content ASAP.

Also, check out our articles on 10 Best Interactive Travel Map Plugins for your travel website.

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